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    Is the Tourna Quasi-Gut considered a low, medium, or high powered multi-filament?

    Quasi gut is a low powered multi. One of the lowest actually, only NXT control is lower powered. Most powerful multi I have tried is the regular NXT.
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    Do tennis shoes deteriorate if you wash them in the washing machine?

    I always rotate two pairs, sometimes three. Never had the shoes stink even though I’m a heavy sweater.
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    Will the Norwegian ghost cause an upset?

    World no 1 against world no 34. Keep your high expectations in check folks.
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    Slow surface to fast surface HC, how to adapt?

    It was really great advice guys. Thank you again. I only had to just forget about my ultra modern ATP forehand style and reverted back to my old almost WTA style very flat forehand, mixed with slices on both wings. That worked perfectly well. I actually never realized how powerful a flat...
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    Does he not have mirror??

    No wonder he played so bad. If I wore this outfit, I would have very low self esteem and zero confidence :)
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    Does he not have mirror??

    Nah, Stan just forgot his shorts at home and had to play in his underwear...
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    Draw is going to be hugely important than ever at this Rg.

    Totally agree, and not only for Nadal. Djokovic isn’t looking great either.
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    Is loose grip really a good thing?

    All Japanese martial arts stipulate that any movement should originate from the hips. But since I have done that for the last 35 years of my life, I can tell you that it’s true and you get much more speed and power when the hips lead the movement. But, when the situation gets serious, you forget...
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    Slow surface to fast surface HC, how to adapt?

    Great advice. Thank you! It seems I have to work on adding more variety to my game.
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    Slow surface to fast surface HC, how to adapt?

    I think it can be explained by the fact that my opponents are giving me short dead balls. I barely can reach them and I need to lift them too which induces errors or weak shots that they can lob or place beyond my reach. My opponents are mostly doubles players, and this kind of court is very...
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    Diego Schwartzman prolonged grunting

    If I wanted to like every player who is catholic, that would be too many to like :D So I stick to liking players with a 1HBH :)
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    Hydrogen water and energy drinks, any experiences

    According to a few players, cocaine helps too ;)
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    Djokovic breaks a racket with code violation

    I think our tennis champions are all channeling their internal beast and primal instincts. Apes do this physical intimidation all the time to show who is the alpha male/female. Djokovic’s racket bashing, Serena’s roar, Nadal’s hip thrust imitating a sexual act are all meant to physically...
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    First game on a lawn court

    I posted a similar thread as I’m having exactly the same issues as the OP due to playing on an old low bouncing HC against pushers. Excellent advice that I can also apply to my game. I have to say though that playing a lot of slice is not fun for players who enjoy hitting topspin. It’s very...
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    Slow surface to fast surface HC, how to adapt?

    Thank you very much. Those are all very helpful points. So basically hit more flat, less topspin, and add slice. One of my main problems is getting a lot of short low bouncing balls, so I have to leave my comfort zone at the baseline to retrieve them. Difficult to do anything advantageous with...
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    Full match or highlights?

    Live, full match. If I’m unable to watch live for whatever reason, then highlights.
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    Slow surface to fast surface HC, how to adapt?

    Hi all. Any tips on how to adapt technique when moving from long term training on slow high bounce HC to very fast low bounce one?
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    Does string-breaking frequency correlate to skill level for advanced players or not?

    But you said you’re a flat hitter. That makes sense. No spin, no sliding. Low tensions last longer.
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    Does string-breaking frequency correlate to skill level for advanced players or not?

    More sliding, more breakage, hence low tensions should be looked at as well. When I string at high tensions my strings last longer.
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    Natural gut to multi transition help

    Difficult to say without knowing what poly you were using, but 55-57 for multi, and 57-60 for NG should be the most commonly used tensions. Also some multis are very powerful and some others are not, so you will need to adjust for that as well.
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    Dusan Lajovic accidentally picked Nadal's towel and wipe his face with it

    I’m concerned for Lajovic though :D
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    Slice backhand with eastern forehand

    I hit slices with continental, eastern backhand, eastern forehand grips. I mostly do it intuitively, and it does work depending on the particular situation but the ball trajectory is slightly different. I think the continental grip rule is a good compromise, kind of middle of the road, but there...
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    Was USO19 Nadal's last slam?

    I guess both Rafa and Novak still have 2-3 years of slam winning form. 36-37 seems like the cutoff age nowadays.
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    The one-handed backhand is far from being obsolete in the modern game

    Two hander is for women, and men who can’t handle the racket with one hand :D
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    WTA has been carrying the sport since 2018.

    I’m a fan of the WTA too. The matches are shorter and there are no really dominant figures. I also enjoy watching Serena’s tantrums.
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    Novak: This is one of my 2 biggest professional goals – Surpassing Roger’s record for longest No. 1 and win as many Slams as possible"

    Those two goals are reasonably achievable with some luck. However, one record will be always beyond his reach, and that is the most loved player of all time :D
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    Best natural gut currently

    Can’t you increase tension for better control?
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    I have to tell someoneeee! Hit an awesome shot around the post! Anyone else?

    20 years ago I was able to do it regularly. It was kind of “my shot”. But I was young and strong, and used a hyper hammer racket. Now that I’m old and use heavy pro staff rackets, I’m not able to do it anymore. I do try sometimes though but it doesn’t work :)
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    Opponent needs to pick up every ball

    A friend of mine does exactly the same. He’s tall with low stamina. It is his trick to waste time and recover for the next point. If I force him to play faster, he looses.