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    TW 2006 Nike

    Dear Chris and Don. Can you please give a brief rundow on what the 2006 Australian open range will consist of eg. colours new 3/4 pants new sleeveless. Thank you. Chris
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    New Nike

    Hi TW I am just wondering if there will be any new editions to the fall 2005 mens nike line? Also will you have the shirt Federer will wear at the U.S open? Also any news about the first 2006 line. thans.
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    What will Federer wear at the French?

    He has been wearing his current red shirt since the Nasdaq 100 in march I think he will wearing something new or a diffrent colour (not white). Any ideas or predictions?
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    April 1 - decision time! What will Roddick do?

    It is April 1...Roddick contract with Reebok is over... Who will Roddick choose......
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    Marcos Baghadtis

    Wheres he at? I enjoyed supporting him at the Aus open....Whats he doing now?
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    Nike - Roddick

    What is the latest?
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    French range blue monfils shirt.

    Tw tell me what you know on when we will see pics and when you guys will be getting it in. I remember on april 1 i first saw pics of last years french...please tell me what you know...
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    new monfils shirt.

    its march have TW got it yet?
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    Roddick to Nike!!!

    Whats the latest. I know his coach wears Nike....
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    new babolat

    is there anything new comming from babolat that roddick and moya will use anytime soon.
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    TW when will you be getting this

    when will you be getting this blue shirt gael monfils is wearing?
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    Help Tw - Chris

    just wondering if you have got seen pics of the nike french open range. thanks I need to see what will be comming....if no pics chris can you please describe will they look like thanks.
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    lopez white/blue 3/4 pants.

    TW will you guys be getting the white and blue 3/4 pants feliciano lopez is wearing. i know you guys have the all white that nadal is wearing but will you get the white and blue pockers? thanks guys.
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    New Nike for Australian Open

    Just wondering if there are any new shirts or colours to be reveled just for the australian open? Also to get into the nike section I think you should update the pics and put the 2005 range up.
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    Federer Austalian Open 2005

    Any ideas on what he will wear?
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    New Sponser's 2005

    Here is to name all the players who have new sponsers in 2005. Monfis with Nike. Ginepri with Prince. Tommy Has new paint job....etc etc.
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    Nike Tennis

    I LOVE IT!!! How is everyone. I am obsessed by Nike tennis clothes and apperal. Can anyone help me out. I love TW because they always have the best new Nike stuff. Goel Monfis wore a NEW nike top when he beat Gaudio I was just wondering why is not in the Nike 05 collection. Also remember last...