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  1. Sanglier


    This sub-forum doesn't have enough frivolous and borderline off-topic threads, hence I feel compelled to contribute a new one. There was a period when manufacturers routinely co-marketed products for different racquet sports, made using the same technology, sharing similar features, and often...
  2. Sanglier

    Classics in movies and TV shows

    I just discovered the "Red Oaks" series on Amazon, which tells the story of a college student who worked as an assistant tennis pro at a country club in the summer of 1985. The focus of the show is obviously on sex and drugs and existential angst, but the prop master seems to have made an effort...
  3. Sanglier

    Anyone has a Dura-Fiber Graphite?

    Not the orange "Lite", not the blue "XT-Boron", not the brown "XR-Graphite", not the black "XT", but just plain "Graphite". It should be black accented with a white stripe like the others, but may have also been dressed in more creative paint schemes. Please email renntiger AT yahoo DOT com...
  4. Sanglier

    Obscure makers that Kuebler missed?

    I am well aware that Kuebler is not mistake free, but he seems to have done a pretty thorough job of cataloguing (or at least mentioning) every racquet maker of significance that had been in business at one time or another through the early 1990s, many of which I would not expect to ever...
  5. Sanglier

    Geistyx = Trustworthy Seller

    Stringer was as described and packed with enough bubble wraps to survive horrendous UPS handling. Thanks, Jim!
  6. Sanglier

    Seacard = trustworthy seller!

    Thank you Dmitry! Happy to be the fifth buyer to leave you a note of appreciation here.
  7. Sanglier

    TMR = fair trader

    Swapped covers with the good doctor for a couple of uncommon racquets. Very pleased with my end of the bargain, hope he is too. :)
  8. Sanglier

    A "non-Pro" Kennex?

    Newbie here. My sincere apologies if this topic has been covered elsewhere in the forum. Searching for this racquet by name only brought up posts mentioning the "normal" Black Ace. My personal experience with racquets only goes back to about 1980. As far as I can remember, the Kennex brand...