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  1. Peters

    The Dark Knight is GOATY af

    Batman Begins was the best I think. Much better storytelling/narrative, plus the characters had more room to develop properly.
  2. Peters

    Christopher Nolan's TENET - July 17 2020

    I do love most of Nolan's films, to some degree or another, but there is a fear in the back of my mind that he will make a film at some point which just implodes in on itself and disappears up its own arse. He's come close once or twice, but managed to avoid it so far. There's something...
  3. Peters

    Getting sick of Microsoft Windows

    The time is coming in the next few months when I will have no choice but to say goodbye to my trusty Windows 7 which has been my OS for 10 years. :( Support and updates are ending in January.
  4. Peters

    USO Crowd 2019

    The difference between here and the French Open is that I think the US crowd just see it as a fun time out - they intrinsically love the concept of the pantomime villain against the hero. So although it's uncouth behaviour perhaps, I don't think it comes from a malicious place. Whereas the...
  5. Peters

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    There was a time, years ago, when the thread was like that. But I rarely come in here in any more because of the way it turned out. Some pages are just non-tennis player instagram-fests from top to bottom. And a few people in here get very defensive about it if you dare mention it. Case in...
  6. Peters

    I confess I have been visiting GPPD lately

    It's always amused me how such a major, highly populated tennis forum on the internet is the last place you'd go for actual serious tennis discussion. I do all my proper tennis chat elsewhere.
  7. Peters

    Formula 1

    The first time in a couple of years Hamilton has a bad race day and makes some poor errors.... and Bottas throws it into the wall. He had a great opportunity there to close the gap in the championship.
  8. Peters

    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    All will be revealed 24 hours from now. Although I'm going to be channel-hopping between this, the British Grand Prix and England in the cricket World Cup final. I want to watch all 3 dammit! :mad:
  9. Peters

    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    Oh indeed, that's a definite possibility. He's done it before. But he can't do it every time.
  10. Peters

    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    Before the tournament, I would have had Djokovic as clear favourite against Federer in a final - but Novak doesn't quite look himself IMO. So I'll tentatively go for Federer in 4.
  11. Peters

    Can Serena win 24 - should she pursue it?

    She can win another 1 or 2 if she can step up her training/tournament schedule all year round. But will/can she commit to that? Also, she was struggling physically with the longer points. It wasn't nerves that were making her pant heavily, trying to catch her breath after rallies. She needs to...
  12. Peters

    2019 Wimbledon - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    It's interesting how much of tennis is about match-ups, particularly in the women's game. Strycova's game got into Konta's head and she deservedly won, but Konta would have still had a better chance of beating Serena in the SF in my opinion. Not too dissimilar to the French Open - I'm...
  13. Peters

    Henman: Grass was not deliberately slowed down this year

    It's a natural surface, and therefore has natural variance. The basic grass seed and preparation routine is the same. Some years the courts get a lot more natural rain water. Some years the courts get a lot more sun. Plus, they use a variety of herbicides and pesticides to keep the weeds at bay...
  14. Peters

    2019 Wimbledon - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    Konta started to cut out the unforced errors about midway through the 2nd set and kept moving Stephens around - which she doesn't like - and as a result she ran away with it in the 3rd set. I don't think Stephens has ever particularly liked matches where the opponent starts playing differently...
  15. Peters

    2019 Wimbledon - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    I do fear Gauff's game will be utterly dismantled by Halep. It might have actually been better for her development to lose here. I hope she doesn't get too disheartened if it's a crushing defeat on Monday.
  16. Peters

    Whatever you do, don't eat a gecko

    Stupid is as stupid does.
  17. Peters

    Best video game you ever played?

    Best game I ever played was probably Deus Ex on PC. It was around 1999/2000 I think.
  18. Peters

    Boris Becker: We should question the quality and attitude everybody under 28

    It was/is an astounding, incredible era to be fair. 3 of the best players of all time, plus Murray who, although was a notch below, was still able to annihilate everyone ranked 5 and below. Remember all those endless slams where the semi final line up was almost always...
  19. Peters

    Formula 1

    Of course he's not on the track - Vettel swerved into him and forced him into taking evasive action. Or would you rather Lewis had just carried on driving on the racing line and caused a giant accident?
  20. Peters

    Formula 1

    You can't pick & choose when to apply one interpretation of a rule for one person and a different interpretation for another. You can't run a sport like that. Context has no place in any sport. The rules and regulations need to be robust enough to be applied to any incident, regardless of...
  21. Peters

    Formula 1

    I disagree. The rule is quite black & white on this. Whether the rule needs to be changed is another matter.
  22. Peters

    Formula 1

    Yeah, when the dust settles I think people will realise it was technically the correct usage of the rules. He re-entered the track unsafely - regardless of what level of control he had - and directly affected the other car's position in relation to his. His team should have told him to back off...
  23. Peters

    RG crowd attendance is the worst of any tournament

    Yeah, I've worked for an Italian company. They all stayed later in the office than you would expect. The French are actually rather efficient; their 6 hours a day probably matches 7.5 hours a day in UK companies, in terms of what an individual achieves. Maybe a lesson in there somewhere.
  24. Peters

    Men: 1, 2, 3, 4 Women: 8, 26, unseeded, unseeded

    To be fair, Barty is in great form this year and Konta didn't get to No4 in the world for no reason - plus has been playing great in the clay season - so those 2 I'd give a pass to getting to the SF. It's probably the one tournament/surface where current form can suddenly play a bigger factor...
  25. Peters

    Anna Tatishvili fined the full 1R prize money for not giving her best effort in her 6-0 6-1 loss.

    In theory, I wouldn't have an issue with this ruling - but I think the problem is it's wildly open to interpretation, and therefore it's an imperfect solution to the problem. I'm not sure how it can be applied consistently across all tournaments. Plus, the Boulter situation also seems like an...
  26. Peters

    2019 WTA French Open - General Discussion

    It's times like this, against a fast and accurate ball-hitter, that Sloane's movement looks rather suspect. There were several winners that went past her racquet while she was barely jogging to meet them, and she doesn't appear to be injured. Clever from Konta though; she didn't let Stephens...
  27. Peters

    The TT Football Club

    Yeah, there's no argument against these two teams being here. They beat a lot of big teams along the way. Barcelona were utterly dreadful at Anfield for example, and the other big teams who didn't make it also underperformed in the CL this season. Both teams look shagged out tonight tbh. Not...
  28. Peters

    Liverpool v Tottenham tonight on youtube

    It's weird having 2 English teams in the CL final; who do I support? Liverpool deserve it after the brilliant season they've had, but... Spurs have never won it before so it would be nice for them to win. Not sure who I want to win it more.
  29. Peters

    God they killed Game of thrones !

    It's true, the show unfortunately morphed into a "switch your brain off" entertainment show. It started happening a few seasons back in fairness, but it's now well & truly reached its peak. Those first few seasons were immense; intelligent storytelling, well-drawn characters that acted...
  30. Peters

    Formula 1

    Ferrari need to get their act together here. The Mercedes car is nowhere near as dominant as the results are making them look.