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  1. Adam1985

    2017 ATP World Tour Finals - general discussion thread

    Does anyone who knows a bit about how they schedule the matches know what the most likely singles matches will be on: a. Friday (evening session) b. Saturday (day session)? I'm trying to figure out whether it's even possible to figure it out! Basically I'm really hoping to see Fed! Thanks
  2. Adam1985

    How's my serve? (slow-mo vid)

    Thank you very much for the suggestions! Just want to check I understand: 1. I get this I think, but really completely parallel to the baseline?! 2. OK, so you twist, but not so you're completely facing away right? I'm not sure I could even do that! 3. I don't understand that one - sorry...
  3. Adam1985

    How's my serve? (slow-mo vid)

    Yeah, it's a weird court. It doesn't have any tramlines. I didn't actually play on it, but was just hitting a few serves after a game and it was the nearest one to me.
  4. Adam1985

    How's my serve? (slow-mo vid)

    OK, that's interesting. I thought the whole thing was meant to be fluid, no pauses, etc. Just watched a video that explained the power position: as I understand it, it's when the elbows and shoulders are all in a line kinda like this --> \ (but more horizontal). In terms of the ball toss...
  5. Adam1985

    How's my serve? (slow-mo vid)

    OK, I am playing again tomorrow so I'll try to get a better shot of the serve. I don't think it's WT, but I might be wrong. So if I can get another video tomorrow, you're saying from behind is best?
  6. Adam1985

    How's my serve? (slow-mo vid)

    Yes, I use the same grip for first and second. At the moment my second looks a lot like my first, just with less power and a bit more height... I realise that's probably not ideal though and working on a proper 2nd serve is towards the top of my list of priorities.
  7. Adam1985

    How's my serve? (slow-mo vid)

    Oh, so after the ball toss the left arm should pull downwards to drag the right arm / racquet through you mean? These are flat serves - not putting anything on them. I don't really have a top spin serve (or any decent second serve) yet...
  8. Adam1985

    How's my serve? (slow-mo vid)

    Yep, that's true. I feel more confident recently with the toss, but it's still not quite as consistent as I'd like. It feels 'safer' to go for a slightly less aggressive (forwards) toss, but it does limit power. Just want to check this: so shoulder tilt is the right shoulder moving further down...
  9. Adam1985

    How's my serve? (slow-mo vid)

    Any thoughts about areas I need to work on would be really appreciated. I would like to get more power on my serve still and wonder if there are any obvious problems with the mechanics of the serve that are preventing this. (I am also leaving Thailand, where I currently live, in about a month...
  10. Adam1985

    Video: groudstrokes - one year after starting tennis

    Yeah, which is why I posted a video of myself asking for advice and feedback from more experienced players...
  11. Adam1985

    Video: groudstrokes - one year after starting tennis

    When I first started I did use 2HBH, but switched to 1HBH because it felt better. Do you think the 2HBH is automatically better?
  12. Adam1985

    Video: groudstrokes - one year after starting tennis

    I love how you've managed to infer from one video that I don't play against any guys. I reckon about 80% of my tennis is against men, 20% against women (mainly this one, who as I said before is a former professional player). Anyway, far from finding my tennis "totally destroyed, disoriented, and...
  13. Adam1985

    Video: groudstrokes - one year after starting tennis

    Thank you. The left arm is something I'm working on. I think I mostly am using it to stabilise the back swing, but you're absolutely right that I'm not using it to generate power (along with the torso). Will have a go next time I hit (feel like it might throw my timing off at first!) The...
  14. Adam1985

    Video: groudstrokes - one year after starting tennis

    Thanks. Do you mean just general flexibility or is there something specific to do with how I hit the ball that's not flexible? Or do you mean the torso thing?
  15. Adam1985

    Video: groudstrokes - one year after starting tennis

    Thank you! I've been hitting a lot, yeah. Maybe around three times a week on average. She is my coach, yeah. I agree on the backhand - I don't feel nearly as confident with it most of the time.
  16. Adam1985

    Video: groudstrokes - one year after starting tennis

    Thanks for the advice! I get the front foot thing, but could you explain (or post a video about) the 'slouching' thing? I can sort of picture what you mean... some of the best players I see are sort of leaning forwards as they move towards the ball. But how does that fit with keeping your...
  17. Adam1985

    Video: groudstrokes - one year after starting tennis

    I've slowed down the video a bit. I have a few ideas about what I need to work on: - 'Staying with' the ball after contact - Consistent swing pattern (esp. with backhand) - Setting up earlier (i.e. seeing the ball earlier and reacting) Oh and I'm the guy nearside in black, not the woman far...
  18. Adam1985

    Pros and cons of RF 97?

    I hated the racquet (for about a month) then I loved the racquet (for about three months) and then I started thinking it was damn good, but with some limitations (found it hard to get racquet head speed on the serve at times). Now I really, really like it a lot and feel very comfortable with it...
  19. Adam1985

    RF97 -- string tensions and why??

    I have used three set ups: - Head Hawk @ 55 (great control, but bad for my arm) - NRG2 @ 55 (comfortable, but rocket launcher) - Gut/poly @ 57/54 (comfortable, pretty good control, but still hit more long than I'd like) Gonna keep experimenting. The gut/poly is the best so far, but expensive...
  20. Adam1985

    Looking for critique of this short video...

    I find watching it done properly helps me feel/remember it better. This video does a good job of explaining how to use your body more fully on a forehand:
  21. Adam1985

    Video of recent hitting

    The forehand looks different at different times, but the shot at 1.56 is - I think - fairly typical. I won't comment on the backhand as I used a OHB and am less sure of the mechanics of a DHB. My feedback on the forehand: - Footwork can be a bit lazy, so you end up hitting the ball from too...
  22. Adam1985

    Djokovic vs Nadal - 2015 WTF Semi-finals

    Anyone know what the milky purple stuff is that Djok is drinking?
  23. Adam1985

    Djokovic vs Nadal - 2015 WTF Semi-finals

    Because Djokovic is playing basically flawlessly...
  24. Adam1985

    2015 ATP WTF RR: Murray (2) vs Nadal (5)

    Meh-rray. But Nadal is looking good. Wish I'd seen Fed v Djok. How did compare to this?
  25. Adam1985

    The gut/poly thread

    So yesterday I bit the bullet, cracked out the credit card and got my racquet strung with gut. Put VS touch in the mains at 56lbs and RPM blast in the crosses at 54lbs. I don't know if it's psychological or if the string really does have a big impact, but holy crap! I felt like I was hitting...
  26. Adam1985

    What do I have to do to reach 4.5 (match video included)?

    Watching this reminded me a little bit of me playing actually. I think I can hit pretty well, but I struggle to finish a point off efficiently. It seems like you are the same - many of the points you lose are ones you might have won if you'd gone for a slightly higher-risk strategy (hitting...
  27. Adam1985

    RF97 way better than the PS97S

    Six singles titles this year, which is one more than 2014 - a year which itself is widely recognised as marking Federer's resurgence after a terrible 2013 (where he only won one singles title).
  28. Adam1985

    Developing a second serve

    I'm not an expert, so bear that in mind, but here are a few things I think you need to work on based on that video: 1. Tossing the ball forwards and to the right. Like this ---> / rather than like ---> \ 2. Keeping your head and chest up and your eyes on the ball. At the moment you're...
  29. Adam1985

    What is your weakness shot

    I expect you're right. The problem is it doesn't feel different, so I will just have to see if I can pick it out from the video. I also think I was less consistently going for the 'snap' over the ball which my coach had got me to work on. That probably didn't help and quite a few serves were...