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    News from Tennisarchives

    A milestone was reached today at The 30.000th player was added to the database. Thanks all for helping and checking the site. And thanks to this Forum for being a great source and inspiration. Alex Tennisarchives
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    Thanks historians

    It is always a pleasure to read great contributions about the history of tennis here. People like Newmark and many others make coming here worth while. Now and then a little much emphasis on who is the goat-discussions. Me I couldnt care less as there are so many great players and events to...
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    Tennisarchives adds the 25.000th player in the database!

    Tennisarchives adds the 25.000th player in the database! With Oscar R. Woodward Tennisarchives today added the 25.000th player in its database! This does require a little time to reflect on just how fast it went with our site. All appreciation goes out to those who spend much time making...
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    Looking for 1968 results

    Who can help me with full results of these tournaments. Id like to add them to tennisarchives. 680304 Kingston JAM Kingston International 680310 Barranquila COL Colombia International 680310 Cairo EGY Cairo International 680310 Cannes FRA Cannes Tournament 680310 Redcliffe AUS Redcliffe...
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    1968 results, help needed

    I miss some results from the tournament indoor in Paris, february 1968. In the first round some opponents of players are unknown to me. Maybe soemeone can help? Who played in the first round against: P. Beust T. Bernasconi C. Duxin G. Pilet P. Dufour And another one. Same year...
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    Birthday for Tennisarchives

    Today one year ago started. Time really flies as you all know. A lot of work has been put in the site and today you can find 108.172 players in the database, 402 tournaments covering 5800 editions! The work will continue and hopefully next year the database will have...
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    Update from tennisarchives: Back from Wimbledon library!

    Hello all, As some of you may know I run the website I already had lots of info to add to the site but of course I still need a lot more and allways will! The last week I visited the library at Wimbledon for 3 days. It was amazing. I found and copied so much stuff to...
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    New site covering tennis history Take a look and join! With as many help as we can get this site will be an amazing resource on tennis history. Alex
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    Early Montecarlo results

    Its been posted before, but can someone provode me with the full results of the montecarlo tournament, pre 1969? I would be greatly apreciated and used on my thanks Alex
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    Collecting full historic results, esp. pre 1968

    I'm collecting as much historic results, pre 1968 as I can. It would be great to get some help doing it. Send your reaction here or by private message. And take a look at the site where they're published and join Alex