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  1. Lefty5

    Are pros getting endorsement money paid during this lockdown?

    With no tennis there is basically no visibility. Are they getting paid their endorsements?
  2. Lefty5

    C60 supplement

    Anyone else trying the new C60 supplement? Its anti aging, anti inflam, super molecule...apparently. Not sure if its placebo, but I've really been loving it...2 week in. Any other experiences out there?
  3. Lefty5

    Tension conversion from 107 to 100 head size

    If I want to keep things as equal as possible going from a Head Instinct 107 to Head Instinct 100 on a competitive juniors racquet, what do I drop the tension to for a smaller head size to keep a similar feel? 107 wt is 10 oz 100 wt is 10.6 oz String - Tourna Big Red Current tension 55...
  4. Lefty5

    Tournagrip paint jobs and blackouts

    Picture thread of all the tournagrip that gets mis-represented or blacked out. Background: I recently got an Instagram account and was immediately exposed to thousands of pics of pro players. I thought it was kind of interesting how many players use tournagrip but also how many use black...
  5. Lefty5

    Mega Tac

    Just wondering when this will be available... playtests are interesting, can't wait for a super tacky grip. It is available elsewhere but I don't want to buy...elsewhere. Thanks for all you do!
  6. Lefty5

    Do you lose more tension on the first string job?

    When stringing up a brand new racket, is it normal to lose more tension than if the racket has already been strung a few times? Here's the background for my question: I strung up my 2 brand new Speedport Blacks with the hole inserts about a couple weeks ago. I strung them at 63 with a...
  7. Lefty5

    Counterpunch to a great backhand slice

    What is the best way to handle a great down the line backhand slice? I'm a 5.0 lefty, my backhand is better than my forehand. I've now lost to the same type of player 3 times in the past few months and I have no answers to the aggressive backhand down-the-line slice that stays low and skids...
  8. Lefty5

    This piece of gear won me the match...

    No its not my shoes, not my racket, not my strings... I picked this up at my pro shop the other day. I had a long singles match in the heat of the day. I stuck it in my cooler and put it on my neck and head during the changeovers. It was awesome to bring my body temp down.... I have no doubt...
  9. Lefty5

    Tournagrip facebook page

    i had no idea this many players used touna grip, kinda cool page to check out
  10. Lefty5

    Azarenka update?

    anybody know what happened to Azarenka yesterday? She was totally outplaying Serena, was playing like Sharapova, then looked like she was going to face plant onto the court. Any updates?
  11. Lefty5

    It was ZO awful

    I know, I should have listened to the feedback, Gamma strings are poor. However I really wanted to try the ZO orange because I love polys. I put in the 17g string and voila, within 15 minutes it broke. $25.00 strings from big box retailer $10.00 to get it strung Breaking it in the...
  12. Lefty5

    the speedport black whistle

    love the racket but can't stand the "whistle" it produces when I swing it. i'm borrowing it from a friend who lost the inserts. seems like the inserts would quiet the whistle sound but want to confirm.. any insight will be helpful.
  13. Lefty5

    Holy Tourna Cow

    Came across this last night. This is from the website... I'm a big fan of tourna and all but holy cow I didn't realize this many players used it! :shock: James Blake - USA Bob and Mike Bryan - USA John Isner - USA Andy Roddick - USA Maria Sharapova - RUS David Ferrer -...
  14. Lefty5

    Is Davydenko using Tourna Grip?

    I thought he was one of the few with no overgrip... red tape = tournagrip, no?
  15. Lefty5

    How about 2 different tensions for the crosses?

    Assuming friction on the crosses ends up reducing the actual tension vs. the dialed in tension, it seems logical that crosses at the top of a frame would be significantly tighter than crosses at the bottom of a frame... Anybody thoughts on increasing by 2-4lbs the bottom 5 or 6 crosses to...
  16. Lefty5

    Any tips to speed up the last 3-4 crosses?

    Seems like I fly through the mains and most of the crosses. However towards the bottom of the racket, when everything is tight and the working space is small, it takes me forever to weave the last few crosses through. Any tips you guru's have to speed this up would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Lefty5

    Tension variance in the mains

    I string 2 piece style on my prince. When I had both sides tied off for the mains, I ran my finger across like a guitar and noticed quite a bit of difference among the tensions per each string. The 4 middle strings were the loosest and they got tighter the further the main was from the...
  18. Lefty5

    Bloody Toes

    I played 4 sets last night. Two tough sets in singles, then two more tough ones in doubles. Got home, took off my shoes, and realized the end of my sock was soaked with blood. It even stained the toe box of my shoes. Apparently one of my middle toes took a beating. Gross I know but how can...
  19. Lefty5

    Russians poison again?

    With most of the Serbian team battling "the stomach flu" in Moscow, I wonder why there isn't an outcry to have them tested for poison right away. Haas waited 3 or 4months and they couldn't tell if it was poison or not. Pretty suspicious that the Serbian team is now sick, don't you think?
  20. Lefty5

    Davis Cup...again?

    Was just thinking how Blake, Roddick, and the Bryans could possibly be hyped up about Davis Cup, again...already.... Do you folks honestly think they are amped to make a run this year to try and repeat? Or are they thinking, good lord I can't believe I have to start Davis Cup again...
  21. Lefty5

    Roddicks grip

    Does anybody know what grip Roddick is using? Looks like Tourna Grip...
  22. Lefty5

    Cyber Power Issue

    Anybody else have any issues with Topspin Cyber Power 17g breaking right near the top of the frame? Its just an unusual place for it to break. Same racket, same stringer (me). Anyone else have that issue?
  23. Lefty5

    Spin from Crosses or Mains?

    Does the spin come from the string more via crosses or the mains? I like the spin created from my full poly job but want to try some other combo's. I'm thinking of trying Gut in as a hybrid but want to maintain my spin. What's best, gut mains or gut crosses to keep the best spin. I've...