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  1. PeterHo

    Djokovic... how many slams will he win?

    My prediction before he made his 4 slam dominance was around 14 to 16. Early this year i revised that to 16 to 18. Now my prediction is 15 to 17. Realistically he needs to win the US open to give himself a decent chance to pass 17. When Fedal had their last 3 slam seasons, both went on to win 5...
  2. PeterHo

    Will Murray dominate tennis and become no.1??

    With Murray hitting peak form, and Novak down a notch, there's a feeling that Murray will start sweeping everything in sight. Nobody seems to be able to stop him. Could you imagine in one years time he might be on 6 slams and is the world no.1? Have we seen peak Murray, yet?? Lendl-Murray was...
  3. PeterHo

    Murray proved this era strong

    by winning his third slam he is now clearly ahead of Hewitt or roddick in terms of greatness. So when comparing Federer and Novaks competition on hard or grass courts, Federer has had the weaker chief rival during 2003 to 2006. Murray just trolled all the guys saying this era is weak. Lol. The...
  4. PeterHo

    Murray proved this era strong

    by winning his third slam he is now clearly ahead of Hewitt or roddick in terms of greatness. So when comparing Federer and Novaks competition on hard or grass courts, Federer has had the weaker chief rival during 2003 to 2006. Murray just trolled all the guys saying this era is weak. Lol. The...
  5. PeterHo

    Murray's ranking and Novak easy draws

    Here's some statistics during 2011~2015 at slams. No. of times players who went on to win after beating Nadal 0 Murray 3 Novak 4 Fed 4 No. Of times lost at SF or QF Murray 12 Nadal 3 Nole 5 Fed 11 So, Nadal, no player won the title after beating Nadal in the second wk, this happened 0 times...
  6. PeterHo

    Rafa needs a new coach

    Rafa desperately needs a new coach to save his career. While Novak and fed made improvements to their games in the past few years, Rafa's been on a steep decline. Who will be his best coach? Imagine federer retiring this year and becomes rafas coach... just get Rafa to win 2 more slams and...
  7. PeterHo

    Feels like another Djokovic year

    After 2015, and a perfect Doha from Novak, I cannot help but feel that 2016 is another Djokovic year. That performance was out of this world. Nadal's playing marginally better than last year but his loss was worse than last year. It feels like novak has improved even more over the break...
  8. PeterHo

    Kyrgios is the only player with a perfect record against Fedal

    Just watching Kyrgios and it looks like this guy can really be the next multi slam winner. He really took the match to Murray and Murray wasn't playing bad. Looking up his record he has beaten nadal and federer and have zero losses against them. He's the only player in history with 100% h2h...
  9. PeterHo

    Which player was hurt the most and by whom?

    Top candidates: 1. Kyrgios hurt Stan the most by revealing his personal life. 2. Nadal hurt Fed the most, by beating him at slams repeatedly. 3. Nadal hurt Novak the most, by beating him at RG, repeatedly. 4. Novak hurt federer the most, by beating the old man repeatedly. 5. Federer hurt...
  10. PeterHo

    Ranking all slam winners since 2000.

    Here's my rank of all the players who has won a slam since 2000. 1. Federer 2. Sampras 3. Nadal 4. Nole 5. Agassi 6. Kuerten 7. Murray 8. Roddick 9. Hewitt 10. Safin 11. Stan 12. Ivan 13. Ferrero 14. Delpo 15. Cilic 16. johanson 17. Gaudio 18. Costa Go ahead and give your rankings. Edits: 1...
  11. PeterHo

    Roger Federer: I have no plans to retire after Olympics

    "I've planned all of 2016, you know all the way through the Rio Olympics and beyond," he said. "No plans to retire yet. I don't have a definite date even though that would help to make things easier to plan." In fact, federer's guaranteed to play until June 2017, as he signed a two year...
  12. PeterHo

    Roger Federer: 'Novak Djokovic has no weakness'

    “Novak has erased all his weaknesses,” Federer said, reports Gulf News. “While he does everything to keep his position, the others too will be preparing to find ways on how to bring him down.” What does this comment really mean? 1. Novak has weaknesses prior to this year. He now has no...
  13. PeterHo

    Players who have done well in strong years

    More debates to keep this forum alive over Christmas. Which year(s) proved these players are great in terms of beating strong competition? Which year was most impressive against strong competition? Fed 04~06 Fed 07 Fed 09 Fed 12 Nadal 08 Nadal 10 Nadal 13 Nole 11 Nole 12~14 Nole 15 Fed: I...
  14. PeterHo

    Does the level of tennis improve over time?

    This is not another strong or weak era debate. This thread is concerend with whether tennis itself, like many other sports, improves over time. In basketball, players now are shooting better than ever from a distance. Years ago you don't see players getting balls in from half way. Now its not...
  15. PeterHo

    Fed, Nole and others: what they will be doing in the holidays

    2015 is now in the history books, with everybody heading to their well deserved holidays. Some will spend time with family and kids, some will go for a trip, others will find some extra time to train. In the holidays... Nole Is still enjoying his wins.. Fed Will have a new style of hair...
  16. PeterHo

    Why 2005 is weaker than 2015.

    Due to many posts criticising this year as being "weak", lets compare it with the well known weak era - that of 2004-06. I have posted this earlier, here it goes. Here's why federer's competition during 2004-06 (roddick/safin/hewitt, etc) are weak, all of these guys are not as good as Andy...
  17. PeterHo

    Djokovic, the Most Consistent Player of All Time?

    Who is the most consistent player of all time? Who keeps on producing good results, match after match, day after day in both big and small tournaments? Out of all statistics on the ATP website, the match winning % is the best indicator of consistency across matches of all levels. At this...
  18. PeterHo

    Djokovic getting most consecutive WTF wins record

    With the form that Novak is in, I expect him to win the WTF and get his 5th title overall. More importantly, to get 4 consecutive wins, going above lendl and nastase in the record books. WTF is now becoming Nole's fort!
  19. PeterHo

    An adjusted points system to determine greatness

    having a go at adjusting the points system and other achievements to come up with a total tally indicating greatness. slam winner 4000 finalist 1500 olympic gold 3000 silver 1000 WTF 1500 Davis Cup 1000 Masters 1000 each year end no.1 4000 each year end no.2 1500 CGS 4000 rationale: up...
  20. PeterHo

    The Complete Tennis Player

    If you are able to take the best shot/ability from any player in history, what would be your complete player? 1st Serve karlovic 2nd Serve sampras Fh federer Bh Djokovic Volley laver Smash federer Drop federer Lob laver Passing nadal Return djoKovic Footwork laver Speed djokovic Stamina borg...
  21. PeterHo

    Predicting the next No.1

    Who will be next no.1 to knock off Djokovic permanently from the top spot? Excluding Fedal and the other older guys to make this interesting.