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    SRUalum great seller

    Bought racquets on Tuesday, at my door Thursday morning. Sent me a tracking number link 5 minutes after sending payment. A++
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    $500 Budget - New Alpha vs Used Neos?

    I would think you'll be ok either way, but I would lean NEOS simply for the drop weight vs crank. I personally would string a racquet on the NEOS and see how you like the glide bars. NEOS machines are rock solid (the one at the shop I used to work at is going on 25 years old and not stopping)...
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    What is the most gut-like string that's NOT gut?

    Babolat VS Touch BT7 . (evil laugh)
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    What's the worst mistake you've made while stringing?

    From a consumer side of things, I wouldn't give that stringer my business anymore if he charged me twice for his mistake. As a stringer for profit, if I made the mistake, I fix it. Vote with your dollars.
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    Gamma 7900 els or Alpha Ghost 2

    I just hit my 2500th frame on my Ghost that I purchased in ~2012. Still works like the day I bought it.
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    Nike Air Oscillate LTR

    Picked up a pair of the red / blue oscillate release from earlier this year (?) and they look great! a little tough break in but they look really sharp. I'll probably snag a few more pair on the auction site while they are pretty reasonable.
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    refreshing summer beers ... whats your favorite ?

    Any gose (namely Westbrook's from Charleston) is perfect for summer. Craft beer snob here. Find me on untappd--user name: DinosaurJr
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    Racquet ID help

    1. check for cracks or structural damage first as always. 2. string 'er up. 70lbs shouldn't hurt it.
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    Prince 6000 used. Should I buy?

    "Sorry for the many questions, I'm a student so at $2400, I really have the weigh it." There's your answer right there. Just get a basic used machine for $3-500. I'm reminded of the quote... "the best way to double your money is to fold it half and put it back in your pocket."-Will Rogers
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    Alpha Axis Pro and Wise Tension Head?

    "pretty new and bored with it already"..... Yeah, stringing is a service and not a leisure activity (although some find it somewhat leisurely)....
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    Best high-end stringer under 2000$

    I'll chime in as a Ghost owner. I love my Ghost---and I've used Star 3,4,5 and the Wilson Bairado. With that being said, I string for $ and lots of it. Anywhere from 5-20 jobs a week usually at my club. However, it would be very hard to justify the price tag if I didn't do it for profit. I...
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    Looking for some good drills for coaching juniors Easy place to start. 1. I don't know if Jailbreak (go to jail) is on there, but man those kids love that game. 2. If they can rally, I...
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    Wanted: Pure Drive Lite (any version) (paypal or PD team trade)

    Wanted a PD lite any version, any grip considered. It can be beat up as I'm just going to feed with it. I have a new edition PD team in 1/4 to trade. PD team is a 9/10 and barely played. email: brianmhowell @ gmail . com
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    Opening a shop, good idea?

    Exactly right. Even at the old club I worked at which had a great clientele that could spend the money, it still hurt. What really hurt was the new / old models (inventory) that came out every 6-9 months on shoes. Online retailers would be selling the old stuff at 60% off and I haven't even sold...
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    Opening a shop, good idea?

    Haha! I know that ol' give em something free trick. There has to be a little bit of salesmanship going on to make anything work---even if it goes against your tennis common sense. It's hard selling the new Wilson K-Nano-Babo-Woofer-Aero-Microgel-Flex-Liquidmetal-Pro Staff to a 2.5 man, but hey...
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    durable 15g poly

    I second this. Great string. and CHEAP
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    Opening a shop, good idea?

    While I agree with the $10 craigslist killer, your breaking a hip and suing is a bit of a slippery slope fallacy. As an ex teaching pro / owner of a pro shop, I wouldn't do it. Your margins aren't going to even get close to providing for your family on a normal basis. Unless you are in a very...
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    Accidentally pre-stretched Cyclone

    True Story: About 15 years ago I was stringing for a college tournament in the South East. D1 players, players going on satellite tour, futures, etc. You wouldn't believe how many of those players A) played with nylon---15g super cheap Gosen stuff. B) had no idea about tension C) only restrung...
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    Accidentally pre-stretched Cyclone

    You won't be able to tell the difference in 53 and 50. 3lbs isn't going to warrant huge differences. Try it out one time---string a frame at 45 and don't tell a player. Majority of players probably couldn't tell a 15-20 difference. Archer not the arrows. I've strung 1000s of frames, at...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Babolat RPM Blast Rough Playtest

    ◦ Tension(s) used for playtest- My usual of 50 lbs then again at 46 ◦ Regular string set up- Volkl Cyclone 18 (pink) full bed @ 50 lbs ◦ Racquet used for test- PD 2015 Team (my go to the last year) ◦ Power of test string- I like a little bit of pop from my poly and...
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    Some questions about the "Yonex Loop."

    LOL---you guys crack me up. You realize Richard Parnell is stringing for the top players in the word, right?-----And not your 3.0 lady down the street?
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    Good string setup on a babolat pure/aero for volleying?

    i've been hitting Hyper G in my PD team and loving it. I play mainly dubs and love the net
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    Some questions about the "Yonex Loop."

    Well, if there is one guy who I would trust, it's Richard Parnell.
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    Is the end near for Pacific rackets?

    We carried Pacific frames for a few quarters in my old shop. Great frames, but Pacific has MAJOR supply problems (or it did a couple of years ago). Racquets would take 5-7 months to get in and players just don't wait in a physical shop. Quality gut, although I've heard that has gone down...
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    what is a good price for a used prince 5000?

    $2500 is about right.....see if you can get it for $2k in cash price :). If it only has 50 racquets on it, that would be a deal. However, you can get a alpha ghost 2 (they just came out with a new one) for about $2500 brand new and it is basically the same machine as the prince (made by the...
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    Favorite Discontinued Strings(Gone but not Forgotten)

    This is the biggest scam pulled over on the public. It's almost like New Coke vs. Old Coke debacle. Unfortunately, the majority of the players I string it for (older people who never break a string) can't really tell. The other advanced players have moved on to Pacific or are using the Wilson...