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  1. BetaServe

    Slice serve lesson from an ex pro (Takao Suzuki)

    Such a cool vid with original tips. Turn on CC for English captions. He gave Fed some trouble in 2005:
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    Djokovic vs Federer - SF USOpen 2008

    Forgotten match. Back when Federer was far superior than Djokovic
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    Critique my friend's forehand

    Sorry for the bad quality. Notice the racket face does not face the ground at the slot position. Is this a problem? Is his take back too far back? Is this ATP forehand? @Dragy
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    Zverev's second serve

    What could he be doing wrong technically? @Chas Tennis Based on high-speed videos of his serves, Zverev has a high-level serve technique, so why does his 2nd serves still suck? Is a good serve all about technique or there is more to it?
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    Andy Roddick on Novak’s “brilliant” tournament

    I’m with Andy. This tournament is a joke.
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    Roger Federer talks about his forehand grip

    Sorry wrong title, should be "Roger Federer talks about his forehand grip"
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    Everyone please wear mask!!

    The Coronavirus is spreading all over the world and it IS worse than you think. The Chinese government is hiding a lot of things (the number of infected is probably not 3000+ as they claimed, from many sources the real number could be close to 100,000+) For ffs, wear mask everyone, especially if...
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    Your favorite moment

    Mine is: Yes I'm a Fed fan.
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    Federer vs Nadal Wimbledon 2008 Best Rallies

    They were so damn fast. This is why you don't feel like watching Zverev, coric, edmund, kachanov, rublev and Thiem
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    Does anyone here work at big tech companies (FAANG)?

    Wondering how many people working at FAANG are tennis lovers (FAANG = short for Facebook, Amazon,Apple, Netflix and Google, but it usually refers to all the big tech companies and not just those 5)
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    What's the best way to advance your career?

    Let's say, to 40+ folks, if you can go back in time, how would you change your strategy for finding a job or what would you differently to advance your career in a much faster rate?
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    We need English subtitles for Japanese videos

    There seem to be so many good/interesting tutorials in Jap. So frustrated not to understand a single word.
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    If Nick Kyrgios joins ttw...

    How would ttw posters treat him? I see a lot of people hating and trashing him here but I wonder if these same people would change 180 degrees if Nick actually joins the forum #hypocrisy
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    Science explains why you look bad on video "Movement is something we feel, not see We have a general sense of the relative position of our body, called proprioception, which contributes to how we feel our overall body position and movement. But this sense is something...
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    Which type(s) of opponent is most likely to be your "pigeon"?

    What are the top 3 characteristics (either technical or physical) of a player that make it easy for you to play against? (ofc assuming he/she is about the same level as yours) My top 3: - Short ( < 5'9) - Slow - Weak serves If my opponent has all these 3 attributes, there's a high chance I...
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    What NTRP are these 2 ?

    Girl vs pusher/junk baller (me) Girl's serving points: Pusher's serving points:
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    This is how Nadal would look like if he has Federer serve

    He would've been the GOAT with 30 grand slams
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    Would you pay Federer $1000/h to coach you?

    I heard McEnroe say on TV if Fed becomes coach after retirement he would probably charge around $700 to $1000 an hour for a private lesson. Would you hire him as a coach and why? I know Rick Macci already charges $500/h for a private lesson.
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    Baseball pitchers with insane shoulder flexibility (ESR)

    Is it me or pro baseball pitchers have better ESR than pro tennis players when it comes to pitching/serving? Pause at 0:03, his arm is literally perpendicular to his upper body.
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    If Nadal beats Federer at Wimbledon 2020

    Would you still consider Federer to be greater than Nadal?
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    Hats off to Medvedev

    The only nextGen with balls of steel
  22. BetaServe

    How exactly is Medvedev gonna hurt Nadal?

    How? I don't see it. I can bet my car on Nadal to win this match.
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    Play squash to maintain your fitness level?

    Good idea?
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    Goodbye Federer

    It's over. Total disappointment.
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    Would you call it "quitting" or "withdrawing"?

    Also, did he fake injury to make it seem like he would have won if healthy? If your answer is no, then question for you: Novak has quit 6 times in come he never does the convenient tactics when he's winning? And 2 days ago: "My shoulder is almost pain free"