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    Babolot overgrips

    Babolot overgrips feel pretty good to me. Feel soft and seem to last longer Anyone have any comments on this grip which just appeared here in Bangkok ??
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    "Covering the ball"

    I have heard this phrase many times but do not fully understand it. I am thinking in regard to the FH groundstroke. But it may apply to the serve or BH too. Obviously it means something like coming over the top of the ball. But I am curious if there is a deeper meaning. Comments from...
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    Wide Serve Technique - Deuce Ct

    I am trying to develop a good deuce court wide puller serve. What is your technique for this shot ? Your little "key thoughts" and your theory behind why it works is what I am curious about. Thanks
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    Lukas Dlouhy

    This talented player won 2 Grand Slam Doubles titles with Leander Paes and was in Grand Slam Doubles Finals as recently as 2010. What happened to him ? Did he get injured ? He has disappeared it seems. I doubt he retired. He is only 28. Thanks
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    3 nCode6195s 4Sale

    I have 3 nCode6195s for Sale Good condition Great frames but I am to old for them now. Best offer taken
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    Stostur's Powerful FH

    Anyone who watched Samantha Stostur win the recent Family Circle Cup had to notice her powerful FH. She uses a very short backswing, in fact it almost is not a backswing. Yet she generates quite a bit of power and placement. It reminds me a little of Henin's FH these days. Very similar...
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    Fed's more powerful FH

    Is it just me or does Roger have a more explosive FH recently ? He always could unload, but now it seems half or more of his FHs are explosive. It is as if he has added mass to his frame. Or something else like increasing Swingweight ? Anyone notice this ?
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    Oudin's FH Volley

    Was watching Melanie Oudin play Dementiava this week. I noticed something I had not seen before. When she hit a forcing shot and came in behind it, she would go way to the left of the floating ball and have her arm almost out straight to hit the volley. It was very effective and looked...
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    Nadal & Soderling FHs

    I am fascinated by the variety of techniques the pros use. So, I like to learn how the pros hit various shots. Many of the pros have similar styles but some have a unique technique. For example; the FHs of Blake and Ferrer. Both have a strings parallel to the court takeback and then drive in to...
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    AG500 / AG500Tour /4D500 / 4D500Tour

    I want to move from my nCode6195s to a tweener. I have a PDR and its fine, a bit powerful but that is to be expected. I want to try other tweeners. Dunlop is big here in Thailand. So the 500s are a logical choice. But there are 4 different models to choose from. Other than the obvious...
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    Plowthru vs SW

    Question for those who play with a highly polarized frame; i.e. high Swingweight [ > 350]. Do you feel you get good plowthru with it ? Does it feel sluggish getting the head to move initially ? Do you get the same plowthru you would get with a frame of similar weight but non polarized...
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    EBH Pronation Serve Technique

    I discovered a neat little technique for the EBH pronation serve. Eastern Backhand Grip = EBH Normally a beginner will wonder how the heck can one hit a serve with such a grip. It is so closed that it is hard to even square the face to the target standing still. It actually hurts the arm unless...
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    Fed FH; pronates before or after contact ?

    There are several recent threads on Fed's FH with analysis. I would like to focus on a specific point. When Fed hits his whiplike FH his swingplane is essentially parallel to the court, Clearly his face is closed as he begins the forward swing; nearly parallel to the court too. He...
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    John Cauthen

    What happened to John Cauthen ?? I did a search with no limits on date and NO posts appear. Did he request Admins to remove all his posts ? Curious what he's doing these days.
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    Coaching during a match

    I saw Marion Bartoli's father on his knees with his daughter during a changeover at The Bank of West tournament at Stanford, CA. He was clearly advising his daughter about the match. I thought that this is illegal except for collegiate tennis. Did the WTA change the rules ? When ?
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    New 1HBH Shot

    I learn nearly every time I play or practice. [or rediscover something I forgot] Most of the time it is little things but once in a while it is very big. Today I discovered a shot that is fabulous. I hit a one hand BH with a SW grip. It is a solid shot with several options. Sometimes I start...
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    Continental FH

    Anyone out there play with a Continental FH grip ? Just how do you keep the ball in the court ?? I try closing the face but get very inconsistent results. I play with a SW but like to learn new shots. The Continental FH grip is very tough. Low balls are not to difficult as the face is...
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    Do Frames Wear Out / Go Dead ?

    I have never experienced a frame going dead but it could be that I just adjust slowly as the frame changes. Do you think frames wear out or go dead ? Any types of frame more suseptable or immune to this ? Opinions solicited. Thanks
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    Logo differs from Mrf ?

    I was watching Dudi Sela take on Roddick in the China Open. The strings logo was Head. But the frame looked an awful lot like an old Wilson frame by the colors. Did not look like any Head frames I have seen; black with some rust orange. Seems unlikley to me but when money is involved...
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    Both sides on both sides

    I warm up with my partner with minitennis before we play. I play with a SW grip on both FH and BH which means I do not need to change my grip. It also means my grips are very closed and I must hit out front or I cannot square up the strings. Recently, this year I have begun to hit certain...
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    Tanasugarn Wins 2nd Title

    Thailand's Tamarine [Tammy] Tanasugarn defeated one of the hottest and likley future #1 player in the world Darina Safina in straight sets 7-5, 6-3 for her 2nd career win in a 14 year career. We here in Thailand are very proud and happy for her. It was a very hard fought match with numerous...
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    Push vs Pull FH

    I hear these terms push and pull FH mentioned quite often these days. I have never heard of them with regard to FH technique. Could someone give me their understanding of the details of such hitting styles ? Thanks
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    String Contradictioon

    I have always heard the tennis wisdom that says... Lower tension [loose strings] yields more spin. High tension [stiff stings] less spin. Also have heard that ..... Kevlar/Poly/CoPoly string provides more spin. But K/P/CoP are very stiff materials. So shouldn't they provide less spin...
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    String Listings/Choices

    I am bewildered by all the choices for strings. I have read the FAQs and Sticky's about the different types. But when I go to buy, the one I have chosen is usually not in stock at that shop. What I need is a listing of all the strings by Mfr and by type. [ Comments on things like "poly...
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    NCode 6195 not made anymore ?

    I do not see the nCode 6195 on the Wilson section of TW racquets. Has Wilson discontinued them in favor of the K factors ? Or has TW just decided not to stock them ?
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    Top Pros Playing stock frames

    Anyone have any idea of what percentage of top pros [top 100] play frames stock ..... without adding any lead or other weight distribution mods ?
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    No more nCode 6195's ??

    My bad ... my apologies.
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    Flexy Head MG Radical

    Anyone hit with the Head Microgel Radicals yet ? They are super flexible with ratings of 57 [98] and 56 [107]. Rec string tension is 52-62. I would think they could feel really nice and be very low powered for great depth control.
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    Squash Shot

    What exactly is the squash shot in your opinion ? And what are your key thoughts about technique to hitting a good one ? Thanks
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    Infinity concept of the swing

    Anyone know of any teachers or books that promote the infinity [figure 8] concept of the swing ? Pronation, for example can be thought of as a small part of a figure 8 motion which includes takeback, forward swing, contact, follow thru and finish. Thanks