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  1. BluDiamond

    Doping in Tennis

    I realise this could be a controversial thread so hopefully it doesn't get out of hand. What are everyone's opinions as to whether many tennis players have used performance enhancing drugs? I feel that tennis is generally clean but from what I gather, the testing regime in tennis isn't very...
  2. BluDiamond

    Tennis and Muscle Imbalances

    Does anyone know how pro players generally workout in order to even out the non-dominant side? I've noticed from playing tennis from a young age (and probably not doing as much work off-court as I should be) that my left lat is noticeable smaller and my shoulders don't seem to be the same...
  3. BluDiamond

    Babolat Rackets

    Does anyone have a timeline showing when the Babolat rackets have been released, perhaps similar to this one for the ipod? I was wondering if it is time for Babolat to release a new Aero Drive for...
  4. BluDiamond

    Radwanksa's racket??

    Does anyone know what she was using against sharapova? Was it the aero storm??
  5. BluDiamond

    Nadal's Sweatbands

    Does anyone know where i can buy the light blue sweatbands Nadal was wearing at the Stella Artois?? Thanks
  6. BluDiamond

    Igor Andreev

    I think there is already a thread on this but i couldn't find it so don't have a go at me if there is but i was wondering about his Pure Drive. I saw him playing today and it definitely looked like there was cortex in it, not just painted on. How heavy is it and what strings and tension does he...
  7. BluDiamond

    Barricade V's

    Firstly, can anyone tell me when the Barricade III were released amd when the Barricade IV's were released. Secondly, does anyone know if there is a planned Barricade V shoe? Thirdly, has anyone seen the new IV's coming out in June/July. They are silver and black and can be viewed at...
  8. BluDiamond

    Great Roddick video!! a funny video where he does impressions of some top pro's :L:L:L
  9. BluDiamond

    Pictures of new Microgel Radical...

    these look soooooo gd anyway here you are http://p w
  10. BluDiamond

    Okay, i know this has been discussed a million times but...

    does anyone have any info on whether the Babolat Pure Controls and Pure Storms will be updated with the new cortex technology. On the babolat website there is a reference to a possible Aero Storm racket which was posted here a while ago. It is supposedly a control racket. Does anyone know...
  11. BluDiamond

    Anyone seen the new Big Banger string

    Its called Big Banger Alu Power Fluoro or something like that and its appparently meant to be what the pros are using. Its main benefits are greater comfort to the player...but i bet it feels pretty much the same
  12. BluDiamond

    Djokovic racket

    does anyone know the specs of his racket and where he adds lead??
  13. BluDiamond

    New Fischers???

    Anyone know if any replacement for the Magnetic Pro No1 is coming out soon??? They have been out for a while and Fischer usually painjob their rackets every 18months so just wondering if anyone had any info??? Thanks
  14. BluDiamond

    My Microgel Prestige thread got deleted :(

    Does anyone know why???
  15. BluDiamond

    Saw the new prestige...

    The new Head Prestige had microgel but NO FLEXPOINT. There is also a new Radical and another one coming out at Stella Artois/Wimbledon time. IF you want any more info just ask
  16. BluDiamond

    Optimum Pro Player Weight...

    When looking at the Pro Player Profiles on the ATP site i noticed most pros weight around 80kg... is this a coincidence????
  17. BluDiamond

    Nadal match??

    when is Nadal's first match and does anyone know if you can view it on the internet??
  18. BluDiamond

    New Aero Pro Drive Cortex

    I know i've posted things about a possible new version in the past that have turned out not to be true coach had a meeting with the Babolat guy who showed him a prototype version. It is apparently the same but with a new PJ and cortex system...basically the same as the update of the new...
  19. BluDiamond

    Green bits on Nadal's Aero Pro

    WHat is the green sticker in the throat of Nadal's APD??? ALso what i noticed is that it looks thinner than normal APD's and that the beam at the side seems slightly more squarish. This could be due to Nadal's huge build that it looks like this though but if anyone could tell me what the green...
  20. BluDiamond

    new wilson kfactor, but yellow??

    anyone know what this is?? thanks guys
  21. BluDiamond

    news on wilson k-rackets

    i have a pic of interest but dont know how to upload it...can i email it 2 sum1 who can??
  22. BluDiamond

    Details of Nike and Addidas 2007 range

    i'm not sure if anyone has seen these but to view the full range visit: http://p w (without the spaces) http://p w
  23. BluDiamond

    Just heard when the new Babolat APD is out

    My coach said it is out nxt yr so ne1 who wants 2 know more just reply. It is virtually the same but with cortex and a different paintjob.
  24. BluDiamond

    Why is Duralst so cheap??

    I have just come back from France where i bought a 120m reel off Babolat Duralast 16. I have heard it is a very good string but i was amazed by the price. I bought 120m for 21 Euros when 1 set of hurricane costs somewhere around 15 Euros. Why is it so cheap and is it actually a good string (i...
  25. BluDiamond

    New Babolats out soon

    For those who r wondrin about whether there will b a new pure control, there will b. The Pure control and pure storm are stopping being produced at the end of this month and the new ones will be coming out soon updated with the new cortex system. Not sure about smart grip though and i don't know...
  26. BluDiamond

    Pro Hurricane Tour

    I know there are loads of threads bout this but i cant b bothered to search them at the mo, so can anyone tell me when this string is availible in the UK.
  27. BluDiamond

    Question about my APD

    When i weighed it the weight shows up as about 320g?? I thought it was meant to be 300g or is this the unstrung weight??
  28. BluDiamond

    Bogdanovic vs Okun (davis cup)

    4-1 Okun and Bogdanovic is good shot followed by goodness knows how many shockers. The good news is that Djokovic may be British soon, Murray Djokovic Bogdanovic...WHAT A TEAM...COME ON GB.
  29. BluDiamond

    Urgent translation from Italian on Babolat Aero Please

    Looke at this Italian website, it says something about an aero dno what it is tho
  30. BluDiamond

    Roddick outburst

    "Roddick could scarcely have been more visibly impatient, arriving so soon after the previous match was over that the names of those earlier combatants were still on the scoreboard when he and Mayer began knocking up. His appetite for the match was established by an early delivery of 143mph, and...