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  1. Caol-ila

    Device to check strings tension

    It seems that my racquets arrive from my stringer with too different tensions. I would like to check my strings tension. Which device could I use to check them? No phone apps please. I know about Tourna Racquet String Tension Meter and Gamma STT. Which one is better? Anything else?
  2. Caol-ila

    Wanted: K7 Lime L4

    I would like to trade for a K7 Lime, grip L4. Available to trade Angell TC100 V2 63 L3 or Angell TC95 V2 63 L3 for a Lime L4, possibly paying something for the different conditions. My Angells are in good conditions, 8.5/9. I am in Europe, I prefer not to send/receive from outside Europe.
  3. Caol-ila

    Neymour racquets

    When a boy I used to play with a Neymour Ruby. I still have it, in spite of moving from house to house several times. I tried to find something in the net about Neymour racquets, without success. Even a site search on TW does not produce any results. I remember there were also an Emerald, a...
  4. Caol-ila

    FS: Angell TC97 18x20

    Racquet: Angell TC97 18x20 Item Description: Purchased in February 2018, used very little because I am much more at ease with the K7 Grip Size: 5 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 97 Condition (x out of 10): 9 *Specific Time Used: 6 hrs *General Description: Basically new but for a couple of very minor...