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    Krejicova’s racquet

    What is the yellow racquet of Krejicova
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    String option to compensate for low power racquet

    I love the feel ( I guess the combined weight, balance, mojo, secret sauce, etc.) of my old Head Extreme Team OS. BUT, because I’m ancient and getting slower and weaker I need more power than I’m getting from the low-medium powered Head as it exists. Please give me some string options...
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    The Decline of Proper Cushioning

    Prince T9 Roadster--best cushioned shoe I ever had. This goes back several shoe generations but I still remember how comfy they were. Closest in near past would be one of the Asics gel shoes. It's the age-old problem with everything from autos to tennis racquets and shoes: just when you find...
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    Gavrilova's Racquet

    What model Yonex is Gavrilova using in the Australian Open?
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    Wanted Head Extreme Team Microgel Teflon

    Want to buy one Head Extreme Team Microgel Teflon racquet. 4 3/8 or 4 1/2 grip in 7/10 or better condition.
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    FS or FT Asics Speed Sol 2 Size 11, Green/black new

    If still available for sale, how much? E-mail me:
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    FS: Babolat Max Drive 110

    Is your Babolat Max Drive 110 still available? Thanks.
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    What's Your Best Excuse for Getting More Sticks?

    I lost a match! Hey, it's gotta be the racquet!
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    Best Tennis Channel Commentators

    I'm enjoying the Bret Haber/Jim Courier commentator-combo on TC; maybe the best. Any other nominees?
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    Wanted: Prince O3 Speedport Black, 4 3/8, 4 1/4

    Vegas--I have an EX03 Speedport Black in good (probably 7.5/10) condition. E-mail me if you want pics, more info.
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    (4) Head Microgel Extreme 2009 w/Teflon grommets

    Am interested. Tried emailing but delivery failed. Please email me at: Thanks.
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    Confessions of an ex-pusher

    Junkballers and pushers of the world unite! I knew there were some soul mates lurking out there; thanks for coming out! Lobman
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    2-back doubles: neutral vs aggressive shot?

    If it's 3.5 or lower, throw up those lobs; overheads typically are not a consistent shot at that level. If it's 4.0 and up still try some lobs if you can hit really good deep, top spin on them and if not use the other suggestions already given.
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    Lost to a pusher.

    To JackB1, KineticChain, NorCal and others who defended the honor of us pushers against the Startzels of the tennis world, I thank you and will continue to frustrate and beat those who don't think we are "real" tennis players. Sincerely, Lobman
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    Whatever negatives you may attach to having a colonoscopy it comes in second to colon cancer!
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    When was your best year in terms of fitness??

    Jr. & Sr. in HS. Played three sports but most importantly was 18-19 years old!
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    Old guy that Cheats on score, Holy Cow

    As one of those "old farts" referred to by some of you, I've observed as much "cheating" behavior by "young farts" as by my age group. Me thinks some of you may be generalizing without solid data.
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    String Tension and Spin Relationship

    To the degree that the "spiny" strings, such as Big Hitter Black 7, provide more spin, how does string tension effect that spin? If you are trying those strings hoping for more spin, do you string looser or tighter or does it really matter?
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    What tension for similar playability when changing racquets

    Thanks all and especially Irvin for the input. Good hitting to all.
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    What tension for similar playability when changing racquets

    Irvin--thanks much. Asics inside dimensions: 15 1/2 in. X 10 1/2 in. Wilson: 14 1/4 in. X 10 3/8. (Forgive my stupidity; don't know what you're doing but I appreciate your help.)
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    Low, low tensions. 30lbs feels great. 20lbs pretty good, too

    Have been playing for a couple of years with a Wilson Cirrus BlX one (118 sq. in.) strung at 44. Works for my game (see my moniker) and my volleys seem to be better--crisper, accurate placement, as Lee D noted above. Have always played with relatively low tensions but I would be game to go...
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    What tension for similar playability when changing racquets

    Stringers and others with suggestions, I will appreciate your advice. My goal is to have as close to the same playability/feel in a new racquet as I have in my current one. Data I assume are relevant: current racquet--Wilson Cirrus BLX One: 118" head; 16 x 19 string pattern; 14" mains; 55-65...
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    WTB: Volkl Classic V1 4 3/8

    Have an Original edition of the Volkl V1 Classic in 9/10 condition. Will e-mail you.
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    WANTED: 2006-7 Kneissl Black Star

    Sometimes those long shots come in; I have a Black Star. Will e-mail details.
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    Saw a pusher: he was darn good

    Finally--words of appreciation. Us pushers of the tennis world thank you for your perceptive observations!
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    Mixed Doubles

    Anybody top this experience?: Playing 7.0 mx.; my partner and I both 3.5. Opponents are a strong 4.0 guy and 3.0 lady. Close first set we lose 6-4. Opponents come out for second set and, no exaggeration, the 3.0 lady goes into the alley and in the extreme back corner. She stays there the...
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    How do you play a guy who lobs you every point

    Why don't you try to find a league that will let you just play with other players who choose to define tennis as you choose to!
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    Try Big Hitter Black 7 Or Not?

    Thanks for your thoughtful replies and suggestions, guys. I will provide feedback when available.
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    Low, low tensions. 30lbs feels great. 20lbs pretty good, too

    So are u saying I should stay away from poly and continue using my comfy multis and not try something like Big Hitter Black 7 on my OS sticks?