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    *US Spoiler* Wow, thanks ESPN

    Thank you for completely ruining the surprise of knowing who wins the doubles match. I was watching the first set, when all of a sudden i see scrolling across the bottom: Croatia leads US 2-1, followed by the score of the match. I feel like Jerry in the first episode of Seinfeld, trying to...
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    Anybody play poker online?

    Anybody play poker online? And if so, which site?
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    Is it just me or...

    does Roddick seem really angry out on the court these days? Maybe not angry, but definitely super focused, much more than last year.
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    Chang's racquet?

    Which racquet did Michael Chang play with? Something like a Prince widebody or something. Just can't remember the exact name. Are they easy to find and how much would be a reasonable price to pay for one?
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    Roddick's hat bleeding?

    It looked as if Roddick's hat, the white camo one, the one not offered on here, was bleeding blueish ink tonight. I haven't seen any pics of the hat, so I can't tell if there is supposed to be a bluish staining near the bottom of the front white part of the hat. Anybody know anything about...
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    Which Babolat is Nadal using?

    Which Babolat is Nadal using? On here it says pure drive, but it's obviously one of the aeros. Which aero is it?
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    Roddick-Nadal? NO! GOLOVIN-WILLIAMS!

    I know most of the posters on this site are most interested in the roddick-nadal match, and for obvious reasons. But I myself am personally more interested in the williams-golovin match. Not only will there be good tennis, but lots and lots of eye candy. Two sexy women, each in very different...
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    How important is it to...

    How important is it to stay grounded on your forehands? I hit with an open stance, semi-western grip, and really like to put alot of pace and spin on the ball. The problem is, at least according to my coach, that I should be staying on the ground and staying low. I seem to either push off on...
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    Which is a better racquet, POG or Tour 90?

    i've been using a babolat pure drive plus for a year or two now, but am thinking about switching to a players racquet. Soooo I demoed a POG and a PS tour 90. I haven't gotten a chance to play with them yet, since they got here this afternoon AFTER I had played. So which one do you guys think...
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    Should a stringer know?

    Should a stringer know if a racquet is one piece or two-piece? And if a two piece racket is strung as one piece, does it really make a difference?
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    Agree or Disagree with tip?

    Basically the tip is saying that you shouldn't return missed serves because it's bad ettiquet. Instead, he says, you should try and hit it into the bottom part of the net near the doubles alley, which will help you with returns. I strongly disagree, and have always been taught that I should...