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  1. ttbrowne

    Replacement Grip with a long tapered start to avoid getting a lump at the buttcap.

    After wrapping hundreds of racquets, I've found no 2 replacementgrips are alike. No two brands of grips are alike. Hell, no two racquets of the same model are alike. They're all different. But i feel your pain on the bump thing. It's like trying to get Head perforated cellophane won't...
  2. ttbrowne

    Wilson Pro vs Comfort overgrips

    Wilson Pro Comfort is my favorite.
  3. ttbrowne

    Nadal Crushed By Schwartz, So ...RG Win Guaranteed

    You beat me to the assessment. Agree 100%
  4. ttbrowne

    JJ Wolf is legit good

    'Legit good' means Top 50 and stay? Top 50 then descend. Top 50 with a bullet? There are many a good players from 150 on up. Since no American but Roddick has impressed in the last 15 years...I say 'Meh good'
  5. ttbrowne

    What is your favorite brand of shoes ?

    Fila...followed by Nike
  6. ttbrowne

    Best shoes for minimizing wear and tear on knees/hips.

    I own multiple pairs of KSwiss, Fila, Nike Vapors, Nike Zoom Cage and I've found it all comes down to the inserts for me. Great to have 'em.
  7. ttbrowne

    Novak Djokovic should not have skipped the press conference

    Are you kidding?! After that fiasco...losing points and money, he doesn't owe the USO press a damn thing.
  8. ttbrowne

    Federer hits ball kid . USTA didn't default him .

    I'm pretty sure when you're a linesperson, the minute you step on the court...ANYTHING can happen when 2 people are hitting a ball. She should've stayed home knitting.
  9. ttbrowne

    Federer hits ball kid . USTA didn't default him .

    Under the rules of the US Open...this shouldve been a default!!!
  10. ttbrowne

    The shot you work on the most and still can't get right

    Volleys. Didn't start tennis until after college. Played baseball from an early age...catcher. You were taught to stay focused even with a 90 mph ball is coming at you. This carried over to tennis volleys. When I see a tennis ball coming at me, my first reaction is to be still and,....well....I...
  11. ttbrowne

    There is no rule saying a player who hits somebody MUST be disqualified

    Because they knew f they defaulted Serena, she'd lose $$$$$$$ and points. But they weren't hesitant in screwing Novak.
  12. ttbrowne

    There is no rule saying a player who hits somebody MUST be disqualified

    Yes, that's Novak trying to talk some sense into these stupid over reacting nuts. You can be sure Fed or Nadal would NEVER have been DF'd for anything. Fed used the F word to a USO chair umpire and...nothing. If a linesperson who regularly dodges and gets nailed with 140mph serves can't handle...
  13. ttbrowne

    Wilson Syn Gut Power breakage issue

    We've contacted Wilson. Thanks guys!
  14. ttbrowne

    Wilson Syn Gut Power breakage issue

    Yes...about 10 or 15 in between each. This is a Pro Shop.
  15. ttbrowne

    Wilson Syn Gut Power breakage issue

    We've had 7 beds that have broken almost immediately after stringing. It's the latest "Power" syn gut 16 from Wilson. This all came from 2 batches of individually packed string. We're thinking we got a bad batch. Anyone else having issues?
  16. ttbrowne

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Be glad when competition starts. This cheesecake crap is gettin old. It's Maxim magazine.
  17. ttbrowne

    How Many Racquets Do You Bring To A Match And Are They Identical?

    3 of the same racquet. Same string. 2 have lead tape for different court surfaces/wind conditions. 1 w/o lead tape 2 at 54, 1 at 58 Works well for me.
  18. ttbrowne

    Stencil ink suggestions?

    Wilson, any color, is the best I've used by far. Babolat, any color, is horrible. The white is weak. The tip is a wedge design. Wilson is blotter and real easy. I stencil lots of racquets weekly
  19. ttbrowne

    Federer to play with On-Running tennis shoes?

    They'll be a big hit in West Gimmelwald, Switzerland.
  20. ttbrowne

    Pickleball is spreading

    Our PB courts are deserted in the summer. Old people, who are the predominant players, can't take the heat. Plus they just don't wanna pay for indoor even though its only 15 per hour. Funny but most come play and have a great time then get hurt in the first 2 weeks. Some are recuperating for a...
  21. ttbrowne

    So what happens in this situation?

    Huh?!? If you're not aware that you've ever made a mistake, then how would you know you've made one?
  22. ttbrowne

    ATP Ignoring Djokovic

    So the #1 ranked player in the world has that's news!!!
  23. ttbrowne

    ATP Ignoring Djokovic

    Conspicuously absent from the ATP website....any mention of the Novak Covid-19 tournament disaster. Unbelievable that the #1 website for pro tennis would completely ignore top news of one of it's own.
  24. ttbrowne

    Racquet Stencil logos

    I work tomorrow...I'll send them to you.
  25. ttbrowne

    4.0 still full of pushers

    The 4.0 singles I've seen are exactly what you talked about but with one difference...the 4.0 players are more mobile. They can get to more balls and get them back. Hardly any offense. Mostly defense.
  26. ttbrowne

    please vote: are these shoes green or yellow?

    Who cares...they're only New Balance.
  27. ttbrowne

    Strings for more spin

    Nobody mentioned Head Gravity.
  28. ttbrowne

    Will USTA refund league fees?

    USTA builds massive Florida tennis monstrosity...They can't afford to give money back!
  29. ttbrowne

    Returning balls to server after point ends

    I do not expect the ball to be hit directly to me so I'm prepared for whatever. I do try to hit the ball within reach. But what is dished out will be served in return.
  30. ttbrowne

    Clubs closing thread.

    4 indoor, 10 outdoor and we're open. About a 50% drop in participation. And here's a tidbit about hysteria...Coronavirus is 10 times more deadly than the flu. What does “ten times more lethal” mean? — the math is simple. If 40 million Americans get the seasonal flu, a 0.1 percent fatality rate...