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    Surge of beginner adult players!

    I haven't seen this persay in league play yet because they haven't had much of a league. I have seen more people coming out and batting balls around which is good to see. I remember trying to get people to understand a long time ago that you grow Tennis from the bottom up not from the top down...
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    New kind of hindrance

    That is funny as hell
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    Atlanta players, I need your opinion is she on here? What's the username? I need to see what she is saying about all of this.
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    Atlanta players, I need your opinion

    Since I play a lot of Tennis there but don't live there, tell me which facilities would you be running?
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    Serena should change coach and add variety and finesse in her game

    I agree. She does need to switch...I don't know to who but she needs to switch and fast. I don't know that it will matter but it's one more thing she can say she tried. He's probably not that motivated anymore since the extra curricular activities got put to a hault.
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    There is no rule saying a player who hits somebody MUST be disqualified

    So what do you think should've happen in light of the other instances where people did hit someone with a ball or whatever and was put out of the tourney. I get your point of the person "not having to be thrown out". What do you think should've happened? I personally think if they threw other...
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    exactly. Tennis people have more excuses than you can shake a stick at. This is the worst though. "He didn't hit the ball to me that I wanted to hit back". I wonder how long a major leaguers baseball career wouldve lasted if they came in the dugout after striking out and said to the coach...."he...
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    It was Novak’s fault, but. . .

    That is not going to work for a couple of reasons, First of all he never looked up until after he hit the ball so he didn't know who he was hitting it to and the second is he did it out of anger and sadly this is what happened. He got what was coming to him. I'm just suprised that they let him...
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    Bad doubles partner stories

    smh...and where did you get that information? Apparently you pulled that out of your @$$ because don't know what you are talking about. lol Is this one of those Trump like things where you just say some **** and hope and pray that no one fact checks you or just throw it up on the...
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    Bad doubles partner stories

    So two things are clearly obvious....You don't know me and you clearly don't know what the hell you are talking about.
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    I absolutely agree with 100 percent of this, The only thing I'd say to this is about 20 percent of the tennis population will be able to execute that for several reasons...some of the young ones just don't have the patience especially if they played any kind of college tennis...and the other is...
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”'s not too late. :) Don't remember how old you said you are, but I'd think we can get a better serve and just learn where not to serve...for instance, I serve a lot down the T on both sides...takes away the angles and many especially the younger ones that try to attact try to hit clean...
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    Well...from my stand point...I'm one of those. lol Before my legs got injured I was known for running guys into the hospital...I could hit it all day backhand and forehand and wasn't pushing them but truth is 99 percent of the guys had better serves. :) I'd beat them off the...
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    Yea, but the lower end of 4.5 don't want to see them I can promise you that. lol I'm sure top level 5.0's say that about 4.5' It's all relevant. At the end of the was pointed out earlier. If you are playing a tourney, you'd better be ready for anything because guys that have...
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    I agree...:) 100 percent. :)
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    lmao...that's just If you at least respect all forms, you can normally figure out what it takes to beat them and that's what ultimately makes you yourself a great player. I think what it comes to is this. At the end of the day, more people have respect for someone that knocks the...
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    Point taken and I agree 100 percent.
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    I agree with most of this...although I'm not going to give 4.5's that much credit now. I've seen many get beat by pushers and I consider myself a between type guy. I don't have the deepest ball all the time now but when I was hitting it well...I beat more than my share of 4.5's and was never...
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    Still to that I say don't hit it out of the service will make it uncomfortable to lob...try it the next time you run into someone that does it ...and do it to the middle of the court short...not a drop shot persay...just make it where two bounces it won't even be out of the service...
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    Lob queens? That's about just putting a couple of OH's away or in someone's chest?lol ....or just don't come to the I'm sure some hate people that come to the net. I know I'll lob you to no end if you come in...and guess what...I come in on the serve and if you put it in the...
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    exxxxactly...and that's spoken from a true baseball player. Ive told that story from a different perspective of course as I wasn't a pitcher. My thing is if I could ask for the pitch I wanted to hit, I would've had a 15 or 20 year major league career. I'd ask for nothing but the 92 or 94 mph...
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    Okay first things first. I never called anyone any names. You need to re-read. Lets discuss this proper forehand and backhand or serve or volley. What difference does it make if the ball is coming back? If it's not about winning, why are you complaining about how someone else is hitting the...
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    Atlanta players, I need your opinion

    It must have just started back in the last looked like a ghost town on the golf course the last time I played there. It's been a minute though. I know they were @$$holes out there for a while about Tennis.
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    Atlanta players, I need your opinion

    No, it won't be around long. I heard a couple of our Alta teammates talking about this that are from that area and they said almost the exact same thing. It won't last long though because you can't do the same thing you do in Atlanta. The market is different. I remember when Sugar Creek in...
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    Lefties Serving in the Sun

    I know this much about that. I just had a conversation with my wife when were in the playoffs and was trying to explain to her that something as simple as the toss can make this so called advantage depending on what you do. She couldn't understand what I was telling her but when I walk out on...
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    Agreed. Its an excuse for losing most of the time. They don't know how to beat someone that is consistent. So they want to talk down on them. I remember watching an open event where One guy was complaining about the guy he was playing serve was "so slow". Keep in mind these were massive kick...
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    Double faults coming in bunches

    I'm good with playing someone like this, because they apparently don't understand doubles is about setting the net person up, not winning the point outright on your serve. So it creates a situation where we only have to "earn" say 1 or two points because he's basically starting the game out...
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    Mixed doubles, troll me, support me, blast me?

    No, because if you intend on keep playing with this lady, she's never going to learn to actually play until she loses a few matches because she can't volley or put away an overhead that she should be putting away. I see it too many times...
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    Hidden Valley Alta AA2 Mixed Champions

    After taking an L in the AA3 Championship in the winter, we got some new recruits. I think that really helped the team focus this Summer. The captain(Ken) and Co Captain(Jordan) did a great job. We have played with him for some 6 or or 7 years two seasons a year and he has done an amazing job...
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    Will USTA refund league fees?

    First time I've heard that. They just said "stop playing" Never heard anything about a credit. I'll ask the captain about that.