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  1. bjk

    Fed's Hybrid Vigor

    Fed is probably around 3% African. His mother is Afrikaner and they have about 5-7% black African admixture...
  2. bjk

    Thoughts on Sam Groth's Serve

    Jordan Thompson has a similar motion. I would say the biggest twisting (lateral?) motion I've seen and he hits the ball deep inside the baseline.
  3. bjk

    Tennis Player Pulls an El Shapo, gets Defaulted

    I was at a Coco Gauff match in DC where she got broken and smacked the ball into the stands, hitting somebody. Of course there was no default. Not even sure if she got a code violation.
  4. bjk

    Jack Sock is out of shape!

    He didn't get a PR because he wasn't out for six months? He needs somebody like Rasheed or Stefanki to get him in shape.
  5. bjk

    Why aren't Nishikori, Schwartzman, Pella, Edmund, Garin, Cuevas and literally anyone outside of Aus/Canada/USA playing for world at the Laver Cup?

    I think it's supposed to be like the Ryder cup, Europe vs US, except in this case it looks like Europe vs. the British Commonwealth.
  6. bjk

    Kyrgios needed for the USO

    Nick isn't interested in the Slams. He's going for the calendar year outdoor 500 hardcourt slam: Acapulco, Washington, Beijing, and Tokyo. He's 50% of the way there.
  7. bjk

    Whats wrong with young generation?

    Aren't the Babolats all higher than 65? How stiff was Sampras racket?
  8. bjk

    After watching Reilly Opelka I fancy him to cause an upset

    I've said this before but pretty soon the top ten is going to be Opelka, Zverev, Medvedev, Tsitsipas, Berretini, Popyrin, Khachanov, Bublik, and a couple clay courters.
  9. bjk

    How big is posibillity for Fed to experience another Millman ?

    Fed sees every tournament as warm-up for Wimbledon. When Wimbledon is over, he loses interest.
  10. bjk

    Tennys Sandgren - No clothing, shoe Sponsors?

    Wilson featured him on its feed but then Sandgren had some blister problems and was wearing Asics the next match.
  11. bjk

    Tennys Sandgren - No clothing, shoe Sponsors?

    Or his ATP title, or his second week showing in Wimbledon, or his defeats of Wawrinka, Thiem, Murray, and Fognini?
  12. bjk

    Tennis is literally dying. Average age of TV viewers of ATP matches was 61 years

    Rubin wants tennis to become a team sport so he can join a union and receive a salary.
  13. bjk

    Tiafoe updated forehand stroke?

    Every time he gets a forehand in I'm kind of amazed
  14. bjk

    Why are old players dominating?

    Lansdorp knows as much about forehands as anybody and he's said that the player has to know how to hit the ball hard and flat right over the net, that's the core skill. Nobody does that any longer. Net clearance is now much greater than that. And if I sound like old man shouting at clouds, it's...
  15. bjk

    Why are old players dominating?

    So how come none of the new gen have better forehands than Delpo or Gonzo? Sport has moved on, right? Backhands are better, serve is better . . . so what happened to forehands? Where are the monster forehands?
  16. bjk

    Why are old players dominating?

    The biggest weakness of the under-30 players is forehand. None of them have a Gonzalez/Delpo/Young Roddick forehand, and some, like Zverev and Coric, have trash forehands. The forehand is the stroke most affected by the new racquets. The form on the forehand has changed *for the worse,* whereas...
  17. bjk

    Why are old players dominating?

    Nadal was born in 86, ND in 1987, and Fed in 81. So each one of them would have developed their games before the new racket and string technologies were developed.
  18. bjk

    Why are old players dominating?

    I think the best explanation is the rackets. The old rackets required more accuracy, and juniors learned to hit accurately because there was immediate feedback. The new rackets are the equivalent of widening the basketball rim by a foot. Would shooting accuracy decline if young basketball...
  19. bjk

    I don't like to admit it, but Rafa is fully in the right for wanting only a single serve in tennis.

    Allowing lets would just help the best servers. Lets should be faults.
  20. bjk

    Pospisil: Tennis Needs Change

    If tennis could figure out a way to use stadiums and not build their own, like the Miami tournament did, that would be big. Tennis stadiums cost a ton of money. Using an existing stadium for the main court and then using the parking lot for the outside courts worked in Miami and Atlanta does...
  21. bjk

    Kyrgios racket spec.?

    Isn't Nadal's racket light? What's his SW?
  22. bjk

    Kyrgios racket spec.?

    Mind blown.
  23. bjk

    Kyrgios racket spec.?

    If Nick uses retail stock racket how come he couldn't walk into a racket store and buy a racket? Or buy from TT and get it sent to him? Why did he have to get it sent from Australia? I could've given him mine!
  24. bjk

    Nick's Forehand form

    Any comments on Nick's forehand form
  25. bjk

    Osaka now says she is having the worst few months of her life!

    Maybe the money explanation works . . . but there's a lot of money to be made in the US. The US market isn't Switzerland.
  26. bjk

    Osaka now says she is having the worst few months of her life!

    I still say the weirdest thing about Osaka is that she calls herself Japanese despite a) not speaking Japanese and b) not living in Japan since the age of 3 and c) living in Florida. She's basically an American, she speaks english and grew up in the US for about 80% of her life, why pretend that...