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  1. Babolast

    Nike Winter 2020 Head + Wristbands

    Hi TW, What colours are you expecting for head and wristbands? Thank you.
  2. Babolast

    Thanasi Kokkinakis is now with New Balance

    Thanasi Kokkinakis has signed with New Balance.
  3. Babolast

    adidas Racquet Pack

    Hello TWE, Are you expecting anything more from this range? On the white t-shirt there is a man wearing a teal polo. Will a teal polo release? Thank you.
  4. Babolast

    Asics Fall 2020 Collection

    Hi TW, As you know, I am a huge fan of any shade of green. On TWE the Asics range in blue but on TW USA the range in more green. TW USA: TWE...
  5. Babolast

    New Babolat Pure Drive

    Hello TW, Just wondering when you are expecting the latest model of the Pure Drive? The model usually has a 3 year window and the latest instalment is due soon. Thanks.
  6. Babolast

    Adidas Mint 2020

    Hello, I have just noticed there is a mint headband and mint wristbands on sale. I'm just wondering if there will be any mint clothing to match these items? A polo, a crew or shorts? Thank you...
  7. Babolast

    Adidas Spring/Summer 2021

    Aus Open 2021 - Solar Yellow - Navy - Hazy Sky - Wild Pine French Open 2021 - Screaming Orange - Screaming Pink - Black The shoes for Q2 are WILD! Wild in the best way possible.
  8. Babolast

    Rafa Fall 2020

    Hi TW, Just wondering when you are expecting the Volt Rafa outfit and the Green Strike USO outfit? Also will the Green Strike headband have the same pattern as the green strike wristbands? Thank you.
  9. Babolast

    Adidas Men's Freelift Tennis Polo

    Hello TW, Just wondering if you are expecting this polo in "Glory Mint" or has that colour way been dropped? Thank you.
  10. Babolast

    Nike Men's Fall London Slam Crew

    Hi TW, Has the "Poison Green" colour way been dropped or are you expecting it to release at a later date? Thank you.
  11. Babolast

    Pure Drive 2021?

    There is scheduled to be a new Pure Drive for 2021. Has anyone tested it or have any info regarding the new PD? Thanks in advance.
  12. Babolast

    Uniqlo French Open 2020?

    Anyone has surprised at me that Uniqlo didn't release the outfits for Roger and Kei? I'm certain they were produced so why not get into out to the public and get some revenue? Nike, Adidas and Lacoste all released their lines. What do you guys and girls think?
  13. Babolast

    Nike SU Head + Wristbands

    Hello TW, Are you expecting any head and wristbands for SU20? Thank you.
  14. Babolast

    NK Polo Spring 2020

    Will the salmon polo be released? Kind of strange to have NK promote it then it not be available for sale....
  15. Babolast

    2020 will be the last year of Nadal and Nike

    I have it on very good authority that 2020 will be the last year of the Nike and Nadal partnership. I have know this for a while but another source notified me and my confidence regarding this story is solid. What a partnership. Iconic and legendary. There might be a last minute change and a...
  16. Babolast

    Pure Drive 2020

    Has anyone seen or heard anything regarding the 2020 Pure Drive?
  17. Babolast

    Federer Shanghai Uniqlo 2019

  18. Babolast

    Adidas Wimbledon 2019

  19. Babolast

    Babolat Grip Help

    Hello, I am trying to order the new Pure Drive but I can't find the option for the 4/4,8 grip size. Could you please help me out? Thank you.
  20. Babolast

    Adidas SS2020

    I should be seeing this soon (hopefully) I know for a fact that Dash Green and Grey are a part of the line. I will update once I see the line but until then, if anyone has seen the line please share info.
  21. Babolast

    Nike Men's Summer Advantage Essential Polo in Tropical Twist

    Hello, Are you still expecting the "Nike Men's Summer Advantage Essential Polo" in Tropical Twist? Thank you
  22. Babolast

    Nike SU19 headbands

    Hello just wondering what colour headbands and wristbands you are expecting. Many thanks.
  23. Babolast

    Adidas Parley

    Hi TW, Just wondering when this line will be available? Thank you.
  24. Babolast

    Nike Spring 2019

    When will it be available on the site? Thank you.
  25. Babolast

    Olive Canvas polo

    Hello TW, Just wondering if you are expecting a olive canvas polo? I remember seeing one in March when I saw the line. Has the colour been dropped or are you still expecting one? Thank you.
  26. Babolast

    Nike Summer 2019

    Volt glow, canyon gold, teal tint, oxygen purple are the main colours in the line.
  27. Babolast

    Nike Men's Fall RF Advantage NY Polo

    Hi TW, What colour is the chevron on the polo? The model photos it's white but on the official product photo its orange. Many thanks.
  28. Babolast

    Nike Men's Summer Challenger Crew in Clay Green

    Will this colour be available for purchase? Thank you.
  29. Babolast

    Is “barely grey” the same colour as “igloo”

    Hi TW, I’m confused if the two colours are the same. Thanks in advance.
  30. Babolast

    Fila Aus Open 2018

    Hi, Just wondering if you will be getting the Fila AO range in? Many thanks.