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  1. vanioMan

    Tennis players' real heights?

    I saw that Murray claimed to be 187.5cm on Twitter a few years ago. I know that heights of tennis players are inflated, but since Murray's claim seems to be honest (and why wouldn't it be, he's billed at 191cm, almost 4cm higher than his actual claim), this would mean that Federer is probably...
  2. vanioMan

    Nadal's best serving performances

    It's quite enjoyable seeing Rafa serve like that :cool:
  3. vanioMan

    Better inside-out forehand - Nadal or Federer?

    The game starting at 8:53: vs
  4. vanioMan

    Young Rafa points

    This guy seems good. Will probably win several RGs. Maybe a slam or two on grass/HC, but nothing more than that. With that playstyle I'm sure he'll be retired by the time he's 25.
  5. vanioMan

    Top 10 Oscar-worthy ATP tennis moments

    Murray's "shut up" at 3:35 always gets me :-D
  6. vanioMan

    Federer vs Nadal, match in Africa 2020 highlights

    Not like we don't know it already, but these guys are so insanely talented. Also, Rafa's smashes while jumping and spinning :oops: And a new attendance record for a tennis match - 51 954. Enjoy :cool:
  7. vanioMan

    Djokovic's epic celebration

    Celebrating to a Bulgarian pop-folk song - Kameliya - Luda po tebe (the original version of song is Serbian) and saluting Bulgarian people. Epic! :)
  8. vanioMan

    Nadal's toughest opponent in a RG final?

    I've not included Federer (08), Soderling (10), Ferrer (13), Wawrinka (17) and Thiem (18) as they were straight sets. Oddly enough, I think it might be Puerta.
  9. vanioMan

    Djokovic to play Adelaide 2020

    Very weird decision, as he is also scheduled to play the ATP Cup. Adelaide ends on 1th 19th of January and the AO starts the next day.
  10. vanioMan

    Favourite rant of all time

    1. Rafa vs Soderling at the 2010 Wimbledon. The 1st one in the video below (starts at 1:17). From Rafa's rant, to his face before serving (2:28), to saving that BP and eventially winning the match after being a set down. Pure gold. "But Pascal, what are you saying?" "No no no no no? He says...
  11. vanioMan

    Rafa's outfits have been awesome this year

    Not only achievements-wise, but also a great year for Rafa as far as his outfits go. AO - underrated, imo. Great colours and the shoes are awesome IW - same thoughts as the AO one Clay season - a little more "ordinary" so to say, but still very nice Roland-Garros - loved it. Was...
  12. vanioMan

    Diablo IV

    Cinematics/trailers definitely look awesome. Grim and dark. Very excited for this! Any Diablo fans here?
  13. vanioMan

    Matches where you've supported somebody else over your favourite?

    Only one for me On a side note, Roddick almost completed the Sunshine double in 2010. That would've been awesome :)
  14. vanioMan

    Tsitsipas comments on playing Medvedev - “It’s just boring”

    A little salty, eh Stefanos? :) On Saturday, Stefanos Tsitsipas encountered his fifth straight defeat at the hands of Daniil Medvedev at Rolex Shanghai Masters 2019. After his back-to-back defeat against the Russian machine, Tsitsipas termed the matches against Medvedev as “boring” and was...
  15. vanioMan

    A look back at the 2017 Mutua Madrid Open

    This was, in my opinion, one of Rafa's most impressive M1000 campaigns. He played great and had difficult opponents. Sure, Kyrgios played badly and Djokovic was far from his best, but it's still Djokovic we're talking about - he's always a tough opponent. I didn't watch the Fognini match, but...
  16. vanioMan

    Mayhem, chaos, riots - Nastase vs McEnroe, US Open 1979

    (if you think Serena last year was bad...) A Night to Remember at the U.S. Open The 2018 United States Open women’s final between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka will be remembered for its controversial conclusion amid booing fans, when Williams was penalized for illegal coaching and for...
  17. vanioMan

    My two favourite players...

    So while my favourite player Rafa takes his time, nice, easy and slow: Leading to: My other favourite player (been a Medvedev fan since early this year, I really enjoy his game) does this: :D Still, Vamos Rafa (forever) and let's go Daniil - hope he wins some big titles and...
  18. vanioMan

    My poems/writings

    About a month ago I've created a page where I post my writings (mostly poems so far). It's still relatively small - around 1000 followers, but in case any of you is interested, PM me and I will sent you a link to the page (since I cannot advertise it here). As this is a hobby of mine which I...
  19. vanioMan

    Wimbledon 2059 Semifinals

    40 years have passed. Little has changed. The lineup is set.
  20. vanioMan

    "If, if, if... it doesn't exist..."

    Rafa with another epic quote (after the "What happened... happened..."). Seems like he's gunning for quote of the year award :D Seriously, some of Nadal's pressers and answers are absolutely golden. Minute 3:15
  21. vanioMan

    Do you find the underhand serve disrespectful?

    I see that some people consider it disrespectful and I'm not sure why. It's as a legit shot as any in tennis and if used properly can really surprise the opponent and keep him guessing. Kyrgios' underhand serves in this match (two I believe) for example were absolutely brilliant. I'm a Rafa...
  22. vanioMan

    Can't wait for Rafa vs Nick

    Bring it on! Let them fight! :D
  23. vanioMan

    Feeling cute, might win 12 RGs later idk...

    :sneaky: Jokes aside, Miguel probably had a huge influence on Rafa when he was a child and helped him a lot.
  24. vanioMan

    Most epic racquet smash I've ever seen

    This is incredible :D
  25. vanioMan

    Rafa's summary of the clay court season

    True, no? :D
  26. vanioMan

    Will Game of Thrones be able to match or surpass the Breaking Bad finale?

    I'm not watching GoT, but I see it's on it's last seaon and there are 3 more episodes left. The GoT writers have stated that they are aiming for BB levels of epicness when it comes to the ending - Those who have watched the final...
  27. vanioMan

    On this day, 14 years ago...

    The first of many :)
  28. vanioMan

    Career in Tennis - options, opinions, thoughts, suggestions...

    Hi All, As some of you might know, 3 years ago I started writing tennis related articles as a hobby. Three of them were published in the two biggest Bulgarian websites for tennis. 1. The first one is titled "Andy Murray - so close yet so far" - it's about how Murray is back at the top, but he...
  29. vanioMan

    Robbie Koenig's best commentary lines: out of context

    This is pure genius... that's what that is :D