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  1. Kirko

    Where is Thomas Martinez???

    blast from the past .... he was a WEALTH of information !
  2. Kirko

    Mid 40s beginner racquet advice

    Garry my 2nd reaction is to find a shop with someone you have confidence with and glean his or her mind. tennis is a funny game finding the right racket at the right moment in your progression is frought with false trails. Good Luck ! find a practice wall or board to hit the ball on a regular...
  3. Kirko

    instead of the prostaff 6.9 95?

    best call.
  4. Kirko

    Should I get a backup or is it a waste of $?

    I don't play tourneys, but I play a lot with different friends when they're available. All range from 3.0-4.5 so occasionally I dig in and get some pretty hard matches going. Idk if I'm gonna need to worry about another racket though. I just play same guy for years and even when I was young I...
  5. Kirko

    Mid 40s beginner racquet advice

    Glad to have you here !!! I would just demo frames read the boards here and ask questions. it's a great sport and I wish you the Best !
  6. Kirko

    Pacific Vacuum 90 ...

    You may hit well with this just rallying with you're friends or playing a lesser opponent, but as soon as you start to get some pressure in a match situation the combination of very low power, no forgiveness and miniscule sweetspot really takes a toll agree ... I play the same guy although an...
  7. Kirko

    Pacific Vacuum 90 ...

    this frame is not low powered ! just perfect ... reminds mo of my 1989 made in America Prestiges, that is lively & the mid-sized hitting surface that meld of control. I have played it for about three weeks all on indoor carpet. I'm using the promo hybrid that is offerd thru TW & I also continue...
  8. Kirko

    Guess his NTRP level

    foot-work is kinda strong.
  9. Kirko

    Lacoste Tennis Apparel and Andy Roddick

    got that right ! :)
  10. Kirko

    How much do strings REALLY do?

    always long with a Great competent stringer they run in tandem.
  11. Kirko

    Vintage Prestige Tour info help needed

    sounds like the ones TW once sold & the CAP grommets available now will fit it.
  12. Kirko

    The future of tennis racquets?

    been done by Shimano with casting reels .... nothing beats the "educated thumb" for feel & distance ...same thing for tennis.... stupid !
  13. Kirko

    Finally!!! Narrowed it down to three racquets :)

    so funny !!!!!!!!!!! babolatbarry "ripped.buffed & deisel" :)
  14. Kirko

    Does practicing with flatish balls help you or hurt you?

    how messed up is this guy !!!!!!! "ignored is the option for him... Bleak !
  15. Kirko

    Does practicing with flatish balls help you or hurt you?

    well you are asking question here ... sorry I forgot to bring diaper bag with me today :)
  16. Kirko

    What's the best tennis ball

    Prince is the very BEST by far ... consistent bounce all the time.
  17. Kirko

    New Bosworth vintage racquets in

    how neat was that !!! thanks for the tour !!!!!!!
  18. Kirko

    Leather in Throat

    goes back to wood frames and the 1st gen. of metal & graphite "shared holes" and all of that... still looks kinda cool :)
  19. Kirko

    highest quality bag

    Dunlop ... I have a large 10 pack for maybe 4 yrs. the big test is I use it for travel alot just jammed with stuff... took it to Israel 2 yrs. ago works perfectly eg. zippers and all of that... just think how airport bagage guys handle stuff :)
  20. Kirko

    Pro 90 Vacuum a powerful racquet?

    Great frame ! I moved to it a couple of weeks ago... has a lush sweetspot .. like Granville said it is "string sensitve" ... 1st racket in yrs. the stock weight is perfect... then again I've been playing tennis since I was twelve yrs. old. truly love it !
  21. Kirko

    Best overgrip?

    good answer ... just check them out /// never know ///
  22. Kirko

    Does practicing with flatish balls help you or hurt you?

    hurts all way around & this is "not thread worthy" .. :)
  23. Kirko

    new wood racquets

    truly ! scoop these up ... the moment wood left tennis all was gone period eg. the great wood & guys who put them together ... all for sure.
  24. Kirko

    Yonex customer service?

    tennis rackets are to be used not worshiped :) come on !
  25. Kirko

    How to keep an O dampener in?

    super glue ,, keeps strings from moving also.
  26. Kirko

    New Bosworth vintage racquets in

    that's what TW says ...."watch this section" .. incumbent on the man or woman.
  27. Kirko

    Belgium made Pro Staff 85's ???

    how BLEAK is this !
  28. Kirko

    Any one still using a 200G MW as their main stick?

    guy I play with all the time has 4 of them with faiway grips some lead under the bumper-guard. still uses them no plans to change.
  29. Kirko

    Does it exist?

    really .... once "aquired" .... looking again :)
  30. Kirko

    Wavex 3003 MP

    they have a web-site & Jimmy Connors used them briefly.