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  1. Kirko

    Pacific Vacuum 90 ...

    this frame is not low powered ! just perfect ... reminds mo of my 1989 made in America Prestiges, that is lively & the mid-sized hitting surface that meld of control. I have played it for about three weeks all on indoor carpet. I'm using the promo hybrid that is offerd thru TW & I also continue...
  2. Kirko

    Pacific X Feel Pro 90 Vacuum >>>

    just ordered one with the promo....Classic Gut/Poly Soft hybrid @ 55 lbs. ... I played to original vacuum for 6 yrs. ... is the Pacific version similar ? couldn't find anything thru the "search" here... thanks in advance !
  3. Kirko

    Classic Gut/Poly Soft hybrid 16 GA. ....

    any experience on this set-up ? I got a Pacific X Feel Pro 90 Vacuum coming from TW and it was gratis with purchase I got it at 56 lbs. thanks guys in advance !
  4. Kirko

    Classic Gut/Poly Soft hybrid 16 GA. ....

    any experience on this set-up ? I got a Pacific X Feel Pro 90 Vacuum coming from TW and it was gratis with purchase I got it at 56 lbs. thanks guys in advance !
  5. Kirko

    Bosworth Collection >>

    the only place I "shop" for frames.... rackets already with all the "proper" player design & weight. how marvelous are those frames.
  6. Kirko

    Thanks TW ! >>>>

    just got my Bosworth Graphite Destiny and very pleased to say the least ! I have ordered many rackets from TW before, but not strung .... I always take the to the guy who strings for me ... as in most everything it's all about "confidence" ... I had TW string it and is supberb !!!!! Thanks !
  7. Kirko

    Gosen Polylon 17 String ...

    anyone ever use it ? the 2.95 version ... thanks in adavance.
  8. Kirko

    Bosworth Pro Kennex Graphite Destiny ..

    iI just ordered one 12.5 strung now BS cortex .... any thoughts and anyone ever use it... "the test-tube from which the pure drive came from :)
  9. Kirko

    13.5 oz. >>

    added more lead at 3 & 9 o'clock on my Head Youtek Prestige and WOW !! power & control & I would always roll my eyes when I heard that about rackets, it's the case here at least for me. funny since I was a kid I played wilson jack kramer firm-flex rackets light-medium until 1981 then I went to...
  10. Kirko

    synthetic grips >>

    I remember when they came out & thought finally a replacement for top-end leather grips eg. fairway and even the black dunlop leather grips with dunlop printed all over it (nice & tacky) and absorbed moisture well also. only thing they were kinda 1/2 way there, but now I feel they blow away...
  11. Kirko

    TW video racket reviews >>

    I think have watched every one of them and Thank You !! I really liked them ! for some reason when you guys play-test indoors I get "real" feel what the frame you are demoing is like. funny for a Big Warehouse Company you have become as familar as local pro shop I go to for stringing.
  12. Kirko

    Jack Kramer "firm-flex" racket >>

    my fav. racket of all time looked like a Trabert,Mckay or Smith Auto. had a short "flake" . only difference it had the Kramer name and "Crown" on the shaft. it was also a "select" wood racket, with black trim. when I saw these Great frames for sale at Kmart for 19.99 in 1982 I knew the wood...
  13. Kirko

    silicone >>

    in the handle does it reduce vibration ? Yes I searched the topic & kinda mixed most guys did it for added weight it seems. thanks in advance !
  14. Kirko

    "st.vincent pro staff" >

    the "guy" selling it , my sister has been to his place t buy fairway grips. he looks like Elliot Gould in MASH all the frames are mostly on the floor and the place is in a weird strip mall. she also buys the "swirly-lava lamp" babolat's from him that she swears buy. she said he's just as rough...
  15. Kirko

    Taroczy Balazs & Garcia >>> this guy used a Garcia Graphite frame and looks like he has it in hand here. I remember he played Gomez in a final early eighties. Barry Mckay was talking about the racket how "ultra-light" it was at 12.5 oz. unstrung :) neat...
  16. Kirko

    'quality control" >>

    with rackets has always been kinda on & off. I was just thinking, from 1965 to 1981 I played the Kramer "firm-flex" Auto. I only had three frames that were just AWESOME in playability; you know a "grade above" what I was used to buying and using. Everything about them was there ! the last one I...
  17. Kirko

    the luxury of a "BIG" bag >>

    I recently bought a Dunlop 10-pack Aero-Gel bag and how nice it is to have room for everything and more, I only bring one racket when I play, but the room I have for water, balls towels and clothes and more room to spare. I have for years used plastic bags and racket covers to carry my stuff...
  18. Kirko

    been waitik ng for a Prestige like this for a long time >

    since 1988, everything that followed was a dud, maybe the i-prestige was okay, (no CAP and too light). I added a strip of lead under the CAP almost the full length of the hoop & a strip of lead at the botom grommet & lead 3 inches on each side of the throat. had it strung with NXT Control sixty...
  19. Kirko

    youtek Prestige ! >>

    Head captured the "feel" of the 1988 Prestige with this frame ! I tested it on the advice of the pro shop I go to & WOW ! not close plays just like the old 88 Prestige & this was with the 'shop" test string.
  20. Kirko

    Yonex Vibration Dampner >>

    "old version" not the new layered gel one anyone use them ? any good ? thanks in advance !
  21. Kirko

    Luxilon Adrenaline 16 String >>

    I'm so pleased with this string, that I won't try any of the other offerings from luxilon, except I'm wondering about the 17 GA. version. has anyone tried both ? I'm guessing the 17 GA will be more responsive. I've used nat.gut for decades and luxilon blows it out of the water ! seems like...
  22. Kirko

    Steve Fiott >>

    "Tennis Equipment" anyone remember it ? written during the "tennis boom" a neat read back then & even more now for the classic racket collector.
  23. Kirko

    Billy Martiin Auto. >>

    by Rawlings, brand new never strung at a garage sale. 2.00
  24. Kirko

    Sharapova's racket >>

    sure reminds me of the old "oversize" Prestige.
  25. Kirko

    avant garde >>

    remember these ? the 1st very light rackets from the mid-eighties. just crossed my mind, I remember Whitney Reed using them in a senior's tournament in las vegas yrs. ago.
  26. Kirko

    McEroe's racket >>

    the pro shop I get my rackets strung has on of his rackets the graphite painted like his 1980's auto. edition and it's signed on the wall. I asked him how much it weighed he took it off the wall and weighed it 13 ozer , strung. no lead anywhere to be found and we poured over it. 4 5/8 grip.
  27. Kirko

    Luxilon Adrenaline 16 String >>

    well I finally strung my racket with it at 53 lbs. a pro-kennex redondo mid (93). thanks for the advice from the guys here I reduce tension from my normal tension. I usually use either VS gut or Prince Syn. Gut 17 ga. I liked it quite a bit ! the string don't move at all and topspin was way too...
  28. Kirko

    prince Resi-Pro !!!!!!!! >>

    check it out if you haven't. not a "sheen" of tack like wilson, grap or whatever. PERFECT !
  29. Kirko

    Head Graphite Director >>

    was in the pro shop I get my rackets strung and they have a Graphite Director for sale in the bargain barrel, pretty decent shape !! I thought if anyone interested PM me and I will send the link to his shop.
  30. Kirko

    Luxilon Adrenaline 16 String >>

    I'm a long time prn. syn. gut user and have a pack of Adrenaline, what can I expect abd what tension should I use. I use the Pro Kennex Redondo with prn. syn. gut at 55 lbs. should I decrease the Adrenaline like other Luxilon strings ? Thanks in advance and appreciate the advice you guys have...