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  1. Cigo

    What makes Federer so good?

    Also, he conserves energy for later parts of matches/tournaments by playing with ease, more ease then most, or all.
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    Psychologist Opinion Needed...

    Hehehe. I guess the server just glitched or something. Or my oppinion is not shared by the true psychologist(s) who have the powah. :)
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    Psychologist Opinion Needed...

    ...erhm didn't I post here? :confused:
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    Federer, and Tough Pros Rackets

    Wow those are some slooooowww motion vidoes. Cool, fell alseep on the Roddick one. It looks like Roddick is not able to keep his nose/face/eyes locked longer on the ball due to having his elbow closer to his body then Federer. Try it youself, it just feels more free when the elbow is that far...
  5. Cigo

    What is the weakness of Federer.

    I know exactly what you mean when you speak of this 'trembling.' Wouldn't it have been present at all the other major points in his carrier so far? Or is it that it only escalades to this level now? OT: Anyone know more about this? Books, articles or something? Technique is all good, but...
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    Is Rafter Using The Ebh Or Continental Grip In This Video?

    It looks like all the pro's in that article use continental grip. This doesn't match with what I have been tough, especially Sampras nad Rafter.
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    What's the heaviest ball to hit, flat, spin or some of both?

    The way mentioned players hit, and any player for that matter, depends mostly on waht they're comfortable with. Grip, overall technique and style dictate what kind of shot will feel best. They all can variate the amount of spin and again perhaps some find that easier then others, but they still...
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    Getty Images

    Strange. I was on there yesterday and all the images were there. Oh well.
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    Flat hitters

    What is considered a flat shot at that level? Do they really hit it completely spinless or is that it just has a flat trajectory with spin? I'm sure grips don't play a huge role here. It's possible to hit decent spin with eastern forehand for example, just not that easy.
  10. Cigo

    Best serve technique

  11. Cigo

    Pro's shots powerful because of leaded racket?

    It comes down to telling yourself to hit hard. Take a foam ball and throw it at a wall(chugging it at an open closet with clothing in it is even better). How do you throw it as fast as you can? You just go for it. Sure if you know that transferring your weight from from load position to the...
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    Safin's return: nothing as expected... *Spoiler)

    What does Lundgren tell them? Didn't Federer also get a ponytail while working with him? :mrgreen:
  13. Cigo

    federer built or not? VERY usefull. Not sure if true, but one of my coaches told me that Federer has been doing medicine ball excercises since early age.
  14. Cigo

    Roger Federer

    Yeah, those are cutely. Watch your arms or throat for that matter. :mrgreen:
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    Would you recommend these books?

    True the idea is simple and it could have taken less to explain it. I found the book useful notheless. Having several books is really the best way to go. Exclude what you don't need and use the rest. ;)
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    Roger Federer

    It's just a cute little kitty yawning. :D
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    Roger Federer

    Ankle bracers can be found at your local sports stores. Well here in Sweden there're plenty. All bracers are good from my experience. Ones that remind of boxers shoes with laces and all give very good support. Can be pricey though.
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    Would you recommend these books?

    Yep, that is why I think he should read it as well.
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    Best Compact Forehand

    Hm, sometimes when I see the word 'forehand' I read 'federerhand'. I guess that sais it all.
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    Would you recommend these books?

    I recommend adding this book to your collection as well, The Inner Game of Tennis: :D Edit: Sorry haven't read the book you mention.
  21. Cigo

    Roddick plays the qualies at Delray Beach!

    Maybe it's a good thing for Roddick. He gets to 'beat up' on players he knows he should beat. Good for his confidence. This of cource can backfire if he gets beaten.
  22. Cigo

    Roger's Weakness in his game?

    It was because Davydenko was able to get very low to virtually every slice Federer hit. This is usually very difficult to do consistently while on the run, or even in less rushed positions, so most are not able to do it that often. Topspin gave better results, well the tactic that involves...
  23. Cigo

    The Greatest Forehand Ever

    It was wrong of me to use 'taunt' in my description. It's easy to missunderstand what I meant to say. My interest in tennis wasn't high enough during Sampras' carrier to know enough. I go by what I remmember either from an article or a comentator. Yes, the tactic was due to the FH and BH...
  24. Cigo

    The Greatest Forehand Ever

    Didn't Sampras move over a bit to his backhand side during rallies taunting opponents to hit to his forehand? Which would often be a running forehand? If comparing more specificaly running forehands, then Mr Sampras. How many players ever done/do that? In general though, just forehands, then...
  25. Cigo

    simplest serve

    You guys mean simple looking, right?... or simple in some other contexts?
  26. Cigo

    Why do Safin and Nalbandian etc run around their backhands to hit a forehand?

    Off topic(I guess): :idea: What if someone who runs well and often around his backhand(for the reasons stated in this thread) would also mix it up with running around his forehand to hit a backhand drop shot? Would the surprise factor make it effective? Back on track to answer the original...
  27. Cigo

    Should Roger Federer come to net more than he does?

    This quote from Ljubicic: "I would like to go back to Coria's interview yesterday, what he said, the court it's fast. I mean, if you go back to 10 years ago, the players in the Masters Cup were Sampras, Stich, Becker, Ivanisevic, Krajicek, these guys. Now we have French Open indoors. I think...
  28. Cigo

    Pro groundstrokes how fast?

    :arrow: Off topic... sorry. Watch that Gonzalez video. Note the person in the background. Interesting to see the shoulder rotation range difference. I'm assuming that guy hits a lesser forehand then Gonzo.:mrgreen:
  29. Cigo

    Design the ultimate player that can beat Federer

    A player who is like Federer (including movement, ground game, confidence and court awarenes) with Pete's serve (placement and spin/speed ratio wise plus the second serve ofcource). That serve also includes ability to approach better, so that player would need a very solid net game...