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  1. jimbo333

    DUNLOP MAX400i - Definitive List of the different versions with PHOTOS

    This is hopefully the definitive list of all the different versions of the Dunlop Max400i, a lot simpler than the Max200G thank goodness, and if anyone has any other versions, please let me know! Mid-Production (still has alloy metal in the frame) Prototype (with unique max200G paintjob) Pro...
  2. jimbo333


    Here are some photos of 3 of Agassi's personal Head Radical Tour Paintjobs! Left to right: Head Radical Tour 260/690, 20x21 String pattern, used during November 1993. Same racket as above, 20x21 string pattern, with Zebra paintjob, new never used 1997. Same racket as above, only 18x19 string...
  3. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of 3 absolutely SUPERB stunning METAL RACQUET PRESSES from the UK

    Here are some photos of 3 stunning Metal Racquet Presses from the UK, and have ADDED PHOTOS of a few others as well further down the page!!! OK only the first one is truly superb I admit, but the other 2 look good as well in my opinion. I collect metal racquets and even though these don't need...
  4. jimbo333


    AND PHOTOS of lots MORE Dunlop Maxply's as well on the next page!!! Here are the 3 different versions of the Dunlop Maxply Bi-Hander with the 2 Handed Grips. As well as the longer grip, the transfers on the racket are moved up the throat to make room for the longer grip. From left to right, I...
  5. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of FEDERER's personal PROSTAFF TOUR 90 from MAY 2003

    Here is a photo of Roger Federer's personal Prostaff Tour 90 racket from May 2003. I will be doing some more photos in the next few weeks, I apologise for only having the one photo at the moment. It was thought that Federer was using the retail version of the Prostaff Tour 90 during this time...
  6. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of my JOHN MOTT's, the ROLLS ROYCE of Metal Racquets...literally...

    Here are some photos of my John Mott metal racquets. They were hand made in Farnham, Surrey in the UK. These 2 are the Silver Shadow and the Camargue, named after a couple of 1980's Rolls Royce cars. Amazing looking metal tennis racquets!
  7. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of my 5 old SLAZENGER DEMON's with the strange FISHTAIL grip

    Photos of my 5 old Slazenger Demon rackets with the strange fishtail grips. These were made like this in the UK, for about 50 years, between about 1880 and 1930, they changed in design over that time period as can be seen below. Mine were made in approx. 1890, 1895, 1900, 1910 and 1920.
  8. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of my 3 different DUNLOP Bio 300 TOUR - PROTOTYPES

    Here are some photos of my 3 different Dunlop Bio 300 Tour Prototypes, great looking rackets I think. They are all exactly the same mold as the retail Dunlop Bio 300 Tour, only with different paintjobs! Edit: Have just got a fourth Bio300Tour Prototype (details near bottom of page 2)...
  9. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of my LACOSTE tennis racket collection

    Here are some photos of my Lacoste rackets from my tennis racket collection, including 5 different Equijets (close up photo of these on page 2), amazing looking rackets! I've just realised I must have another Lacoste racket box somewhere, as I know I've got an LT331 and a few others come to...
  10. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of my DUNLOP MW200G Pro Stock - Which Pro's used these?

    So here is a photo of my Dunlop MW200G Pro Stock's, so which Pro's used these? Or which Pro's were they made for? And what are the rackets under the paintjobs? I should have been clear originally, these 3 rackets above have all been made for 3 specific Pro's. Other Pro's used similar rackets...
  11. jimbo333

    Kal-El 34 is an Excellent Seller

    Kal-El 34 is an Excellent Seller:) Sent the racket quickly even though was in the middle of a huge snow storm! Brilliant tennis racket thanks, am looking forward to trying it out.
  12. jimbo333

    Wilson HYPER PROSTAFF 6.0 95 with the HPS6.1 95 Paintjob

    Here are some photos of my Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.0 95 with a paintjob of the HPS6.1 with the silver "w"s on the hoop (most HPS 6.0/6.1 paintjobs have the yellow "w"s). I think this is a great looking paintjob, and this is a rare racket, it is some sort of Pro stock from 2002. Actually Roger...
  13. jimbo333

    Was the DUNLOP MAXPLY MCENROE used by Mac in 1982 just a paintjob?

    So was the wood Dunlop Maxply McEnroe used by Mac in 1982 just a paintjob? Discussion started in another thread see below, it would be interesting to hear other opinions! Originally Posted by jimbo333 Well apparently Mac didn't like the retail version of the wood Maxply McEnroe, it was made...
  14. jimbo333

    Dunlop Max200G - Definitive list of the different versions

    Dunlop Max200G - Definitive list of the different versions. I've been collecting these for about 5 years now and have about 90 Dunlop Max200G rackets in total, including the personal customized rackets of John McEnroe and Steffi Graf and some prototypes, although I havn't really added to my...
  15. jimbo333

    Automatix is an Excellent Seller

    Automatix is an Excellent Seller:) Really great racquet, sent quickly! Superb thanks:)
  16. jimbo333

    JOHN NEWCOMBE Classic Racquet List!

    John Newcombe doesn't seem to get many mentions around here so thought it would be interesting to discover his Classic Racquet List, as he used a few different racquets from wood to metal, to then later graphite and boron, while winning 7 Grand Slam tournaments singles titles and many doubles...
  17. jimbo333

    Does anyone recognise Photo Decal on this Maxply?

    I saw this Dunlop Maxply recently, but don't recognise the Photo Decal on it, anyone know who it is please?
  18. jimbo333

    Great trade with Hankenstein

    Great trade with Hankenstein! Superb communication and quality racquet:)
  19. jimbo333

    dak95_00 is an Excellent Seller!

    dak95_00 is an Excellent Seller! Great communication, and sent racquet quickly and well packaged to UK:)
  20. jimbo333

    DennisK is an Excellent Seller

    DennisK is an Excellent Seller! Great communication, and really looking forward to trying out the racquet next week:)
  21. jimbo333

    "CLASSIC RACQUET TALK" finally makes main Index page:)

    So "CLASSIC RACQUET TALK" finally makes the main Index page, better late than never:) So at last it will be more visible for all to see! Well done to everyone for providing so much great info so far about Classic Racquets. Am looking forward to reading lots more great stuff here in the...
  22. jimbo333

    What is the STIFFEST Tennis Racquet ever made?

    I'm wondering what is the stiffest tennis racquet ever made? I would suggest the "Kuebler - Widebody 280HZ" made in about 1990! Has a VF (Vibration Frequency) of, yes, 280HZ and am guessing an RA of over 100? Edit. I'm now guessing RA for this would be in the 90's, but currently...
  23. jimbo333

    Motherwasp is an Excellent Seller!

    Motherwasp is an Excellent Seller, with Great communication:) Looking forward to trying out one of the rackets on Tuesday!
  24. jimbo333

    Classic METAL Racquets Thread - ALUMINIUM to TENSILIUM

    I thought maybe classic METAL racquets deserved their own thread:) So I reckon it all started here in about 1925 with the Birmal! Made in Birmingham England and made of Aluminium:)
  25. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of my HEAD - Ti ELITE (Comfort Zone)

    Here are some photos of my Head - Ti Elite (Comfort Zone):) I've used this racquet for the last 10 years when playing doubles against really good players indoors on a fast carpet surface. Basically when I want to block the ball back a lot. It's a mid-plus frame and a really powerful racquet...
  26. jimbo333

    nickynu is an Excellent Seller

    nickynu is an Excellent Seller! Quick well packaged delivery, and very nice racquets:)
  27. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of my Jimmy Connors Yellow ESTUSA's - Spot the difference!

    These are my Jimmy Connors Yellow Estusa's - Spot the difference:)
  28. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of my MIZUNO LENDL's - Spot the difference!

    Here are my Mizuno Lendl's:) Spot the difference!
  29. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of my Le Coq Sportif - CONCEPT 3 collection!

    So here are some photos of my Le Coq Sportif - Concept 3 collection:) No, that's not it, I'll try again!
  30. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of my Head Racquets!

    Well at last, here are some photos of my Head racquets:) I've realised that these are all AMF Head racquets, and almost all are from Europe, not too surprisingly, but one is from the US! The question is which one of the six is "made in USA"? (By the way there isn't a prize, this is just...