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  1. NoleFam

    What Slams did the Big 3 take MTOs?

    Since this is a hot topic, let's discuss it further. These are the ones I remember: Federer 2003 Wimbledon 2005 AO 2012 Wimbledon 2017 AO 2017 USO 2019 USO 2020 AO Nadal 2006 RG 2007 AO 2007 Wimbledon 2008 Wimbledon 2010 Wimbledon 2011 AO 2011 RG 2011 Wimbledon 2011 USO 2014 AO 2018 USO 2019...
  2. NoleFam

    Nadal, Djokovic and Thiem's stat comparison after the 1st three matches

    Nadal is hitting the same amount of winners/errors from 2019, Thiem is hitting about the same amount of winners but making more errors, and Djokovic is hitting more winners and about the same amount of errors.
  3. NoleFam

    The only two players to ever win 70 or matches at all 4 Slams.

    Federer AO | 105-15 RG | 70-17 W | 101-13 USO | 89-14 Djokovic AO | 75-8 RG | 70-14 W | 72-10 USO | 75-12 Kings.
  4. NoleFam

    Nole Fans, I had a Bad Feeling about..

    Djokovic winning this tournament. I don't know why but I did even before the tournament began. The rules had to be followed so whether he intended it or not, there was no other call to be made. Discuss or Disgust?
  5. NoleFam

    Fantasy match: Sampras vs Krajicek - '98 Wimbledon final

    What if Krajicek had beaten Ivanisevic in that Wimbledon SF, which went to 15-13 in the 5th? Does he again defeat King Sampras at Wimbledon or does Sampras get his revenge?
  6. NoleFam

    Federer's Grass Peak

    The most popular consesus on this site is that Federer's grass peak was 2003-2007. Someone uploaded the full 2006 final compressed without breaks and I watched the entire 40 minute video yesterday, and looking back at it, the level just wasn't that impressive. When you compare that to the 2004...
  7. NoleFam

    Djokovic - The top 5 player Giant

    Djokovic has beaten more top 5 players in Slams than anyone in the Open Era at 31. He also has beaten the most in Masters tournaments at 48. He's also never won a Slam without beating a top 5 player, a record he shares with only one other ATG, McEnroe. He's also beaten the most top 5 players...
  8. NoleFam

    Toni wants no parts of anyone not named Federer, Nadal or Djokovic

    Toni picks his perfect player and no one is on the list except the Big 3. Lol. He even makes sure to give each 3 mentions so there was no favoritism. I guess this means he sees them all equals and the 3 greatest ever...
  9. NoleFam

    On this day 4 years ago, Djokovic completed the quartet...

    Ultronians and TTW, where were you when this happened?
  10. NoleFam

    Judy Murray Posts Federer and Djokovic mini-me's

    :laughing: These kids even have the footwork down. Lol.
  11. NoleFam

    The hidden truth behind Federer's head to head against Nadal and Djokovic

    Federer vs Nadal hardcourt, 11-9 Federer clay, 14-2 Nadal grass, 3-1 Federer overall, 24-16 Nadal Nadal is so far ahead of Federer on clay that he is able to enjoy an 8 match difference in the head to head. Nadal has won 56.8% of games on clay in this match up, compared to Federer winning...
  12. NoleFam

    Did You Know? Thread

    Ok, I created this thread because you guys should be sick of discussing the Big 3 all day everyday. I know I am. So...I think this would be a cool thread to talk about something, not about the Big 3, everyone else may not know. I'll start. Did you know that Del Potro is 10-14 against #1...
  13. NoleFam

    Reference thread for Djokovic closing in on key stats and records

    I created a fun thread a few weeks ago for Djokovic's fans about Djokovic's staggering 15 straight top 5 wins at AO and it got deleted for no apparent reason after a day or two. :rolleyes: is another thread to monitor and update as Djokovic starts closing in on some Open Era...
  14. NoleFam

    Big 3 similarities at the beginning of February at age 32

    Slams Federer - 17 Nadal - 17 Djokovic - 17 Total Titles Federer - 77 Nadal - 80 Djokovic - 78 WTFs Federer - 6 Nadal -- Djokovic - 5 Masters Federer - 21 Nadal - 33 Djokovic - 34 Weeks at # 1 Federer - 304 Nadal - 197 Djokovic - 276 YE #1 Federer - 5 Nadal - 4 Djokovic - 5
  15. NoleFam

    Whose all time record will be broken first?

    We all know Nadal's RG record will never be broken so no need even discussing it and he is not even done winning them yet. I think Federer's and Djokovic's records are more attainable though so which one will be reached 1st?
  16. NoleFam - The Amazing Race

    THE AMAZING RACE: FEDERER, NADAL & DJOKOVIC CONTINUE GOAT STATUS PUSH When a sporting event goes on for a long time, we describe it as a marathon. Yet marathons, while they cover a great distance, are over in a matter of hours. What should we call a race that goes on for a decade and a half? By...
  17. NoleFam

    Wimbledon takes us back through 2010-2019

    With only 8 days left before we enter 2020, Wimbledon takes us back through the highs and lows—
  18. NoleFam

    Who had the most stunning 5 set wins in the final two rounds en route to a Slam title?

    1977 Wimbledon - Borg (Gerulaitis SF, Connors F) 1980 US Open - McEnroe (Connors SF, Borg F) 1988 AO - Wilander (Edberg SF, Cash F) 2001 Wimbledon - Ivanisevic (Henman SF, Rafter F) 2009 AO - Nadal (Verdasco SF, Federer F) 2012 AO - Djokovic (Murray SF, Nadal F) 2017 AO - Federer (Wawrinka SF...
  19. NoleFam

    Nadal is superhuman at 3 big clay tournaments and mortal at one of them. Why?

    Since 2005, these are Nadal's win/loss records: At Roland Garros, he is 93-2 (97.9%). :alien: At Monte Carlo, he is 69-4 (94.5%) At Rome, he is 61-6 (91%) At Madrid on clay, which it became in 2009, he is 39-7 (84.8%). Madrid is good but not insanely great like the other 3. What is the...
  20. NoleFam

    Best match in 2019

    I tried to think of all the ones I could remember that were standouts and hopefully am not forgetting any really great ones. What's your pick? You get three choices.
  21. NoleFam

    WTF Final: [6] Tsitsipas vs. [5] Thiem

    Who will win?
  22. NoleFam

    Big 3 Against Next Gen [Top 100]

    @Yugram Here is the list I compiled of all next gen in the top 100 (25 and under except Thiem who is 26 but started playing in 2014). Edit: new image since ATP site had incorrect info. It has both Nadal and Djokovic 1-0 against Monteiro when they've never played him.
  23. NoleFam

    Who Will Own The Slams When The Big 3 Are No Longer Dominating?

    This is what I am leaning towards... Australian Open 1. Medvedev 2. Tsitsipas 3. Rublev/Shapovalov/Felix/Zverev (not really sure here) Roland Garros 1. Thiem 2. Tsitsipas 3. Felix/Zverev Wimbledon 1. Hurkacz 2. Berretini 3. Humbert/Felix/Coric US Open 1. Medvedev 2. Rublev 3...
  24. NoleFam

    A look back on the 2010 Slam decade

    Well it's time to say goodbye to the Slams of this decade. It was fun at times but like all good things, it has to come to an end. Slam leaders 1. Djokovic --15 (6 AO, 5 Wimbledon, 3 USO, 1 RG) 2. Nadal -- 13 (8 RG, 4 USO, 1 Wimbledon) 3. Federer -- 5 (3 AO, 2 Wimbledon) 4. Murray -- 3...
  25. NoleFam

    What happened to the comments sections on most sports sites?

    ESPN,, Atptour, etc. have all seemed to have shut down commenting on all articles indefinitely. What happened? Was the trolling too intense for them to moderate and they just got tired of having to worry about it or something else?
  26. NoleFam

    Who will break the Big + Murray stranglehold on Wimbledon?

    No one except Federer, Djokovic, Nadal or Murray has won Wimbledon since 2002, which was a whopping 17 years ago? Who will break this streak?
  27. NoleFam

    What Is The Best Match Federer Has Played and Lost?

    For me it's probably still '05 AO because the shotmaking was insane that day but this years Wimbledon has to be #2 for me. Federer was blazing Centre Court on this day. I mean the movement, the baseline play, the timing, the half volleys, the transitions, the serve, etc. It was just...
  28. NoleFam

    Espys: Federer and Serena win

    Has everybody been so focused on tomorrow's matches that they missed this? Congrats to them both but how did either of them win? Is this more of favorite tennis player than best?
  29. NoleFam

    Peak audiences at 2019 Wimbledon on BBC after 1st week

    Peak audiences at Wimbledon 2019 5.2m – Gauff vs Hercog 3.7m – Nadal vs Kyrgios 3.0m – Murray/Herbert vs Copil/Humbert 2.4m – Gauff vs Rybarikova 2.3m – Djokovic vs Kudla 2.2m – Edmund vs Munar 2.2m – Serena vs Gatto-Monticone 2.1m – Gauff vs Venus Gauff has been the biggest star on BBC after...