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  1. Rago

    I tip my hat off to the Nadal; thoughts on Slam Race

    Posted this last year; I'd rank Nadal ahead as the better player when comparing his career with Federer's at this point. Slam distribution is not something that should be held AGAINST him; in fact, such kind of domination on one surface only makes him even greater. 100-2 at one slam will...
  2. Rago

    Admission as a Federer and Nadal fan

    I'd like to start this thread by saying that I'm a huge Federer and Nadal fan; Wimbledon 2008, Australian Open 2009 and French Open 2011 are my favorite matches of all time. But I must admit that Federer is a server who started to fade away once Nadal started playing better on all surfaces in a...
  3. Rago

    2020 US Open QF - [20] Pablo Carreno Busta vs [12] Denis Shapovalov

    vs Going with Denis the menace in 4.
  4. Rago

    When the cat is away, the mice come out to play.

    On suggestion from @Sentinel, branching out the theme to US Open 2020. No Federer. No Nadal. No Djokovic. Next Gen/Diamond Age right now:
  5. Rago

    Novak haters in ruins

    @Lew II, @CYGS right now:
  6. Rago

    When the cat is way, the mice come out to play

  7. Rago

    ATG Two Handed Left Wings of Players with fewer than 5 Slams

    Who ya got? Marat Safin David Nalbandian Murray has a pretty good two hander (probably not highlight worthy) and so does Davydenko (couldn't find any consolidated footage here).
  8. Rago

    How good was Federer on clay compared to Sampras?

    So, I was doing some catch-up on the threads posted on this forum over the past few months and found this interesting post (credit to @NonP). Discuss.
  9. Rago

    2005 FO Semi: Federer vs Nadal

    Awesome match; Federer's forehand was on for most of the match as well. Can't believe someone can do something like this (that too at the age of 18) especially taking into account the stage of the match against a guy who was decimating the tour at the time with his laser forehand and slice...
  10. Rago

    Federer's Forehand during his peak

    So for fellow Fed fans out there, do you think Federer was more conservative off the Forehand side mid 2006 onwards compared to say 2004-2005? Overall, I believe Federer was more conservative in general as well 2007 onwards and started playing more as a power baseliner which most likely arose...
  11. Rago

    Australian Open 2009 Final: Re-watch & Nadal's level

    So, I just re-watched highlights of the 2009 Australian Open Final a few days earlier and got to wonder if Nadal might have beaten Federer in straight sets had he not been gassed in the final. His level during this tournament was extremely high. Probably one of Federer's best matches from the...
  12. Rago

    Prime Nadal losing to a 38 year old Weak Era Player on Clay

    Prime Nadal obviously (loses no sets on way to AO final, wins FO and navigates through the toughest draw at Wimbledon). Best of 5 format and playing his pigeon, a senile servebot (glorified Santoro type player) on mud that has been painted to look green. As the title says, this is utterly...
  13. Rago

    The magical healing proprties of the mud

    No knee wraps, no tape and no surgery required. If you've got chronic injuries, just step onto a clay court. Yep, that'll fix "injuries" instantly alright.
  14. Rago


    How do you like them cooked?
  15. Rago

    The Lifting Thread

    Just a thread to talk about anything lifting/resistance training related. What are your favorite exercises and bro-foods? I like squats, chins and legumes. @125downthemiddle @vanioMan @MichaelNadal And of course @Hitman Bonus:
  16. Rago

    Nadal's Most Monumental Service Holds in a Big Match

    These are the 0-40 comebacks that come to mind immediately: - 2006 RG: 3rd Set at 1-2 (Final) - 2009 AO: 3rd Set at 4-4 (Final) - 2011 RG: 4th Set at 0-0 (Final) - 2012 AO: 4th Set at 3-4 (Final) - 2013 US: 3rd Set at 4-4 (Final) - 2018 GS: 4th Set at 5-3 (Semi) Nadal had chances to win every...
  17. Rago

    Steak or Burger

    Steak isn't bad but I could spend less than half the money and eat a more satisfying burger. or What do you prefer?
  18. Rago

    Better Striker of a Tennis Ball: Nalbandian or Davydenko

    Both could take the ball early to pound it off either wing and each have won a YEC on HC and multiple Masters titles. Nalbandian could have won the Shanghai match in straights had a few points gone his way and I have no idea how Davydenko didn't win a set in RG'07 Semi (one of the best matches I...
  19. Rago

    Federer's Forehand in 2007 on Grass

    Stumbled into this clip on re-watching Wimbledon 2007.
  20. Rago

    Nadal's 2011 (ish) and Djokovic's 2013

    Let us take a look at the two hypothetical scenarios below. 1. Nadal actually ends up playing Djokovic at the French in 2011 instead of Federer. 2. Nadal ends up playing Djokovic in a hypothetical AO Final/Semi in 2013? Do they win 4 in a row in either scenario?* I would love to read about...
  21. Rago

    15th Slam

    Federer got his at Wimbledon, Nadal at the French and Djokovic at the Australian Open. You can't make this stuff up.
  22. Rago

    Tennis quality in French Open as bad as it gets.

    I thought last year was bad it cant get even worse.Never say never. I dont like to use this words but some off the players really plays like a mug against top players where ı feel it isnt just greatness off top players anymore. Put some players like Courier,Bruguera,Kuerten in their mid 40s they...
  23. Rago

    Official Swat Kats' Tribute Thread

    The animated series we all deserve.
  24. Rago

    Poor Zverev...DESTROYED once more, LOL!

    Taken to the bakery and served bagels at Wimbledon by Gulbis who played two 5 setters prior to the match, lmao.
  25. Rago

    Nadal & The Slam Count

    Nadal, after all those years of having the slam H2H advantage against the other members of the big 4 and being clutch in tight situations unraveling in Melbourne this year and seeing the gap in majors increased again after Wimbledon. Nadal is Robb Stark, confirmed? :eek: