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  1. jimbo333

    Dunlop Max200G - Definitive list of the different versions

    Thanks, but tried that a while ago. Dunlop have literally thrown out all their old info etc, sad but true. I've just realised that "ALTA2" could have something to do with "LTA" Lawn Tennis Association maybe?
  2. jimbo333

    Dunlop Max200G - Definitive list of the different versions

    Right I have no idea what this is :shock: It is very odd indeed and yet a genuine Max200G version from about 1983/4, but for some reason instead of saying "MAX200G" it actually says "MAXALTA2"!!! Anyone have any idea what this "ALTA2" version could be please? Anyone seen anything like this...
  3. jimbo333

    Dunlop Max200G - Definitive list of the different versions

    This is a demonstration model of the very first version from 1982 :)
  4. jimbo333

    Dunlop Max200G - Definitive list of the different versions

    Having a few problems putting up photos here unfortunately (it's been a while:-?), but will give it another go in a minute!
  5. jimbo333

    Dunlop Max200G - Definitive list of the different versions

    Hey, I've got those photos coming up now as promised :)
  6. jimbo333

    Dunlop Max200G - Definitive list of the different versions

    Hi Chuck, Great stuff, yeah it was probably me that bought that GL version. Amazing that you got that green Mac Signature version from Lithuania :shock: If you've got any versions that I havn't mentioned please let me know, as always interested in hearing about unknown versions :)
  7. jimbo333

    Dunlop Max200G - Definitive list of the different versions

    As Tamiya explained it is basically the same racket with different wording, the same manufacturing process was used with the same machines throughout the making of these rackets. Although the later versions do seem to be a bit lighter and stiffer.
  8. jimbo333

    Dunlop Max200G - Definitive list of the different versions

    Well I havn't posted here lately, but have just taken some photos of a couple of rackets that I thought people here might like to see :)
  9. jimbo333

    Andy Murray's Racket Specs

    I've got 2 of Andy's relatively recentish rackets (both are PT57A with Youtek Radical Pro paintjobs 16x19 pattern). One is from 2010 (AM racket no. 73 from 2010) and the other is from 2011 (AM racket no. 53 from 2011). One is marked "Heavy Spec" possibly used for practice, and the other used...
  10. jimbo333

    UK TT racquetaholics and tennis bums

    Well it is still hard to believe, a British tennis player is now currently holding the Wimbledon AND the US Open titles :shock: Can Muzza hold on to his US Open title next week? I really think he can! And what about Robbo and Evo's performance, both now into the last 32, simply brilliant...
  11. jimbo333

    Wilson ProStaff Original 85

    Too many rackets, so wouldn't have enough room to measure that :-? :lol:
  12. jimbo333

    No1e's Racquet

    Exactly what I was describing in my "radical becomes a prestige" post from a year or two ago! And did you see my post where I pointed out that this mold above (only with 16x19 string pattern) is actually very similar to the blacked out racket that Federer is currently using? Federer is near...
  13. jimbo333

    Marketing research on Donnay's History in 2 volumes!!!!!

    Great news:) When Michel said it would another 3 years to finish back in 2010, it looks like he was correct! I will buy it if it is published in English. It definitely will sell 1500 copies worldwide, I have no doubt at all, but only if there is an English version. I would have thought...
  14. jimbo333

    Federer's blacked out frame

    Yeah I agree, which is a Wilson copy of the PT630 only with the 16x19 string pattern, basically very similar to what Murray is using. So Federer is going to effectively start using Murray's racket:shock: A huge error in my opinion. If you look back at all the great players in modern times...
  15. jimbo333

    UK TT racquetaholics and tennis bums

    Well I've woken up and it wasn't a dream:) A British man has finally won Wimbledon again, after all that time!!! For people like me growing up as a kid in the 70's/80's with the original golden generation (Connors, Borg, McEnroe, Lendl) of tennis stars, we never thought it even possible that a...
  16. jimbo333

    UK TT racquetaholics and tennis bums

    Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a performance by Muzza, well done mate, Wimbledon champion at last, absolutely superb:):):)
  17. jimbo333

    UK TT racquetaholics and tennis bums

    Well done Robbo and Muzza:) Brilliant Wimbledon for Laura, if she can work on her movement/quick feet then I think she will be Top 10 within 2 years. As for Murray, well with all that pressure from everyone, I think it's been a marvellous effort to get to the final. I did predict this, but...
  18. jimbo333

    UK TT racquetaholics and tennis bums

    Yes, surely you saw the other 80000 people there:) Anyway time for the best 2 weeks of the year, and the big question is Muzza going to win it this year? Having watched a bit of Queen's on TV, I don't think he looks fit enough for a 5 set marathon, but hopefully he still has another 12 days...
  19. jimbo333

    Whats your top 10 of all time right now?

    My All-time Top 10 is:- 1. Rod Laver 2. Roger Federer 3. Jimmy Connors 4. Bjorn Borg 5. Pete Sampras 6. John McEnroe 7. Rafa Nadal 8. Ken Rosewall 9. Ivan Lendl 10. Andre Agassi Followed by Becker, Edberg and Djokovic:)
  20. jimbo333

    connors bio

    The Connors book is absolutely Superb:) Well i finally finished reading the book last week, and it is absolutely Superb:) It is everything I hoped it would be, an open and honest account of Jimmy's life. It gave a great insight into what influenced him and what happened throughout his life. My...
  21. jimbo333

    Roger Federer HPS 6.1 paint job racket (Equijet, this one's for you)

    Absolutely superb photos, brillant to see these thanks:) The racket does look like the long lost non-identical twin of mine, the only difference being the headsize! Interesting to see the leather Fairway grip on there, is that the grip Federer used at that time do you think, under the...
  22. jimbo333

    Sweet spot of Max200g

    Your figures there are similar to the ones that Paul Angell (formerly of Vantage and now Angell) calculated when he looked into making some of these again when he was working for Dunlop. So basically it is too expensive to be profitable unfortunately.
  23. jimbo333


    Well you've done it again, what a great looking tennis racket:) As I said before, you are one of the most underrated posters on this message board, often posting superb photos of great looking rackets that many people have never seen before. This YFG90 might be made with a process slightly...
  24. jimbo333

    Dunlop Max200G - Definitive list of the different versions

    As VSBabolat said these are not made in exactly the same process as used by Dunlop and Slazenger. But they maybe were made with a slightly similar manufacturing process, I don't know. What a great looking racket that YFG90 is though:)
  25. jimbo333

    Classic METAL Racquets Thread - ALUMINIUM to TENSILIUM

    ^^^Brilliant post thanks Sanglier:) I've noticed that some of my PDP, Le Coq Sportif and Adidas metal rackets were bascially exactly the same racket. But I didn't think to check the patent numbers! This is great research, and very interesting to read, thanks again!
  26. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of FEDERER's personal PROSTAFF TOUR 90 from MAY 2003

    Hi, thanks very much for posting these photos here, superb:) These look exactly like the rackets Federer used between June 2003-May2004, they are different to mine that Federer used in May2003, as yours have the 4 string holes in the PWS, and the shorter grip. Are they actually your rackets...
  27. jimbo333

    Dino's Invitational Classic Tournament

    Dino, I'm looking forward to hearing how the tournament went. Unfortunately I can't play tennis at the moment, as I've injured my hand using a stiff shafted driver playing golf! Honestly you'd have thought I'd have known better, seeing as I've been going on about how some modern stiff rackets...
  28. jimbo333

    How can Nadal generate so much spin with his strings not snapping back?

    Cheers, since I realised BP is impossible to debate with due to the fact he never admits he is wrong, and just tries to change the criteria of what is being discussed; I must admit I do enjoy seeing him go at it with others, it really can be very entertaining!
  29. jimbo333

    How can Nadal generate so much spin with his strings not snapping back?

    Haha, really??? Was it you that posted this? I had to do a double take, as it surely had to be someone talking about you! But no, you really did say this, genuinely hilarious:):):) The thing is that you come across as seemingly quite intelligent and are correct a lot of the time, but when you...
  30. jimbo333

    PHOTOS of my 3 different DUNLOP Bio 300 TOUR - PROTOTYPES

    Cheers, but in reality the racket actually looks much better. The photos are not very good, too small and the blue colour is wrong. The blue is slightly darker, with a very slight green tinge, it really does look amazing. The paintjob designs on these look superb! Haha, yes this would be quite...