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    The Real Federer et al. Exposed.

    Usually when someone asks, "What's your sign?" they're really asking what is your "Sun" sign? To gain better understanding of another's personality one must also look at the "Moon" sign of a person. In astrology, the "Sun" represents the ego, and the "Moon" represents the emotions. The Sun &...
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    What style of dance is best for improving footwork? n e 1 no?
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    The Tom Cruise of Tennis??
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    Haynes Shows All

    That is some shot the have of her in the recent issue of Tennis Week magazine.
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    McEnroe: Scot or Irishman?

    Ted Robinson said he was Irish. Chris Fowler said he was Scottish. Which one is it? He has the fair skin and funky eyebrows, so I'm thinking scot.
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    Deltoid Twitch

    OMG, I'm freaking out. I read an article about Lou Gherig recently and in it his muscles were described as twitching when he removed his shirt. Has anyone here ever had the twichies in their shoulder muscles? How long did it last? Did it go away on its own?
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    Gemini Rising

    . .
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    OMG!! Serena Auditions for Basic Instinct II ... SPOILER!!

    Serena Questioned by Douglas & Co ... SPOILER!! Don't complain if you look.
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    The Da Vinci Code this book an exciting murder mystery, or a propaganda piece for the sport of tennis? Is Dan Brown a tennis fan or what?
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    Serena's naughty-naughty picture thread.

    Where did it go? Anyway, my $0.02 Slap me and call me susan, but it's quite telling when pubescent, and post-pubescent men get nauseated at the sight of a young woman in a revealing outfit. These same men are the first to squeal in protest, extolling the strength, stamina, and ability...
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    Zone Alarm 5

    Why won't it let me access the internet? Anyone else has problems with it? How did you solve it?
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    Help with ****

    How do you delete or take down a listing?
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    Tips for improving timing.

    Does anyone have tips on how to improve your timing of the ball.
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    What's the function...

    ...of the leather(?) pieces under the center main strings at the throat of the racket? As seen in the "Fed's strings don't move" thread in GM. Anyone?
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    I cut my finger again

    Is there a safe way to cut off the tie used on Gosen strings?
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    Head/Yonex/ Head

    Is Jelena Dokic back to using with Head rackets?