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    whats wrong with federer?

    Federer was startled at first, but the guy was really a "fan." He was wearing Swiss socks and said something to Federer. I don't think he felt threatened after that.
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    Is Federer speaking in FRENCH?

    Federer speaks Swiss-German, German, French, and English fluently.
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    Is there anyone here that likes Federer AND Nadal?

    I like Federer more, but I respect Nadal's game and work ethic. I don't root for Nadal to lose, but I was happy he lost this time because I'd really like Federer to get his first French Open.
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    How do you hook a ball?

    It's apparent you just didn't read the post above yours first. No problem.
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    How do you hook a ball?

    Much better video posted before yours. Now that's how you hook a ball.
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    How do you hook a ball?

    Video of the "hook" In this compilation of passing shots there are a few examples of the "hook" shot. Rafael Nadal is second after Roddick and there is a slo mo of exactly how to hit this shot. Around 2:40, Federer hits a nice "baby curve" on the backhand side for a winner. At about...
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    If you were Federer's coach what advice would you give him?

    I was thinking 4 8.3 oz cans of Red Bull at 88 mg (352 mg total) of caffeine would be ok. I'd have him drink it 2 - 3 hours before the match, and drink a mystery potion at each changeover. His eyes would be wide open and ultra alert the whole match. I believe the max allowable caffeine limit...
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    Please name one Nadal's weakness besides the one that he is still human.

    One weakness is wearing his drawers too tight. Got to be annoying when they ride up your crack after every point.
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    Uh... how tall is Venus?

    I think he pulled that tux off the rack and just put it on. No tailoring whatsoever. lol
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    If you were Federer's coach what advice would you give him?

    Federer needs to get "geeked up" on about 4 Red Bulls and come out with the eye of the tiger. This cool, nonchalant attitude isn't going to work with Nadal. I'd tell Roger to go out and punch him in the nose. My services come cheap. $250,000/year and I'm your motivational coach, Roger.
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    Is Anyone Going To Try Anything They Saw At Wimbledon?

    The problem isn't the slice. It's the way he hits it. The slice can be a very effective and penetrating low bouncing shot that could give Nadal problems if hit right.
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    Is Anyone Going To Try Anything They Saw At Wimbledon?

    I'm going to put on really tight underwear and pull them out of my arse before every point. That little tweak should take me to the top.
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    The show Tennis Unstrung is on now.

    If you haven't seen it already, the show Tennis Unstrung is showing on ESPN2 right now. Looks pretty good.
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    Mac hugs Federer

    That hug was as awkward as the Michael Jackson/Lisa Marie Presley kiss on stage.
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    Mac hugs Federer

    I saw tears well up in McEnroe's eyes. McEnroe was the one getting emotional and thanking him for the best match he's ever seen. Federer said it hurts, but seemed more pissed off to me than being about to cry.
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    How has the outcome of this match affected your life?

    Yep...and they're still rich and I'm just trying to stay afloat. Since I'm still going to my stinking job tomorrow, the match sure hasn't changed my life.
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    Nadal #1 soon? How many pts needed?

    Because there are more tournaments than the French and Wimbledon.
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    How can Rafa possibly wear a shoe that's a 1.5 sizes small?

    Putting too tight shoes on somebody could be a method of torture. Ever been to an important event (graduation, wedding, church, etc.) where you had to borrow a pair of too tight shoes? I wear a 10.5 and squeezed my feet into a pair of size 9 hard leather dress shoes. Ugh...that hurt. We...
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    At what time the final is ???

    Hope that was therapeutic for you. Have a nice day.
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    Morning Routine for a Junior

    No, there's nothing you can do to increase your height aside from taking human growth hormone.
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    I want to bet on the Men's final, help please?

    Stores like Walmart and Walgreens are carrying them. They work just like a regular credit card, so if the site normally takes Visa/Mastercard it should work with no problem.
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    Anybody know any good tennis jokes?

    If I wanted to see a joke, I'd look in your pants.
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    How can Rafa possibly wear a shoe that's a 1.5 sizes small?

    I heard that a lot of pro football players wear their cleats so small they have to cut a hole in the shoe so the big toe can stick out a little.
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    I want to bet on the Men's final, help please?

    You only make money when you bet on a long shot? Nonsense. Long shots are generally "sucker" bets. A good way to go broke.
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    Federer and Nadal use light frames?

    Before it's over, they'll probably say he played with a badminton racket.
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    You have to bet everything you have on the men's final. Who do you bet on?

    You may have your favorite, but who would you put all your money on? For this poll, we'll say it's even money. You bet 10000 and win you get 20000 back.
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    At what time the final is ???

    No use in any further bickering. At least the info about the final being live has been cleared up. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
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    At what time the final is ???

    I responded one time to your smart ass comment, "Um, I do know the time difference in general" Knowing that, It would seem obvious that it was live coverage. My posts were intended to provide correct info to others, not to take a jab at you. But if I hurt your little feelings about pointing...