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    Navratilova on Serena: "It's Not Right"

    why should she stfu? because she is correct? People pay to see them perform and her and her sister looked like they couldn't care less about the whole situation. Selfish and non professional are the words that come to mind. You step on the court you play.
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    AO 2014 Final: Stanislas Wawrinka vs. Rafael Nadal

    thank you for posting this. Nadal is a disgrace and should never be called a true champion.
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    Who the hell is he?? Rafa's brother???

    Guy looks like one of those human clay sculptures. One of nadal gone horribly wrong.
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    Djokovic says Federer's movement has deteriorated

    100% agree with this. The fact that Federer can still compete at the highest level years after his prime at 32 with greatly deteriorated physical skills speaks volumes to how gifted and talented he really is.
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    James blake vs Jerzy How many times Janowicz

    Always loved watching Blake play and it's good to see him beat a top player. Sure hope this is a catalyst for something good at the open. It was enjoyable to see him out there full of confidence believing in himself and knowing he belongs out there when he is playing his best. His display of...
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    Bernie in bother again

    I dont think its fair to begrudge a youngster like that. Hes 46 in the world at only 20 years old with earnings of 1.3 mill. Im not so sure if he is at a point in his life where he has to worry about the future lol. I would be sporting a ferrari as well if I had that much dough in the bank at...
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    Which Nadal will return?

    This is what i think(sans tanking). Banned for a year will be back at wimby.
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    Fed fan missing Nadal

    As a Fed fan I admit that I think this tournament and me as well has missed Nadal. After seeing all of these chokers ie Cilic, delpo, Stan makes me appreciate even more how much nadal brings to the game with his tenacity and fight. Would have definitely been a better tourny with him in the mix.
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    Fed fans rooting for Berdych now?

    Delpo all the way
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    Sara Errani

    will never win a slam even if she takes more juice
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    If anyone wants to see prime Fed...

    Yup watching right now. Awesome
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    So, Rafael Nadal has been diagnosed with...

    You mean by the mystery "doctor" that was by his side like half of last year and then inconspicuously left ? Ok....
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    what happened in the davydenko/djoker match?

    Sorry you dont need to play tennis to make the correlation there lol(i do play) And I'm guessing that you have never been injured before. Unless you are immune to pain which is pretty much impossible there will always be an indication of an injury whether it be holding, stretching the affected...
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    Rafael Nadal should be fit for Davis Cup semi-final: Toni Nadal!

    Exactly. His ban should be up by eoy so he will be fresh as a daisy and ready to go for Australia 13.
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    So, Rafael Nadal has been diagnosed with...

    This is exactly what I was thinking. He's one of the top athletes in the world, has the best doctors at his disposal but it takes them years and then weeks after his pullout of the olympics to have them diagnos it? Sorry not buying it.
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    Rafa has basically given up any shot of getting to #1 before late 2013

    As was said Gasquet is not on the level of the top 3 or 4(the players that draw) and his ban had nothing to do with performance enhancers.
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    Rafa has basically given up any shot of getting to #1 before late 2013

    Power Player, can you describe the connections that the people you spoke with have?
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    Has anyone actually been found out to be on a silent ban?

    Perfect rebuttal. I believe he has been banned for rest of the year.
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    Was Federer that Good or Weak Competition?

    This forum is getting rediculous with everyone trying to diminish Feds accomplishments and failing to accept him as the true greatest. Prime fed will make any era seem weak and the only reason he is not dominating currently is because he is far far from his prime. This should be common sense...
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    Gulbis: If I don't get my career going this year or next year, that's it

    I also do not agree with the hate that Gulbis is getting here. Most of us have not experienced living the very wealthy lifestyle he lives with his family. I mean to get up every morning and not have to worry about anything monetarily anyway doesnt really generate that urgency to put an effort...
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    GoodBye Gonzo!

    He was always fun to watch. If only he had a better serve.
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    Is Robbie Koenig for real?

    He might be a nadal fan but from what I have heard from him over the years he is just as big a federer fan. Like one said he seems like and old school kinda guy and because of that I think he admires Nadal for his hustle and work ethic. On the other hand he might view federer as having lack of...
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    Which player needs a haircut ?

    Hahahahahah cant imagine Federer like that. Someone please photoshop a pic of Fed with shaved head and scruff beard. Need to see please
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    Wozniacki imitates Serena: Another fail attempt by Woz at humor

    She is an idiot. She was clearly making fun of her physical "assets" which is so not professional and immature. I dont even like Serena but I hope the next time they play each other Serena destroys her.
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    Zimonjic is a boss!

    Thank you for sharing your love of Nadad with us.
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    Is Djokovic a machine?

    A good doctor and a good public relations entourage.