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    FS: Three HPS 6.1

    Thanks everyone; the rackets are sold.
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    FS: Three HPS 6.1

    No, sorry, shipping is extra, depending on your location. If you have a FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. account, we can arrange for a direct bill. Thanks.
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    FS: Three HPS 6.1

    Whad'ya got?
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    FS: Three HPS 6.1

    For Sale: 3 matched Wilson HPS 6.1 (standard length, 16x18, 95") Grip size: L 4 4 1/2 Excellent condition, all are 8.5 or better. Regripped with Gamma Ultra Cushion Textured and always used with overgrips. Unstrung. Includes full length covers. Haven't been used in over 3 years, time to...
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    polys with good feel

    MSV HEX 1.10mm
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    MSV Hex

    I find it interesting that anyone found this to be a low powered string. I had been playtesting a large number of polys in my X-1s and found that 55 lbs. had been a good starting ground for most of them (SPPP, SPPP Hex, Cyberflash, Poly Polar, Silverstring, Hurricane, Big Hitter, and the whole...
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    Springy String

    First to mind would be PolyPolar. Next maybe Gosen SP.
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    Poly with lots of power that is under $10

    MSV Focus CoPolymo or Focus Hex in one of their thicker iterations will give you a ton of power and stay relatively stiff. It is a copoly so it's not as stiff as the 1st and 2nd gen of polys, but it's definitely worth a try if you want some more juice. Unfortunately TW doesn't carry it so...
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    Great article on Nadal's grass court debut!

    Here's an even better article explaining why Rafa is so predominate on clay. From the only trustworthy major media outlet: Enjoy.
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    WeissCannon users !!!

    Out of respect to TW, I won't be more explicit. Go forth and ask the Google; it knows all.
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    WeissCannon users !!!

    The SPPP is 1.18mm and the WC is 1.20mm. The SPPP is probably more of a comfort string with better pocketing (Cadillac) and the SilverString is a bit crisper with better accuracy (BMW). Both are great strings but I think MSV Hex 1.18 has them beat in overall feel, control, responsiveness, and...
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    Strings for Shoulder Problem

    If you want to try a poly, I'd say the Poly Polar is the softest, most comfortable out there right now. It's not my personal cup of tea, but it might work for you. Good luck.
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    WeissCannon users !!!

    I've tried the SilverString 17g and it's excellent overall; feel, power, tension stability. I've been a SPPP fan for the last few months but this one made me consider changing. I can't really decide which I like better but they are pretty distinct from each other. Definitely put it on your...
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    stringing poly, clamps too tight...

    I think it really depends on a lot of variables, most notably what condition your clamps are in and how big a hitter you are. I string my own sticks with polys of all sorts and I have on more than a few occasions left slight clamp marks on the strings. I've never really had any premature...
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    help on lead tape customization

    Up until recently, I would add lead at 3 & 9 o'clock positions on my X-1s until they would 'solidify'. I just figured 3 & 9 would give me the most 'plow-thru' and lateral stability, and would drag the sweetspot up toward the center, but never really tested that theory too much. A few weeks ago...
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    Gosen OG Micro as the Mains

    I love the feel of 'em but they're only good for 6-8 hours. But hey, for less than a dollar a string job, who cares?
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    Slazenger X-1 Pro

    One of my X-1s is currently strung with CyberFlash 17 at 51lbs (constant-pull) with OG Sheep crosses at 53lbs. It is probably the best combo I've come up with yet, although have yet to try the Signum Hextreme/OG combo I strung up a few days ago. I will probably try they CyberFlash up 2lbs...
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    Trying Ashaway Monogut 17g as a replacement for Lux Alu Rough

    54lbs should be good with the Monogut. If you get the chance, try some Topspin Cyber Flash as well. Very nice string.
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    Slazenger string setups...

    I'm one of those guys who likes the X1 with lower tensions; I'm usually a 4.0, on a really good day maybe a 5.0. My usual X1 setup is Monogut 17 mains at 51 and OG Sheep 17 at 53. Recently I've tried hybrids with Gosen Polyon Comfort, Polyon SP and SPPP mains, OG crosses. The Comfort was...
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    Hated ashaway, what should i try next?

    Dynamite is definitely one of those odd duck strings that some love and some hate. I hope you followed the directions and strung it 20% lower than normal syngut. The first time I tried it I only went down about 11% and it felt like I was hitting with a paddle. I liked the fact that it played...
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    Cyber Flash 1.25/Zyex 1.25 hybrid in n6.1 Tour 90

    I haven't tried the Klipper Zyex but I have tried the Ashaway it is a very stiff string. If the Klipper is anything like the Ashaway you better not go any higher than 52lbs on the crosses, otherwise your stringbed is going to feel like a paddle. You might even want to go lower since the Zyex...
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    Buttcap on Srichaphan's Yonexes???

    One thing I tried awhile ago before the heatshrink tubing was stager's gaff tape. Similar to duct tape in that it's fabric based, but not slick on the top surface and the glue isn't as messy. Didn't work to well if I remember correctly, but probably no worse than the heatshrink. It was just...
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    Buttcap on Srichaphan's Yonexes???

    Yeah I found this one of Kafelnikov where you can kinda see it. I'm curious as to how they get such a gigantic buildup like that to stay in place with the power these guys hit with. I built up the butts of my...
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    Buttcap on Srichaphan's Yonexes???

    I was just looking at some pics of Srichaphan's Yonexes. Anyone know how he gets such a strange built-up buttcap like that? It's very skinny, and very tall. Maybe balsa wood tacked to the pallet? It must be a bear to wrap correctly.
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    How Much Difference do Strings Really Make

    I had no idea what a huge difference strings made until I started stringing for myself 2 years ago. I look at the correct string selection & tension as at least as important as the racket itself, if not slightly more so. I think you could take almost any stick that fulfills your basic...
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    Head RIP Control

    I tried Rip Control a few weeks ago as a full up job and was not too impressed. Not the worst string I've tried, just nothing special. It was muted and arm friendly, but it didn't give any satisfying response to changes in hitting power. It lost tension quickly and I cut it out before it...
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    Best String or Hybrid Under 5 Bucks !!!

    Mains:Monogut 17 Crosses: OG Sheep 17 Very Sweet. Very Cheap.
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    Silvia Farina Elia: "Strings are much more important than racquets"

    I'd say the racket is 40%, the right string setup, 60%, FWIW.
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    Soft Rubber Grommets?

    Does anyone know if someone makes generic grommet replacements like these or are they model specific only? I haven't seen them here at TW or at any of the other usual suspects. I wouldn't mind trying some out on my Frankenstein Slaz X-1.
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    Soft Rubber Grommets?

    I just strung a Wilson Trance OS for the first time tonight. I was intrigued to find soft rubber grommets on eight of the center cross strings. I haven't strung rackets for very long but I don't ever remember having a racket with anything but hard plastic grommets. They were a little 'sticky'...