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    AO 2011 SF: Murray Vs. Ferrer

    Can Ferrer hit a bh down the line?
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    AO 2011 SF: Novak Djokovic (3) vs Roger Federer (2)

    Murray has won the last 3 times he's faced Djokovic. Maybe its Murray's time to win his first GS.
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    AO 2011 SF: Novak Djokovic (3) vs Roger Federer (2)

    Fed's bh is off and his forehand can't get any depth. If Djokovic goes up 2 sets i'm going to sleep.
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    AO 2011 SF: Novak Djokovic (3) vs Roger Federer (2)

    Fed's breaking apart!:twisted:
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    AO 2011 SF: Novak Djokovic (3) vs Roger Federer (2)

    Wow Djokovic is unloading with the forehand .
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    Other sports have very good annoucers, why it tennis stuck with Pat Mac?!

    The NFL has some bad announcers, especially the Thursday Night Football crew.
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    AO SF 2010: Roger Federer (1) - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (10)

    Holy **** Chris looks like a zombie. Her make up looks horrible.
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    Rogers Cup semifinal- Del Potro (6) vs Roddick (5)

    I haven't posted in a while, but the girl behind Larry Stefanki's head has an awesome rack. that is all.
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    Kudos For Rafa

    Federer didn't play well because Nadal put too much pressure on Federer to make awesome shots. Rafa chases down every shot and Federer kept going for more and more. Then the last set his 1bh broke down.
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    Federer's break point conversion is : 5/18 Nadal's : 5/7
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    Federers Best Match ever

    2007 AO vs. Roddick I loved that match also because Roddick just beat Fed in a tournament that didnt count and said he felt that he was closing in on Federer. That set the perfect atmosphere for the beating.
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    Maria Sharapova's height?

    Damn 6'3? She's going to marry a basketball player?
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    Federers Best Match ever

    Wow double bageled in a final. Thats embarrassing.
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    Rome quarterfinal- Stepanek vs Federer

    Isnt Stepanek strict s&v playing on clay?
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    The Americans are coming

    I thought Hamburg was the fastest clay? Thats what everyone said last year when Fed ended Nadal's streak.
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    New serve videos

    Your left foot never leaves the ground. You're a big guy so im not sure how hard its for your to elevate.
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    next player under 21 to when a grand slam

    Next time put WTA in your title.
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    The ATP has had no profits in the last 2 years

    I didn't think anyone would consider pro tennis booming after ESPN dropped INdian Wells and Miami.
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    How do the pro's handle such high swingweights?

    Theres tons of high schoolers swinging the K90. You shouldnt have a problem.
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    Post your videos please !

    This thread sucks.
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    Rate these players

    wow his forehand is all arm
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    J. Ferrero (ESP) vs [2] R. Nadal (ESP)

    The King of Clay cant lose...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOES
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    Nadal's pre-point routine.

    He likes to show the court who's the boss.