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    PC600 Grip Problem

    I started playing with the PC600 recently and absolutely loved it. At first, I really enjoyed playing with it (stock leather grip) without an overgrip, I felt the bevels well and this definitely helped my one handed backhand. However eventually I was forced to apply an overgrip due to blisters...
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    PS Tour 95?

    I'm confused. My friend let me try out his Pro Staff Tour 95 over the weekend. I found it very light and was in shock when I looked at the specs on the racket throat. It said the racket was 10.9 oz! wth?? I thought ps tour 95s were 11.5 according to every website I've seen online. What's going on??
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    Switching from a Babolat

    I've been hitting with a Babolat Pure Control Std for about two years now and the stiffness of the racket is starting to get to me. Can anyone recommend something close to it but less stiff and with more control? I was looking at the M Speed Pro 1 but I've never hit with any fischers before. I'm...
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    Cheap Gut, still worth it?

    I've been playing with the Biphase multi string lately at around 14 bucks a pack. Then yesterday I saw Titan gut here for around 17 so I'm thinking what's the dropoff between a top of the line multi and one of the cheapest guts? It is worth it to shell out the additional 3 bucks just because it...
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    Yonex Super 880 Ti Soft String

    Has anything hit with this yet? Tennis Warehouse gives it some high marks but what does it compare to and how does it stack up next to the Yonex 850?
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    Pro Kennex Ace Lite

    Has anyone heard of this racket? My friend found it in his dusty attic the other day and I decided it would be fun to hit around with it. Much to my surprise, I played very well with it. I havent been able to find much info on it online. It's red, gold, and black midsize racket, weighs about...
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    Best Tension Hold Multis?

    Which multis hold tension the best? I'm currently using X-1 Biphase in a hybrid with Prince Duraflex and it holds tension fairly well. X-1 is costly for me though so I'm looking for a nice crisp multi that's good on the arm and holds tension well. Any exist other than Laser Supreme (found the...
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    X-1 Biphase Hybrid

    I need to make a temporary switch to a softer string since poly is banging up my wrist. I have a few sets of x1 biphase lying around and wonder what I should cross it with. I was thinking of using some leftover halfset polys lying around. I know that would reduce movement but would it still...
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    Unique Big Hitter

    I've heard nothing but good comments on this string. Just about everyone says that it's a carbon copy of Luxilon ALU(the string I am currently using). Now usually I would just buy a pack and try it out but I'm right in the middle of my high school season and don't really have too much time to...
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    Prince Thunderstrike

    My friend is trying to find a replacement for his beloved Thunderstrike OS. Anybody know of a good current frame with similar specs and feel? Or does Prince have an update of it?
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    Question about Federer's Cross string

    Now I've read that about 80% of the playing characteristics in a hybrid is in the mains. For most poly hybrids you the cross is used to soften up the poly mains. What I dont understand is why does Federer use Lux ALU Rough? If the cross doesnt make that much of a difference why does he use a...
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    Hybrid Wear on Grommets

    I didn't really know where to put this, so I decided to put it in the strings section. I love my new hybrid setup: 58 lbs on Pro Hurricane 17 Mains and 60 on psg w/ dura. Problem is I play with a Pure Control Team Std. and that's usually strung as a one piece. The hybrid stringing really...
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    Blue Hurricane

    Im curious as to whether the Hybird Blue Hurriance plays any different than natural color Hurricane. I've heard Ice Blue BB Alu plays softer than Grey ALU. Anybody notice a difference in the Hurricanes?
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    Inside out backhands?

    Question. Can anyone think of tennis pros that liked hitting inside out backhands? And I dont mean double fisted strokes on both sides like Jan Michael Gambill.
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    TW: Adidas Sizing vs Wilson Sizing

    How do wilson shoes sizes compare with adidas? I want to get some of those retro wilsons but you can't try those out at a local store. I wear a size 12 adidas Barricade IIs. My feet are a little wide but the Barricades fit fine. How do wilson shoes compare?
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    Ultra Tour

    Ive seen tons of topics on polys here. Just about every popular polyestor has been thrown out in the open and poked to death but I don't remember seeing much on Head Ultra Tour. I was checking it out on TW and it sounds like it's a pretty good string. Has anyone hit with this? If so what is it like?
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    Polyester Hybrid Question

    I usually use a full Lux ALU job but lately I've developed some wrist pain. So Im thinking of hybriding it with a reel of PSG16 I have lying around. I usually end up cutting out the ALU before it breaks. My question is: Since the PSG doesnt hold as well, would I have to cut strings out even...
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    Good Replacement IIs?

    I absolutely loved the Barricade IIs. I did not upgrade to the 3s because I thought they were way too hefty and the durability on the IIs were good enough. I've just worn out my 5th pair but it's past the 6 month warrenty. I'm thinking about making a change to another performance shoe. Any...
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    Relation Between Color and Durability?

    has anyone noticed a slight difference in durability in different colors of synthetics? when i use prince Syn gut w/ dura, the yellow string seems to last longer than the white. Has anyone else had a similar experience or is it just me?
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    What polyester....?

    I love playing with ALU but I've been looking for polyester alternatives that are cheaper but pretty much have same characteristics. Any suggestions? Also what poly do u guys think hold tension the best?
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    Bow Brand Gut String

    Has anyone tried the Bow Natural Gut strings before? If so how does it compare with the premium guts like Babolat VS? I was interested because it's about 10 bucks cheaper than usual guts.
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    Does Racket affect string durability?

    It sounds like a stupid question when I thought of it, but then I realized strings tend to last longer in certain frames. Is there any truth in that? Keeping the same string and tension, would the type of racket affect how long the string lasts?
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    PC Customization Problem

    I have a couple of the 2003 PureControls team stds but after trying out the older PCs, I found it hit a heavier ball and was more stable. Im not too familar with using lead tape, but what can I do with lead tape to change the hitting specs of the 2003s to the 2001s?