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    Are all tennis courts the same size

    The tennis court I use is up to the standard I guess. 78feet (23.774 meters) length wise. 36feet (10.9728 meteres) width wise. And baseline to fence is 20 or 21 feet (6.096 meters to 6.4008 meters). Are the professional courts, like from grandslam tournaments the same dimensions?
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    I don't know why, but I feel Stefanos Tsistipas will never win a grandslam title.

    Unless he changes his hothead mentality, I do not see him reaching the heights of Medvedev, Zverev, and especially Thiem.
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    Any advice, tips, encouragement, criticism?

    So I am an incoming freshman at a college that only has club tennis and obviously I will join that. I didn't want to go that college and still do not honestly so I am apply out as a transfer going into my second year of college. I really want to play for a team. I believe I have the capabilities...
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    Saw a recent post of how fast a guy's serve was, and to my own interest, I want to know how fast my serve is from this video...

    based solely on this video, my friends say anywhere from 90 to 105.unless you're the local 6 year old who passed by me and said 150... I'm hoping it gets across the 100 mark, for this video at least...
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    Saw this crack type thing on my racquet, everything okay?

    I have a babolat pure aero tour and i saw this crack, was there for a while but kind of mentally bothered me When I run my fingers up and down and side to side i can feel it. game play is the same anything wrong? im thinking about putting some lead tape (2.5 ish grams for a bit less than 0.1 oz)...
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    The downfall of Andy Roddick and why he couldn't start to win again, other than Roger Federer's presence?

    Obviously Andy Roddick kept his serve relatively powerful and consistent throughout his entire career (he could hit in the 130s his final match against Juan Martin Del Potro. We always knew that his backhand was a bit subpar and could have been better to make him more competitive. But I think...
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    Any tips to help my serve become faster?

    This is what my serve looks like. I really wish to add more speed to my serve. Anyone have any tips based on what I already have?