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  1. Znak

    Worst Dressed Tennis players

    I'm in the minority on TTW, I loved everything that AO from Nike.
  2. Znak

    Introducing the Tecnifibre Triax

    Between a syn gut and this string specifically? I'd say it's better in most categories, spin, control, durability, response.... But then again it's different strokes for different folks, you'll most likely notice a difference, but whether or not you'll like it is another question.
  3. Znak

    Match play video (Papa Mango v. Chaelaz)

    Good stuff guys, thanks for sharing!
  4. Znak

    Introducing the Tecnifibre Triax

    Yes there is — these numbers don't tell the whole picture. It's like the fixation with RA numbers, a racquet could have a higher RA but not feel stiff (and vice versa). Whether or not you'd be able to feel the difference is another question.
  5. Znak

    Struggling with serve, goes to the net. Video included.

    I'll add that it looks like you're in a forehand grip, if you are make sure you're using the hammer grip/continental.
  6. Znak

    Introducing the Tecnifibre Triax

    I used a FB to get a good sense of the string. Alot of ppl are commenting it feels close to Velocity which I find more muted, this string is much more lively. If it opens up I may try with poly's in the main as a hybrid... we'll see tho haha. What can I say I have a sensitive wrist. Multifeel...
  7. Znak

    Introducing the Tecnifibre Triax

    2 hours in — still early days, but my initial impressions are 'meh'. I had really high hopes for this string as I generally always have hybrid multi/poly setups, but this string did not perform at all like that. Best way to describe it is a controlled multi. I think also it will be...
  8. Znak

    2019 Wilson Blade

    I was thinking the opposite, I feel like I need more weight in the hoop or 10/2 to help with the serve. Has anyone tried lead-ing their 18x20 up with success?
  9. Znak

    Height on pintpoint vs platform

    I've been told that PP suits a taller player but I'm sure everyone has their own opinion on this
  10. Znak

    Tennis World Tour (2018) -- new video game

    Anyone try AO2 or tennis world tour 2?
  11. Znak

    Didn’t expect Tsitsipas to fall apart mentally and physically in 5th set

    Agreed, but when was the last time you had two majors back to back like that?
  12. Znak

    Didn’t expect Tsitsipas to fall apart mentally and physically in 5th set

    During a full tennis season, I don't think anyone is truly 100%. So whether it's the neck niggles or groin issues, I tend to believe the players.
  13. Znak

    Tennis forehand lag causing pain

    Bro.... lol...
  14. Znak

    Tennis forehand lag causing pain

    Have you tried hitting with it again, does the same pain come through with that racquet/setup?
  15. Znak

    Tennis forehand lag causing pain

    Sounds like an equipment issue and not necessarily form — did you ever get this with your Ai prior to lockdown?
  16. Znak

    Forehand "Stiffness"? Critique my form

    I was going to say the same thing — you're very face on causing you to arm it quite a bit. Get that rest of that body involved in the mechanics to support the stroke. My 2 cents :)
  17. Znak

    Video of Me - and here I thought I had decent strokes....

    Agreed, pull that off-hand in to start that chain reaction. I posted this one someone else's post as well:
  18. Znak

    Anyone tried Gosen AK Pro CX yet?

    I was stringing it around 54 in my DR, but found because it was a brassier string it was really frame dependent. Loved it in my DR not as much in my Blade.
  19. Znak

    Forehand "Stiffness"? Critique my form

    I'd say your prep more than anything. You're prepping just after the ball lands on your side giving you less time swing correctly.
  20. Znak

    Grommet help for Wilson triad prostaff 6.0

    Klippermate sells grommets/bumper guards and they just happened to have that in stock at the time. It may have been the last one tbh, but it's worth reaching out to them. Otherwise fittex grommets are your friends, and if all else fails, time for a new racquet :)
  21. Znak

    2019 Wilson Blade

    Same, I feel like I've unlocked new potential with the racquet hybriding it with gut/poly this year! Really liked Lux gut/(Strike/Ice code/RS Lyon) so far at 51/48.
  22. Znak

    Djokovic disqualified from the US Open for hitting a lines woman in the throat.

    Gotcha, found a better formula too. Roughly 32 mph give or take. All to say that it was still somewhat significant (to all those that were saying it was a gentle tap), esp right in the throat.
  23. Znak

    Djokovic disqualified from the US Open for hitting a lines woman in the throat.

    Did I calculate this right, I have the ball hitting her in the throat at about 45mph give or take? I used around 37 ft from the backcourt to where he was standing and calculated around 15 frames from racket to throat: (used the serve calculator:
  24. Znak

    Fastest? Federer? Nadal? Djokovic? Murray?

    Agreed I'm pretty sure Monfils has everyone beat! I thought I read somewhere Nadal was up there in acceleration but I can't remember where
  25. Znak

    Fastest? Federer? Nadal? Djokovic? Murray?
  26. Znak

    Average and smallest racquet head size on tour

    I believe Serena is playing with her new 102
  27. Znak

    Looking for Advice on Forehand (VIDEO)

    Plenty of players that don't necessarily catch the racquet but what you may want to include is that off-hand pulling towards the chest, enabling the hitting arm to release more freely:
  28. Znak

    Wilson Buttcap on Yonex DR 98: Works just fine.

    Nope my ol DR! They were the Smart Sensor Wilson caps, discontinued but I found a store in Australia that still had a few in stock. I remember someone on here using the new non-PS caps and said they worked too.
  29. Znak

    Racquet tune app tension readings after stringing

    Never heard, is it this one?
  30. Znak

    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    Thanks for the review! Are the videos stored locally? If so how much space does a 1 or 2 hour match take up roughly and do you delete them after? Interesting, because it makes all the features I was looking for in the In/Out device available in an app. Just hoping an android version comes out in...