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    Feedback on Nike tech challenge

    For those of you have tried them share your experience from fit, durability, break in etc Thanks
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    TW Staff: Nike Agassi line

    Just wondering what items you will be carrying and second question do you ship Nike products to Canada. Thanks in advance
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    Multi crosses

    So I use Babolat 17g gut mains (at 54lbs) and polyfibre tcs 17g for crosses (at 50lbs). This is a pretty comfortable set up. TCS is not carried anymore. I am wondering what effects would I see if i use bio-phase as a cross at 50 lbs. I know that the launch angle will be less and that there...
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    Polyfibre TCS

    Is this a product that will still be offered by TW?
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    TW staff: Cramps Away expiry

    I am curious in this product. Does it have an expiration date? Thanks
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    TW Buyer: Kennex replacement grips

    I am wondering if you would be able to add replacement Pro Kennex grips to your list of products. ( or even get 3 in for me) I play with the 7G and love the factory grip. I thank you in advance.
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    TW staff racket question

    For those of you that have hit with both the W ilson RF97 Autograph and the Pro kennex 7g could you compare them. Which has 1) greater power 2) greater spin 3) greater comfort and any others input would be greatly appreciated
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    Agassi Denim Shorts

    Waist size 34-36. Any of the them will do. THanks. (not looking for the lycra liner versions)
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    Looking for any Dynaspot tennis racket. Thanks in advance!!
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    Lobster Tennis Racket

    Looking for any Lobster Tennis rackets. Thanks in advance!!!
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    Mad Raq

    Looking for either the New York or the (not sure if it is called the Atlanta or Atlantic). Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
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    Pro Kennex Prism Ace

    Another 80's racket that I am trying to find. Let me know if you have one!!!
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    Spalding Taxi

    Yah I know this is going back to the 80's but I would like to buy it anyways. Let me know what grip sizes you have...
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    TW Staff: New Tacchini

    When will the new clothing line be available?? Is there some issues? Thanks for everything.
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    TW Staff: Missing Shirt??????

    Hello Hey I was making an order and selected the new shirt that is in the Mac line but now it is gone. It was the blue shirt with checkermate pattern and had nike on the front with a swoosh in red. (it was the one on your homepage) but now I see that is gone. Is it forthcoming?? I need to buy...
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    TW Staff: Checkerboard

    There has been some posts about an upcoming line of Mac's retro Checkerboard clothes, I was wondering if you could shed some light on this topic. I think that it would be great to get some of this in, if it is available to the public. Thanks in advance
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    Mixed Finals

    Who was in and who won the Wimbey Mixed this year????
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    For Trade 1990 US Open AGASSI SHIRT

    I have a shirt just like the one that Agassi wore in the 1990 US open final in a size Men's XL that I would like to trade for the same shirt but in a size L. It is the shirt with the bright yellow sleeves and the flaming ball on the back (challenge court).
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    TW Staff: Donnay

    Just wondering how many of the Donnay Pro One Oversizes did you get made (total and by grip size)?? As well haw many are remaining in a 4 3/8ths grip. I see it says 5+ but wondering how many that truly is. I will ask one more time any chance of a Yellow and Blue version??? Thanks in advance
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    TW Staff: Racket Question

    Hello I was wondering if any of you have had the opportunity to hit with the Donnay Pro One Oversize and the Pro Kennex 7g. I currently play with the 7g and like it but, you know the Agassi thing kind of draws me to the Pro One. Could you compare some characteristics of them as to most power...
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    TW Staff

    Any word on new Pro kennex rackets. On their website it says coming US Open 2008??? Thanks in advance
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    TW Staff

    Is there any chance that you can get in replacement grommets for a Pro Kennex 7G?? As well some replacement grips for the Kneitic line would be great as well. Also is it possible to get the Kennex stencil at the Racketball Warehouse through TW?? Many thanks in advance.
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    TW Staff Polyfibre TCS

    When is it coming in?? The order sheet says May 28th!!!! Thanks in advance.
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    TW Staff

    Hello, I was just wondering if there is going to be anymore Challenge Court items released?? I ordered mine right away and absolutely love the T shirts. So comfortable, and look awesome with jeans. If there is more out there bring it in and I will buy it. Thanks in advance.
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    TW Staff

    Will you be getting any of the Fila F Box hats in white??? Or any other items of the F Box line?? Many thanks in advance.
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    TCS Tension

    Just a question. I currently have a full job (crosses and mains) of Bio-phase X-1 17 guage strung in my Kennex 7g at 54lbs. What should I string the mains at if I was to use Polyfibre TCS 17 guage as the mains with the X-1 as the crosses? The tension range is 52-68. I just want to know what...
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    Weight of Leather grip

    Just to get into the ballpark, how much of a difference is there in weight of a factory grip and a replacement leather grip. I know there is no answer for all rackets but just a ballpark figure.
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    becker pro

    Does anyone have any specs I see it's posted up now and that it seems like Chris has switched from his PDR.
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    TW Staff

    Will you be getting anymore of the Mens F box polo's in Red in a size large??? Also the 4.75 inseam F Box shorts in a size medium? Many thanks in advance.
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    Head tape on O3 Hybrid

    I guess it would work against the benifits of the grommet design to use head tape on a racket with "big holes. Any input on this, or any other ideas on how to protect the frame would be appreciated.