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  1. Znak

    What did I miss?

    Been off of here for a few months, anyone have a TL;DR summary for me — miss anything good? :unsure:
  2. Znak

    Swingweight customization question

    Hoping you guys could help me with some math because it's late at night and I'm not getting it. I have a DR 98 (310g) that I added a leather grip to (an increase of 8g). Without knowing what the new swingweight is with the leather grip, is there any way of figuring out how much lead (and where)...
  3. Znak

    Wilson Trap Door Stock

    Hi there, just seeing if you guys will be restocking this butt cap in L3: Thanks
  4. Znak

    18x20 string gauge

    When they say a 17 gauge string lends better to stringing a denser 18x20 pattern, do they mean 1.25 or 1.20? And is it simply to help ease the stringing, or are there any other benefits? Thanks
  5. Znak

    Fashionable Rivalries Through the Years

    Fun write up on different rivalries through their years and their fashion personas:
  6. Znak

    Bad Parnell

    Once in a blue moon I'll get a Parnell knot wrong. I can't seem to replicate this error... what is this knot that I've done and will it hold? (It's my racquet not a client's).
  7. Znak

    Did you want Djokos racquet?

    Here you go
  8. Znak

    Name that shoe

    What shoes are these?
  9. Znak

    2020 Wilson Ultra

  10. Znak

    Private destination clinics

    I know this topic has been mentioned before, but what are your thoughts on the 2 days clinics some of these online coaches are offering. Do you think 2 days is enough time to grasp new knowledge or fix poor habits (for $1000+)? I've been following both sets of coaches for some time now and I...
  11. Znak

    Wilson Blade v7 18x20 cross stringing question

    I'm pretty sure I did this wrong... I'm so used to Yonex 2-pieces which end up so clean. I bought a new 18x20 v7 Blade and as per their site, it mentions to tie the x-string at 6T, 12B. Problem being the mains have already travelled back to tie off at 7B which leaves a bundle of strings like in...
  12. Znak

    Wilson 18x20 v7 incorrect review score

    Hey there, I think there's an incorrect value for the slice on your review page — I'm assuming it's an average of all your 4 scores? If so that would make it (9.1+8.8+8.5+8.8)/4 = 8.8. Unless the calculations are done otherwise, I was just surprised by the score considering it's one of the...
  13. Znak

    Wilson v7 Balance

    Hey there, Quick question for clarity — on your site it shows the 18x20 v7 balance as 4pts and on the official Wilson site, it says 7pts — is it 4pts strung? Thanks!
  14. Znak

    Racket Logger

    I just stumbled on this — most of you probably know of it, but I thought I'd share for those who don't. It's pretty rad to be able to organize strings and racquets on a graph to compare them visually:
  15. Znak

    Lowering my tension

    Wondering if anyone's experienced this — I usually string at #57/52, but I noticed I start really gelling with my strings when the overall tension drops 3-4lbs. So the other day I strung up at #55/50 and it was terrible, didn't have the same feel for some reason, very trampoline-y. I ended up...
  16. Znak

    Fed hinting at retiring after Wimby 2020?

    Full article here:
  17. Znak

    Two Handed Serve

    Lord have mercy
  18. Znak

    That Hansel is so hot right now...

  19. Znak

    Canadian Location

    Is Canada on the horizon? We'd welcome on you with open arms as there's not much competition here and could use your selection and offerings!
  20. Znak

    Wimbledon grass wear over the ages

    Neat article showing the different wear patterns over different eras (there's more photos I just picked a few):
  21. Znak

    Organizing your racquet bags

    I was wondering how you all organize your compartments in your bags. I'm pretty anal retentive and need to have all my wrist bands together in one section, my exercise bands and skipping rope in another, my dampeners and wraps in another, etc... But I'm still finding tough to sort through it...
  22. Znak

    RF97A poly question

    Question for Michelle or Troy, hope you can help! Looking for a recommendation on a poly for the RF97A, that has more feel to it than Hyper G, and that is not overly plastic-y or wiry? Open to round or shaped suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  23. Znak

    Millman's strings

    Damn, he strings Black Code upwards of 67lbs!! Ouch.
  24. Znak

    Straight arm on OHBH

    Do you guys use a straight arm on your OHBH à la Thiem, or have a slight bend like Fed? And out of curiosity, have out tried both and noticed differences?
  25. Znak

    Slack in the mains + 2 other questions

    Question 1 I'm unsure if I awake last night or not, but I was stringing my racquets up and was getting this weird slack/drawback, but only when doing the mains: Question 2 A simple one, why is it whenever I lay out the finishing tape on my overgrip (or even replacement grip), it looks good...
  26. Znak

    TTT boys play an exhibition doubles match

    Fun watch, high quality stuff. Man Alex can realllly serve...
  27. Znak

    FS: Yonex EZONE DR 98 (4 3/8)

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Yonex EZONE DR 98, 2018 Grip Size / Size: 4 3/8 (L3) Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 98 Condition (x out of 10): 7.75/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 1 year off and on playing about 2-3x week. It was my backup...
  28. Znak

    WTA 2HBH Stance

    Out of curiosity, why do so many WTA players play their 2HBH out of this stance? I'm a OHBH so it's hard for me to relate... is it to generate more power or more of a defensive thing? Why do we see less of this by ATP players (or am I just not paying attention to it)?
  29. Znak

    Road to 2019 Season Series

    Not sure if anyone else posted this, but ATP Tour put on a great series of several players in their offseason. Check them out, it's pretty rad stuff. Felix seems like such a good kid Felix Denis Kei Kevin
  30. Znak

    I can't believe I watched the whole thing

    (on 2x speed) is my clickbait title ;)... Video of men's top 10 rankings every day from 1990 to 2018. For me it was crazy to see how long Agassi lingered and then how dominant Fed and Djoko became respectively during their peak.