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    Feedback on Nike tech challenge

  2. 127 mph

    Feedback on Nike tech challenge

    For those of you have tried them share your experience from fit, durability, break in etc Thanks
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    TW Staff: Nike Agassi line

    Just wondering what items you will be carrying and second question do you ship Nike products to Canada. Thanks in advance
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    A tribute: The Italian design sportswear appreciation thread!

    I have the vest (sleeveless but it has the different colorway in a size medium) also have the Official Ghibli jacket
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    Tell me about Cedric Pioline's cheap Prince racket

    What racquet did Jay Berger play with... i remember reading that he had to pick up inventory at K-mart... i believe it was a metal prince
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    Why did Chang fall off a cliff after 1997?

    Never liked Chang, but remember reading that he tried to become stronger so he could slug it out more with bigger stronger opponents. But with his added mass though it did increase his serving power it caused him to lose his greatest asset which was retrieving with very fast feet. I find...
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    Donnay Pro One OS (TW Limited Release)

    I am playing with the TW versions this year. Pretty sweet.. I find alot of spin from it. I do have a yellow and blue original Donnay Pro One oversize that is not doing much. I collected so much Agassi stuff it's sad.
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    Multi crosses

    So I use Babolat 17g gut mains (at 54lbs) and polyfibre tcs 17g for crosses (at 50lbs). This is a pretty comfortable set up. TCS is not carried anymore. I am wondering what effects would I see if i use bio-phase as a cross at 50 lbs. I know that the launch angle will be less and that there...
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    Polyfibre TCS

    That is too bad, but thank you very much for your reply. What would in your opionion have the same launch angle as 17g tcs or the question can be to any of the other playtesters... thanks
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    Polyfibre TCS

    Is this a product that will still be offered by TW?
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    Sampras v Rafter who was better, strictly speaking, as a volleyer?

    Rafter hands down better. Pete had a great serve and the courts were super fast which made his volleys more effective. Probably is feasable to think if the courts were not so fast that he would have won less. .. but thats for another post
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    TW Buyer: Kennex replacement grips

    Let me know either way
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    Vollaix Agassi Shirt

    These are the coolest clothes to hit the market. TW needs to carry this line.
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    TW Buyer: Kennex replacement grips

    TW Staff The season has started in Canada so I am just checking if this is something that your store will be able to offer.
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    Vollaix Apparel

    I also request this. Top quality product. Coolest designs. Really the only line I will consider buying. Make it happen TW and you will have an order from me.
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    TW Buyer: Kennex replacement grips

    No worries thanks for your follow up.
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    Versions of Boris Beckers Puma/estusa mold

    Puma Boris Becker Super with 80% graphite and 20% fiberglass. Has anyone else seen this? If you have info please share. 50% 50% seems like the standard composition.
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    TW staff: Cramps Away expiry

    Thank you
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    TW staff: Cramps Away expiry

    I am curious in this product. Does it have an expiration date? Thanks
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    Becker with Fischer Vacuum Pro 90?

    I believe it was used by another German player who won a Wimbledon title.
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    TW Buyer: Kennex replacement grips

    When i did a search for Kennex on the TW site, it brought up a whole bunch of items including some Pro kennex grips but on the Ravquetball warehouse site. Would these be the same as tennis racket grips? If so can i get these through TW?
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    TW Buyer: Kennex replacement grips

    Back to top;)
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    Discontinued Racket molds and tool

    I would think wilson with the pro staff or maybe pro kennex as they had many different _____ ace rackets in their line.
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    Discontinued Racket molds and tool

    Correct on Boris Becker at least up to either 2012 or 2013. Not sure if anyhting has been done after
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    Kennex kinetic vs. Prince ports for arm / shoulder

    The science of Kinetic is proven, even if a Prince may feel softer ( and that is subjective) that does not ensure it is better for you. Take a mis hit with one of each companies racket ( this is about the worst thing for people with sensative joints) the science and movable mass of the PK will...
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    Kennex kinetic vs. Prince ports for arm / shoulder

    PK is better for you.