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    Roger's arrogance

    Probably not that tough to be good for one match on the whole year ;)
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    Who else thought Rafa would finish the year No. 2???

    But you disregard the huge gap among the top 5 players. He may be still no.4 but the distant with the top 2 is big. No If, why not if Nadal did close off the win in Miami vs Federer? Nadal cannot beat players who didn't show up, you discrediting his titles because the draw is weak has...
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    Best Backhand

    That is Moya. Fed forehand is definitely much more a weapon than his bh, but that is not a proof to say his bh is nowhere near Gaudio Guga and Gasquet. That is an exaggeration.
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    Who else thought Rafa would finish the year No. 2???

    Yes all true but he is not exactly that cluelss on other surfaces except perharps grass. He did beat Ivan the then hottest player on his favourite surface in Madrid. We also know he was very close to beating Federer in Miami and Hewitt at AO. Hewitt hardly even show up 2nd half of the year...
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    Worst player to win a slam?

    lol yes he is. I want to see him at his best again.
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    Worst player to win a slam?

    It is not luck. I wish he will make it to the top again.
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    Who else thought Rafa would finish the year No. 2???

    No such thing as real #2 or not. Nadal earned his no.2 this year and don't forget he did give Hewitt a very tough match in AO and I will not be at all surprise if he does well in coming AO but I do agree he still has lots to prove on surfaces other than clay till then he is not ready to take...
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    Worst player to win a slam?

    Ferrero? If anything, I think Ferrero should be winning more slams. He has some of the best groundstrokes I had ever watched among the current players. Watch his match against Federer on grass this year in Wimbledon. I wish it is him dominating the clay now instead of Nadal anytime.
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    Best Backhand

    All true except not many players of today have the ability to keep pressing Federers backhand to break it down. It used to be but not anymore. You cannot say his backhand is not in the league of Gaudio or Guga or Gasquet, because they use it very differently. Federer has more varieties in his...
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    How could Tim Henman improve to win a slam??

    Maybe with the Henmanhill turning into Murraymount now, he might just win the Wimbledon for all you know.
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    Roger Federer Should be Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year

    Isn't that what my second point of my original post was about? Tennis competing with the locally much more favourite sports, not going to win, so the point is? Did I say Federer should have won it when all other tennis greats haven't? You used Sampras as an example and I asked you which...
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    Roger Federer Should be Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year

    Did Sampras ever have one particularly great year like Federers of 2004 or 2005? I thought Sportsman of the year assess their achievements of that particular year. JMac might be better comparison. They should just call this the US Sportsman of the year. I don't understand why won't they...
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    Roger Vs Pete !?

    It is not ok to tell others they are wrong but don't bother to explain how. Until you do, I don't think I read you any wrong especially when I have analysed what you said quote by quote.
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    Nalbandian has got "CUP without Masters".

    Winning the "Cup" beating the "Masters" make him the Master.
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    Roger Vs Pete !?

    So comparing players in differnt circumstances does not work for you, but you are able to conclude sampras time has tougher competitors than Federer? Dude, you are really contradicting yourself. I am confused. So Federer has excellent records against his fellow top ten players, but that is...
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    Puerta has made me fan. Anyone else?

    He was the more entertaining player in the final. Unfortunately more like than not, we'll not hear much from him after this. His serves will be eaten up on all other surfaces.
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    To put things in perspective, he is 126-9 including Davis Cup for past 2 years. But if we look at his 2 out of 3 losses this year, which happened in the slams semi final then yes, he will be worrying, especially if he doesn't defend his wimby crown in 3 weeks times.
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    i read this quote about federer

    Add on the 76-6 records in 2004, it really should have been 6-76 without the luck.
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    I've lost respect in Federer

    This is what Nadal had to say about him Q. Can you tell us how you feel right now? RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, I am very happy. So I am very happy. I am in the final, for me that is very important. Is a dream for me. Is a dream for me. I can won today against the No. 1 ‑ not only the No. 1 for...
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    Proof Nadal is only a clay player

    Till it happens, still just empty talk. Nadal had performed well in AO, and gave Federer, arguably the best hard court player a tough match in Miami final. Gasquet, nothing to talk about yet on surface other than clay.
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    Proof Nadal is only a clay player

    Let's wait and see if your boy Gasquet can even get close to what Nadal did on hard court, before you continue talking thrash on Nadal.
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    "What a pity. He lost."

    Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy. Root of all evils.
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    Federer vs Gasquet Hamburg Final .. Big rematch

    Add one more into the list, don't claim others being blindsided when yourself being one.
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    Federer intimidates his opponents.

    Can this be anymore true? Funny that those players he keep beating voted him for the ATP Sportsmanship award of the year 2004, and here we have fans who claimed him boring to watch but can go on days talking about him being arrogant like they know being personally. Devila, nobody thrash...
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    Roger serves notice!

    I might actually see a flying pig 3 weeks down the road, so I will reserve that till then.
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    Federer is way more complete than Sampras

    Wait till Federer does win the FO to make this claim. Else he is not in any position to be compared to Sampras as yet.
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    Can Safin win the grand slam?

    When Safin feels like winning, he wants to win, the stars is aligned and his head is on the right place, he should just let the other players know, they shouldn't bother to turn up, Safin will win.
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    Roger serves notice!

    NEWS! Roger won Hamburg twice before this and bombed out early in FO!
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    If Federer wins FO will that silence you all

    I do exepct Devila become speechless with that kind of luck Federer has if he wins FO.
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    Federer intimidates his opponents.

    Quote us which part of his interviews did he not respect Roddick or Gasquet. He talked about Gasquet outhitting winners against him in Monte Carlo how was that not respecting him, he said going into this final was tough because Gasquet beat him in Monte Carlo, which part of that registered in...