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    FS: Three HPS 6.1

    For Sale: 3 matched Wilson HPS 6.1 (standard length, 16x18, 95") Grip size: L 4 4 1/2 Excellent condition, all are 8.5 or better. Regripped with Gamma Ultra Cushion Textured and always used with overgrips. Unstrung. Includes full length covers. Haven't been used in over 3 years, time to...
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    Buttcap on Srichaphan's Yonexes???

    I was just looking at some pics of Srichaphan's Yonexes. Anyone know how he gets such a strange built-up buttcap like that? It's very skinny, and very tall. Maybe balsa wood tacked to the pallet? It must be a bear to wrap correctly.
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    Soft Rubber Grommets?

    I just strung a Wilson Trance OS for the first time tonight. I was intrigued to find soft rubber grommets on eight of the center cross strings. I haven't strung rackets for very long but I don't ever remember having a racket with anything but hard plastic grommets. They were a little 'sticky'...
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    Sam Hong = Great Buyer

    I just had a great transaction with Sam Hong (aka Samster). Good communication, quick payment, and courteous to boot. Highly recommended.
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    Closet Clearance (Wife on the Warpath)

    My wife went through the roof the other day when I came home with yet another racket. She ran to the closet and threatened divorce if I didn't give her some room back. So here we go..... 3 Matched HPS 6.1s unstrung (4 1/2 L4) 9 to 9.5 out of 10. Replacement Gamma Comfort Textured...
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    Federer's Ankle Brace???

    Any ideas? ASO maybe?
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    String Lengths for Head iX5

    Stringing 2 piece on a friend's iX5. What lengths do I need? Thanks in advance.
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    Zyex Strings?

    What brands other than Ashaway and Klippermate have a zyex based string? Anybody done some comparing, and if so, is there a significant difference between them? Thanks.
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    Grommets Question

    TW Staff, I'd just like to know if the grommets listed for the X1 here is for the whole racket (ie, throat piece and the main head strip) or is it something else, like a single individual replacement grommet? I'm thinking I...
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    String Tension and Stiffness Scaling?

    My apologies in advance for the long post but is there something equivalent to a RDC stiffness measurement for stings? I ask this because I think it might help players find the right tension when trying different strings. Here's why I ask this. I started stringing my own sticks about a year...
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    Max Safe Tension Variance Between Ms & Xs

    I know the answer will depend on the head size, pattern density, beam thickness, construction quality, etc. but what would you guess is the maximum tension difference between mains and crosses before you start to stress the stuctural intengrity of a frame? I've only done a 4 lbs. difference...
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    TW 9 Pack Bags No More???

    I've got one and wanted to get one (blue) for my father for his birthday next month. Will we see the 9 pack bag again or is it only the 6 pack from now on? Many thanks.
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    Any good ideas for an ECO stand?

    I've got a Laserfibre ECO fixed clamp stringer and I'm getting a little tired of using it on a folding table. I'm 6'3" and it gets a little tough on the back after 2-3 rackets. I was hoping to find one of those tall skinny tables you see in bars but I'm not having much luck hunting down one of...
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    Rip Control Review???

    Can anybody get thru to this link? It's supposed to be a review for Head Rip Control 16 but it's coming up blank for me. Thanks.
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    OG Micro as a Gut Cross???

    Now that I'm fairly comfortable with stringing my own sticks, I've thought about trying out some gut in my X-1s. I figured I'd hybrid it to save a few $$$, and my question is would OG Micro 17 be a decent cross in regards to durability? For the record, I'm not a string breaker or a...
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    Best Way To Build Up A Butt Cap???

    Since my racket hand seems to like a grip with a little extra 'junk in the trunk' I'm looking for some help to fatten up the butt on a couple of sticks. I first tried wrapping some electrical tape about 8-10 layers deep, but by the time I had finished doing so on the second stick, the layers on...
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    TW Staff: What's Your Stock Demo Sting?

    Do you guys have a stock string for all demo rackets or does it change according to availability? Do you ever try to match a certain kind of string to a specific frame? Just curious. Thanks.
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    In Your Opinion: Best By Category

    Since I've started stringing for myself the last 4-5 months, I've become mildly obsessed with the variancies of string and how they affect my play. Until now, I had no idea what I was missing by telling my old stringer to "put in whatever I had last time." My wife thinks I'm nuts when I come...
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    Help With a Compact 2 Stick Bag?

    I'm looking for the smallest bag possible for 2 midplus rackets so I can take them carry-on when I fly. Basically a two racket thick thermo-cover is what I'm looking for. Anybody got a lead on something like that? Thanks.
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    Yet Another Vantage Question

    Breakpoint, Guy Perez, or anyone else who has demoed/bought a Vantage; maybe you guys could answer this question: does your Vantage feel like it is solid all the way through or can you tell if the beam is hollow in the middle? Mind you, I'm not asking if the thing plays solid, but rather if you...
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    Vantage Head Shape?

    Could any of you new Vantage owners comment on the head shape of your racket? Looking at their website, I kinda get the impression of Prince's rounder heads, with maybe a bit of a bulge toward the top. Does this center the sweetspot more? Just curious. Thanks.
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    Frame Stiffness & String Tension Questions

    Two separate questions really: 1. RDC stiffness is an overall rating but doesn't take into effect where the racket is most flexible (ie. a flexy throat with stiff hoop or a stiff throat with softer hoop). What are the subjective qualities of either approach and what are some yardstick...
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    Grip Sizes by Brand

    What brands of rackets traditionally run large, small, or true according to grip size? I've been playing with a HPS 6.1 for the last two years and I'm comfortable with its 4 1/2 grip, but I'm considering picking up a couple Slazenger X-1s. Any reason to go up or down a grip size when ordering...
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    Mega Age?

    I recently got to try a friend's Mega Age racket and I thought it was a pretty nice stick. He told me they were copies of old ProStaffs and could be had for dirt cheap. I went online to check them out, and found two models (I don't know which one I tried). Can anyone tell me what ProStaffs...
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    The End of the 85?

    I just got an email flyer from a competing retailer (which will remain nameless) that states that the PS 85 Original has been officially discontinued. Can anyone from TW confirm this and can I assume the same holds for the 6.0 95 as well? If this is true, it is a sad day for tennis.
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    A comfort player's stick

    Having returned to tennis after a five year lapse, I bought a couple HPS 6.1s last year. I had demo'd a TT Warrior, Radical Ti, Tour 90, and the HPS, and ended up liking the nice balance of swing weight, spin potential, and feel of the 6.1s. Unfortunately, for the last 6 months I've been...
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    Brad Gilbert in NY Times

    Interesting. Not much new here though.