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    question about the addidas barricade V warranty

    Hi, I had a quick question about the warranty. I bought a pair and sent them in and got back a pair of white/black B5's. Now the pair is worn down and I am looking for another pair, but I was wondering if I buy a different color B5 can I send in my old pair with the new receipt so I dont...
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    FS: Dunlop Aerogel 100

    please send pics to thanks
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    Need help with us open! 9/1 Grandstand matches? Quick please :)

    Hi, I was thinking of buying tickets for September 1st. Since it is the round of 16, will there be mens/womens singles play on grandstand? Just wondering because if I buy tickets I would stay at the grandstand and want to make sure it is not junior/senior/doubles. Thanks a lot!
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    Official 2008 U.S. Open TW Meetup thread.

    Went today, some nice matches today. Trying to get tickets to go again friday, not sure though. Have some pics (not hq, but decent), will try to upload later. Gael Monfils has a monster serve...hit me twice :)
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    Fastest way to wear down shoes?

    Hey, I have a pair of barricade IV's and the 6-month time limit on the guarantee ends in two weeks. I need a little more to go, but can't play that much tennis...(hurt my ankle). Any way to wear them down fast? Lol, only because I know that if I dont send them in now they will be useless in a...
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    My Bet for Wimbledon 2008

    to tell you the truth, i really hope safin wins it. Or at least gives federer a tough time. Lol, and the odds are 33:1 for him
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    Babolat Pure Storm Tour

    Please email pics to Very interested, thanks.
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    FS/FT : (3) Babolat Pure Storm Tours (2008)

    Hey, emailed you, but you never got back to me... Please send pics of the the pure storm tours and the prices to
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    3 PSC 6.1 for sale and TRADE!!! Want AG100, Pure storm tour, APD, kblade

    ALL sold. THANKS jfristedt, nice dealing with you.
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    FT : (3) Babolat Pure Storm Tours(2008)

    Are you willing to sell? If so, how much for the 6/10? the 9/10?
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    3 PSC 6.1 for sale and TRADE!!! Want AG100, Pure storm tour, APD, kblade Look there for pics, whoever already posted, I sent you the link through an email
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    3 PSC 6.1 for sale and TRADE!!! Want AG100, Pure storm tour, APD, kblade

    Crazytennis: No, I did not buy these on the board. I believe I bought another one a year or two back, but I sold it. These were bought elsewhere. JonnyF: I would like to keep it to the US (48 states), though if I cant sell them, I will make sure I let you know first. Tennis2001: Will send...
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    3 PSC 6.1 for sale and TRADE!!! Want AG100, Pure storm tour, APD, kblade

    As the title says, I have 3 Prostaff Classic 6.1's for sale/trade. 2x white buttcap, has scuffing around racquet, may need new headguard (piece is missing on each, though works fine), some wear to graphite, though no cracks at all and will last for many more years. 5/8 grip size, comes with...
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    Will Federer Ever win the French Open?

    I think this year was Federers best chance to win it, now I think everything is going to go downhill for him (I still think he will take 2 more gs) but he may even lose wimbledon to nadal :shock: especially if you saw the replay of last years wimby today, nadal was shockingly close, a couple of...
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    Summer Sale!! Babolat and Dunlops!!

    Might be interested in the aerogel 100 and the apd. How much for both shipped? please send pics to
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    My LTD black IV's came in (pics)

    Does anyone know where I can get these in size 13? I think TW is out now... Thanks!
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    Which wing is more solid for you?

    Backhand. My one hander doesnt really fail on me like my forehand does on some days. Though my forehand can kill the ball much better. Then only time I actually hit a winner on my bh is a dropshot, volley, or angled.
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    Recommend me a demo pls..PSC 6.1 replacement

    I dont think you will find anything close to the PSC. I keep trying to sell mine and go back eventually. Other racquets work great from just the baseline, or are exceptional on serves, but nothing comes close to the all-court of the PSC. I tried a lot of the racquets you wanted (T-fight 335...
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    Does this qualify for free replacement ?

    I dont think so... I think the picture quality makes it seem worse than it is. Also the pattern on the BFII is different and makes it look more worn. Seems like only a small portion is actually worn out, the rest seems fine...have any better pics?
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    Swing weight experiments at 5.0-5.5 level - and advice needed.

    Not to hijack, but people here seem to know SW. Can anyone tell me the swingweight of my 2 PSC 6.1's? 1. 2 grams at 12 in 2 inch pieces. 2 grams at 3 in 2 inch pieces. 2 grams at 9 in 3 inch pieces. 4 grams at 10 and 4 grams at 2 in 4 inch pieces. I used 1/4 in lead tape btw. Also the racquet...
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    Tennis Camps in Boston?

    Wow, thanks. That actually seems great as it is right across the street and the price is only 570, which is around the same as a weekly tennis camp here. Thanks, I will look into that and if anyone else has any other suggestions, they will be greatly appreciated.
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    Tennis Camps in Boston?

    Hi, I am going to Boston over the summer because my brother goes to college at BU and I am going to take some classes there. Any good tennis camps up there that are close by and for probably a week or two (no car, so I am going to have to take a bus or subway). BTW, I am going to be 16 and...
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    FS/FT: 3 Pro Staff Classic 6.1's 2 white buttcap; 1 black buttcap

    One I am selling locally, so I will update which one is gone in a couple of days. The other 2 are left (probably the white cap models).
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    FS/FT: 3 Pro Staff Classic 6.1's 2 white buttcap; 1 black buttcap

    Would like to sell two of them for 85 shipped. All three for 120.
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    Playing at night

    Yea, I love night play. Cool, no sun glare, and no background stuff to distract you.
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    The J011yroger Guide to Racquet Selection.

    wow, nice...time to go through and read it, thanks. Sticky?
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    paintjob quality on m-fil 300?

    Actually, I think the MF300 paintjob is worse than the other companies (even the Aerogel 200's paintjob quality is FAR superior to the MF300). To me it seemed as if everytime the racquet touched the ground it would chip a little...not bad luck, but that is just the m-fil line.
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    Barricade IV Black/Silver discontinued?

    Do you think the prices for the BIV's will drop slightly/go on sale then? I just bought a cheaper pair of shoes (fila terra) to last through the winter and when the spring and school tennis season starts I was going to buy a pair of barricades IV's.
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    Many sticks to tradefor prestige 93

    Interested in selling either the apd's or the ag 200's? email me at
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    FS: Dunlop Aerogel 300 (4-5/8 grip) - pics included!

    Man...if this was 3/8 or 1/2 I would have picked it up in a second. Good luck selling for a really nice price.