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    Why qualifies Brad Gilbert to be a commentator?

    He managed to win more than expected given his talents.
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    Apologizing for hitting the net cord

    I've never considered it an apology. To me, it's an acknowledgement that I was lucky the ball went over. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Rules Clarification - Reaching over the net...without contact

    What counts as the court? Is it the area inside the lines or everything on the other side? In other words, can you run around the net post before the ball bounces twice? I've seen situations where a player will wind up on the opponent's side at the end of a point and I can't recall a time where...
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    Has modern Racquets made us lazy?

    I've hit with both and I'll have to say no. Hitting with, and facing a modern racquet, I find that I have to work harder to get into position in time. I actually get more pace with a wooden racquet because of the mass but it is more tiring over a long period of time. So I wouldn't say either is...
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    What's your money shot?

    The unforced error. I can hit it from anywhere on the court.
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    ESPN first take debate over Serena/Sharapova Endorsement $$

    Some insight in this train wreck of a thread. It is naive to say that race plays absolutely no role just as it is naive to say that race is the sole factor in explaining the difference in endorsements.
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    Should I Pay?

    The classy thing for you to do is to offer to pay. The classy thing for your "mate" to do is decline.
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    Are tennis governing bodies pro feminism or... ?

    They are pro business. They will do what they have to to protect the bottom line.
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    Dreaded 4.5m/3.5w in a mixed 8.0 league

    Mixed doubles should require the ranking of the female player be >= the ranking of the male player.
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    If doping is rife in athletics, then ...

    I don't think population is a good metric. China has over a billion people so their ratio would be artificially low but I wouldn't be surprised if they were among the worst offenders.
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    Limiting Head Size?

    You were not the better player. You were the sore loser. If I use a badminton racquet to play against Federer, I'm not going to claim I'm the better player because it's way harder for me to keep the ball in play or to win points. Blaming equipment reeks of excuses.
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    Common Core Math has to be the stupidest idea conceived in American education

    The video is cherrypicking a bad example on purpose. It reminds me of the Jaywalking skits on Leno where they only choose to show the stupid answers. Entertaining, but useless for trying to prove a point. Sometime it's better to use the standard technique and other times it's better to...
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    Vevo sounds better than FLAC/Mp3

    FLAC is lossless. AFAIK, vevo is not. If they encode the same content, only FLAC will reproduce the original. Words like 'better' and 'fuller' are subjective, so if you like the sound of vevo more, go ahead and enjoy. Personally, I don't think I can tell at high enough bitrate.
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    Can the server call a let?

    While it appears that your intentions are good, you should not always do that. The rule of thumb I use is to only call a first serve out if it will benefit my opponent. 1. You hit an ace or your opponent hits a bad return. Go ahead and call it out. A look at a second serve is better than them...
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    Why is Fed's game more interesting to watch?

    I found Fabrice Santoro's game more interesting to watch than anyone on tour including Federer.
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    Frames: low power and less spin or high power and lots of spin..

    I'll take what's behind door number three, a racquet + string combination that will let me hit balls into the back third of the court using a 75 - 80% power swing with comfortable form. That leaves an extra gear for when want to go for an outright winner. Too little power and you have to swing...
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    recommend heavier racquet with good power

    I played with the POG OS in the past. Loved it from the baseline. I hit a 1HBH so I went with a midplus. It feels more natural to me. The Prince Classic Graphite 100 is supposed to like a MP POG so I'll be interested in what people have to say about it. Prince synthetic gut at 55 lb. I...
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    recommend heavier racquet with good power

    As they say, Father Time is undefeated, and he's catching up to me. I could use some more pop on shots where I can't get to a good hitting position in time. The problem I have is that I'm used to heavier racquets and they tend to be lower powered. The higher powered racquets tend to hover around...
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    How would a S. Errani vs a 5.0 Male from your League, play out????

    But you claim to be 4.0 and Fuji claims to be 4.5. That would mean that the .5 difference applies, not the 1.0 difference. I find that it's only useful to compare medians and not extremes. There are players newly bumped to 4.0 that will lose to 3.5 that are just on the cusp of being bumped...
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    NBA 2012-2013 Discussion, keep it classy

    I echo your sentiments. He was a HOF caliber player until he was plagued with injuries. Such a shame. But instead of walking away from the sport he reinvented himself as the ultimate team player. That deserves respect. Young players can learn a lot from him. Athleticism can get you into the...
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    NBA 2012-2013 Discussion, keep it classy

    I don't think Howard has the footwork and touch to pull that off. He should take Shaq's advice and just concentrate on developing two moves. One going right and another going left. That's it. Anything more is asking too much of him. Barkley called Howard on his lack of a post game. He not...
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    Killing Creeping Charley

    The Vietnam war is over but you could try agent orange.
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    Oddest unorthodox service motions in pro tennis?

    Iveta Benesova's service motion is standard once it gets going. When she starts there's a pause in the middle where she switches from leaning forward to standing straight up.
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    What the Hell Was That?

    What makes you think he was trying to humiliate you as opposed to just trying to win the point? In your OP you said that the match was reasonably close so it's not like you were totally outclassed.
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    What the Hell Was That?

    It depends on the situation. Any shot hit to taunt an outclassed player is bush league. However, it sounds like you were in a competitive match. As long as you were in the ready position and not being quick served, it is perfectly acceptable.
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    NBA 2012-2013 Discussion, keep it classy

    The stats are deceptive. Kobe gambles too much on defense. When the gambles pay off he looks like a good defender. When they don't, he counts on Gasol and Howard to bail him out. And if they don't, he yells at them as if it were their fault. If you count the open looks the opponents get on...
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    NBA 2012-2013 Discussion, keep it classy

    So what number should it be then? Name the teams that should have a better road record than home record. On Inside the NBA, when a role player has a breakout game, Kenny Smith will ask if that player's game will travel. His observation is that bit players will usually play better at home than...
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    Forget records, whose tennis is pleasing to the eye ?

    Santoro with an honorable mention to Federer when he had an all court game.
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    Etiquette for Recording Matches

    I can't speak to the reason the guy recorded the match but breaking down tape is a common training method. In fact, I think that rec players looking to improve should use it more often. Yes, it is acceptable to record your matches. In general, a tennis match doesn't afford you any reasonable...
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    Has Anyone Seen My Car Keys?

    Yes. 10 chars.