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    Any pros have forehands that release the racquet very early from their non dominant hand?

    Like around 1 o'clock. I know standard is 3 o'clock. Khachanov is one such pro. Any others? Also is it a disadvantage? Let's assume they get adequate amount of turn in the end.
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    Is the Thiem forehand ATG ?

    It’s definitely his big weapon along with his serve. And has contributed to most of his success thus far. He will no doubt achieve more in the future. Bu is his forehand ATG (all time great) in the grand scheme of things?
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    Where does Djokovic's forehand rank in the best forehands in the Open Era?

    Its a good shot but how good exactly? Stats show its much stronger than his backhand which is considered the best. Where does his forehand belong?
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    Who has a better ‘day to day’ forehand Wawrinka or Almagro?

    Have a vote. Say between 2010 and 2016 when they were at the peak of their careers. They have similar looking forehands.
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    cycling and tennis?

    They seem very very different sports. Is it good or not good to do both of them at the same time?
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    The best word to describe Wawrinka groundstrokes....

    sweeping. In terms of his stroke technicalities. Sound correct?
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    Who is the better player Fognini or Almagro?

    Both have highest ranking of 9. Similar grand slam results. Both aggressive baseline players who prefer clay.
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    Who has convincingly overpowered Novak in a match and beat him after 2008?

    Wawrinka has done that a few times now. Most famous being the RG 2015 Final. Anyone else?
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    Should Tsitsipas flatten more shots on the forehand side?

    He grew up copying Delpo’s forehand but seems to loop more forehands than drive them flat. Why? Should he be more aggressive and drive more flatter forehands? His rpm is around 3000!
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    Which player past or present does Tsitsipas best represent in stroke style and general play?

    I've heard Guga, Del portro, Federer, Dimitrov. Anyone else?
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    Tsitsipas return of serve

    It’s great to see him return serve with topspin and not stand too far behind the baseline. What grip does he wait in while returning?
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    What will Tsitsipas achieve at the end of his tennis career?

    He almost seems like a veteran already but hasn't achieved anything major yet.
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    Which pro forehand results in a ball that is "50% topspin 50% flat"

    Some players are clearly considered flat hitters like Makenzie McDonald's forehand. Some clearly are a more topspin forehand like Nadal's forehand. Whose forehand mostly produce balls that is right in the middle of flat and topspin?? So when asked what kind of shot he hits the answer is "right...
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    Racquet really far away from body when in the forehand unit turn position

    By really far away I mean the arm is almost fully stretched when in the unit turn position. Is that ok? Also any pros who actually does this? I can't think of any. Most seem to have the racquet a medium distance away from body. Here is an example of the opposite with the racquet really close to...
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    Was Almagro's forehand more 'topspin' or 'flat'?

    Who those who have watched Almagro play live. Is his forehand more a 'topspin' shot or a 'flat' shot? In which category would you describe it?
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    Where would you rank Krajicek’s serve in the open era?

    He was famous for his serve but where would you place it on the all time list?
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    Who has the better forehand: Thiem or Soderling?

    Lets say Thiem's forehand now vs peak Soderling forehand. Both huge forehands with long swings but very different styles. Thiem more topspin but Soderling's faster and a more extreme grip.
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    Who has the better service motion: Krajicek or Isner?

    Obviously Isner's serve is more effective due to his height. Am asking about their service motions only. Both great serves and even similar to some extent. Whose service action is more superior?
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    Why isn't Djokovic's forehand GOAT?

    Fed, Nadal, Delpo are considered to have the best forehands. Why isn't Djokovic's forehand in their league?
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    Who is overall the better returner Nadal or Djokovic?

    Throughout their entire career average on all surfaces. Who is considered the better returner? Very different styles. Nadal stands very far back while Djokovic very forward.
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    Why cut short the follow through for hitting spin shots with a continental grip?

    It seems whether hitting a ground stroke slice or kick serve or slice serve with a continental grip the good players always cut short their follow through. eg stop their racquet path right after making contact. Why is that? Is it to increase impact time? Here is what I mean by having a shorter...
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    If Safin was as dedicated as the big 3 to tennis....

    What could he have achieved if he was as dedicated to tennis as the Big 3?
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    Federer will play "until the cogs stop turning". What age do you think this will happen?

    When will he retire from the ATP tour? It will happen. Have a vote.
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    A player in between Djokovic and Wawrinka?

    Who is a player with stokes and a game from both Djokovic and Wawrinka? Can be single or double handed backhand players. So basically an aggressive baseliner who is a better defender, mover and better return of serve than Wawrinka. Or a Djokovic type player but with even heavier and more...
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    Who is an overall better tennis player Roddick or Wawrinka?

    As much as I want to say Wawrinka I still feel Roddick was the overall better player.
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    Did Norman actually help Stan’s return game?

    Stan chipped much more after pairing with Norman. But was that actually a good thing? I think Norman helped Stan much more with winning more service games. Hence the huge improvement he had after pairing with Norman. Made his returns especially the first serve return worse actually. Norman also...
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    Is the forearm pronation associated with the serve done on purpose or subconsciously?

    aka snap. Is the snap done subconsciously as a result of the swing of the racquet from internal shoulder rotation or must be done on purpose after the use of the shoulder? Here is an explanation of the "snap". My question is should it be done consciously or unconsciously?