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  1. TW Staff

    Suspicious Emails

    Below is a list of emails we have found to be suspicious or related to scammers. We will update the list as needed: Jeremy Anderson - Bob C- Dija Queen - We have noticed a trend lately of scammers trying to impersonate valid Talk Tennis...
  2. TW Staff

    Thinnest Replacement Grip

    Sorry about that! I am not as familiar with that grip, but it should be right in there with Prince ResiThin. And one more option (I haven't tried this one, but the measurements indicate it would actually be thinner than the Prince, Wilson and Babolat, which are 1.4 to 1.5 mm)...
  3. TW Staff

    Yonex VCORE 98 (305) Galaxy Black

    TennisManiac, Unfortunately, the racquet has been discontinued and we are not expecting any more in stock. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  4. TW Staff

    Can somrone at TW measure the stiffness of the Prince Tour Junior 100 26", please?

    Pure Strike 26" - 64 Pure Aero 26"- 60 Please note the machine is setup to measure 27" racquets and the stiffness rating may vary slightly due to a different bending point. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  5. TW Staff

    Can somrone at TW measure the stiffness of the Prince Tour Junior 100 26", please?

    Oops, misread the title. Will get the stiffness measurements as well. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  6. TW Staff

    Can somrone at TW measure the stiffness of the Prince Tour Junior 100 26", please?

    matchpointread, The Prince swingweight will be coming shortly. Pure Strike 26" - 268 Pure Aero 26"- 258 Thanks, Brittany, TW
  7. TW Staff

    Yonex Pro Racquet 12/9 Bag Shoe Compartment

    makoru, The shoe compartment would not fit the shoes side by side. They would need to be stacked or put in one at a time. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  8. TW Staff

    Prince Phantom Graphite 100G LB Grommets?

    PSC85, We have the grommets on order and they are expected to arrive in mid December. I am not sure if they will fit but we also have the Classic Graphite 100 LB grommets on order arriving around the same time. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  9. TW Staff

    Yonex Pro Racquet 12/9 Bag Shoe Compartment

    Makoru, Are you asking if the shoes can be put side by side (or stacked) in the shoe compartment? Thanks, Brittany, TW
  10. TW Staff

    Thinnest Replacement Grip

    I think it's the Dunlop Geck-Tac. Dunlop Gecko-Tac Replacement Grip Followed by Prince ResiThin, then Babolat Syntec Team. Thanks, Tiffani, TW
  11. TW Staff

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 switch cap to standard grommet - will TW do this for you?

    mk3alex10, Yes, pretty much any older Radical MP 18x20 grommets, like theHead Flexpoint Radical Mid+ Grommet: We can install the grommets before shipping out. You would need to call to place your order and a customer service representative...
  12. TW Staff

    Seller "Jeremy Anderson" Contacted Me for a 2020 model Frame I'm Seeking in WANTED

    Moderator's note: The email address is associated with an account we banned as a scammer a couple months ago. We recommend not doing any transactions with this email address. TW Staff
  13. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Diadora Speed Blushield 4

    @Injured Again, Yes, you can replace to your preferred insoles at any time. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  14. TW Staff

    Pro Staff buttcap 4 3/8?

    sp1derman, I just heard back from Wilson. So the current Pro Staff butt cap has been discontinued and we aren't able to get in any more of the 3/8". However, there will be new Pro Staff butt caps arriving in January. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  15. TW Staff

    Can somrone at TW measure the stiffness of the Prince Tour Junior 100 26", please?

    matchpointread, Yes, let me see what I can do. They are in our Atlanta warehouse so I will need to track someone down over there. Please give me a couple days. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  16. TW Staff

    Will Pure Strike 18x20 1st generation grommets fit in 2nd generation?

    The first generation and 2nd generation (2016) are not compatible due to FSI technology which changed the spacing of the strings. The second (2016) and third (2020) are somewhat compatible but the throat piece is not. Our Babolat rep told us that the piece would work in a pinch, but the fit...
  17. TW Staff

    Grommets from Head Graphene 360 Extreme Pro fit Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP

    bradsm01, EDIT: just heard back from our Head rep and he said the racquets use different bumpers and grommets. So unfortunately, it does not appear they are interchangeable. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  18. TW Staff

    Chris: question:Head graphene 360+ prestige mp

    I would say you'll get the most pop on your shots with the Speed Pro, followed by the VCORE Pro HD and then the Prestige MP. All offer great feel and I find good precision with all of them. You might have to generate a tad more racquet head speed with the Prestige to match the others for pace...
  19. TW Staff

    Pro Staff buttcap 4 3/8?

    sp1derman, Let me follow up with our rep to get an update on the butt caps. Hang tight! Brittany, TW
  20. TW Staff

    Rafa Green Strike Crew

    Hi Babolast, It's available now. Thanks, Tiffani
  21. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Babolat Pure Drive 2021

    Reminder Playtesters: Your reviews are due on Friday! Thanks, TW Staff
  22. TW Staff

    New prince tt100(310) and tt95.

    The Prince teaser pic is for a different racquet I believe. Hang tight with the Tours as there is no immediate launch date. Brittany, TW
  23. TW Staff

    Playtesters talk all about Customization (podcast)

    Hah! Sorry mate! Thanks for bearing with the audio with Jaye, that was a rough day -- Tennis Only was having technical difficulties to say the least :) the accent makes up for the audio though maybe?! I know we have gotten a few questions to expand on for a future episode, but let me know if...
  24. TW Staff

    Customize your Tennis Racquet like a Pro (customization explained)

    Customizing your tennis racquet may sound intimidating if you've never done it or tried. But our experts are here to keep it simple and answer any questions you might have about customization. We talk about it all! Curious if you should use lead or tungsten?! Which one does Tennis Warehouse...
  25. TW Staff

    Playtesters talk all about Customization (podcast)

    We know you guys like geeking out on gear as much as we do, check out this week's podcast all about customizing with Troy, Chris, Jaye and myself! ➤LISTEN: ➤SPOTIFY: ➤STITCHER...
  26. TW Staff

    TW Duffle Bag

    Awesome -- will respond here as soon as it is in stock and available for you guys! :) Michelle, TW
  27. TW Staff

    TW Duffle Bag

    @beez71 Did you have a chance to take a peek at it on this week's vlog? We are anxiously waiting for it to get here but will have it ready to go for you guys as soon as it gets here! Michelle, TW
  28. TW Staff

    Wilson Pro Overgrip clay color

    BDAZ, Unfortunately, we sold through our stock and are not getting in any more at this time. Thanks, Brittany, TW
  29. TW Staff

    Classifieds Questions

    @TomTennis495, We will send you a private message follow up. Thanks, TW Staff
  30. TW Staff

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3 New Color (sea blue)?

    No other colors this year. We haven't seen the 2021 line yet so I am unsure what to expect next year. Thanks, Brittany, TW