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  1. Livedeath

    Federer Withdraws from French Open

    A prudent decision by Fed, albeit clay would be more forgiving for the knees, but if he had played, he wont have much left in tank to handle rest of the year.
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    If Nadal suddenly withdraws from FO, will Federer change his mind...

    I reckon Fed can fancy his chances, since Nole is indifferent these days, i wonder how much shock therapy will be fruitful in coming months, Andy still has not yet recovered that he became no 1(pun intended ;))
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    Djokovic News Nole enjoying his time ...
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    2017 Acapulco Final - [2] Rafael Nadal vs Sam Querrey

    Sam has become a giant killer these days.
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    'Unbearable' 27C heat leads Bernard Tomic to quit mid-match

    Tomic needs to go after Arch Stanton...:D, then maybe he will unleash his Tuco and Blondie type resiliency.
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    Juan Martin del Potro set to miss Australian Open

    Sad...physical fitness issues and injuries never seem to escape him. I just hope he will not fall for the caprice of playing with injury again. I respect his pragmatic decision to train his body to be fit and injury free for a calendar year.
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    George Michael Dies

    Started the day with this terrible news and played my favourite cowboys and angels. Gutted.:( Listen without prejudice, Older and Songs from the last century highly underrated albums. He was one of the rare gems in world music who had this remarkable ability to instill emotion in songs.
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    RIP George Michael

    RIP George Michael
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    George Michael Dies

    George RIP. You have composed great music that will remain with fans like me "'Til the end of time"
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    One match to win the WTF and Year End #1: Has this ever happened before ?

    Once Roger skipped Bercy(he dropped 1000 points won in 2011), Novak had to get few wins under his belt to secure YE1.
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    Novak Djokovic calls for officials to show more respect

    In my opinion we cant play every point after default number of seconds, since every point is played differently and players invest varying intensities in it. If a point had a long rally then players should be given a bit more time, and in the case of an ace it should be less than the default x...
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    WTF London 2016 RR - Imazing Djokovic vs. Der Thiem Methode

    Thiem learned an important lesson, if you infuriate Djokovic you get a bagel :D
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    London Draw is Out

    Taking Nole's form in recent tourney's he will be lucky to make the SF even with a lopsided draw.
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    Djokovic Has A Guru (article, w/pictures)

    You mean Gunny Highway says it is a cluster **** :D
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    Dimitrov praising Nadal and Vallverdu

    Those 6 loses were a very low point in his career, he had absolutely no confidence in himself.
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    Dimitrov praising Nadal and Vallverdu

    http://www.**************.org/news/news/Tennis_Interviews/37804/grigor-dimitrov-nadal-is-my-biggest-inspiration-you-can-send-him-to-war-anytime-/ It is good to see that he is enjoying his tennis again after including Vallverdu in his team. As for Rafa he refers to him as his idol, this is a bit...
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    Troicki making a fool of himself once again

    I reckon after Rafa-Carlos altercations, albeit on a smaller scale we will have Troicki-Cédric squabbles. :D
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    Best single major years in the Open Era

    I had written it but somehow missed while pasting it here. Yeah Fed in 2008 in slams was very good, but somehow his performance in masters and WTF was not that good. Andy was quite consistent in slams in 2012, but his performance in masters was sort of poor. He was out in 5 masters before or...
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    Who's your favourite french tennis player?

    Jo and Gael seem more jovial. Simon looks more cerebral player of all french players. Gasquet has an excellent wand, but it does not work much against grand mages. Llodra the old school trickster. Mahut the unsung hero like in buddy cop movies
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    Troicki making a fool of himself once again

    @I Am Finnish and @joekapa , the balls looks out, but in his mind he feels he has been screwed many times, hence his theatrics
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    Troicki making a fool of himself once again

    Incidentally he was again arguing with Cédric Mourier(match referee here i reckon). When Trociki approached Cedric, he must had a dejavu moment, like the one he had when he went ballistic that the ball was out and you could see it from space.:D Cedric: oh boy there he will go again
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    Best single major years in the Open Era

    Apart from winning their solitary GS for the year, they still had a great year overall. Below list shows their other achievements. John McEnroe 1980 Win Loss: 86-18 (82.69%), 1 GS Runner up, 1 Masters, WTF RU, YE#2 Top 10: 9-10 (47.37%) 1983 Win Loss: 62-12 (83.78%), 3 Masters, 1 WTF, YE#1...
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    Best single major years in the Open Era

    I reckon OP is referring to seasons where players only won one major
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    Rafa and Roger speak on Novak's recent troubles

    Maybe Rafa is talking like Kai Greene these days, getting more philosophical rather than talking about the real point :D
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    Rafa and Roger speak on Novak's recent troubles

    I hope if he can add some muscle to his frame, it will help him in the long run, just not only tennis.
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    Tennis is turning into a disaster.

    He is messed up in his mind ever since his little escapade with pimps. :p
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    Tennis is turning into a disaster.

    “Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a sport for black men. Golf is a sport for white men dressed like black pimps.” – Tiger Woods
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    Rafa and Roger speak on Novak's recent troubles

    Roger said "Novak is going through a crisis and it surprised me. I expected him to win an important tournament after Roland Garros, Toronto aside. But once you realize career Grand Slam, a new career begins. You have to ask yourself, why do I keep playing? You have to change your mentality, what...