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    Has Nadal made tennis seem more athletic to fans of other sports

    ?? On one hand, he has a lot of strength and agility to hit crazy shots on the run. On the other hand, he grunts in a way that sounds squeaky to someone watching on TV. It's a bit more airy in person, but what do you think? I have been a fan of the 3 most popular sports in America, but I guess...
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    Should tennis courts be bigger?

    That would make it even harder to play defense, since there would be more freedom to strike balls around the court or drop the ball short. Maybe extend the length to 88 feet and widen it a bit, for instance? The top-tier players (Djokovic, Nadal, Murray) are SO amazing at defense that the...
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    Best match that Murray has ever played so far?

    Title says it. For me, it's Tokyo 2011. That was the first real sign of a "Murray 2.0" who could potentially wipe out the whole field when on form. It was 24-4 over Nadal in the final set.
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    How did Nadal run that fast?

    It seems like he got to everything, even stuff that a Nadal wouldn't get to. I would watch Federer hit a winner and then turn my head away, only to see Nadal's lobbed defensive shot bouncing back in and confusing everybody. It seemed like he was running faster on a hard court than ever...
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    Wozniacki vs Jankovic 4th round

    How great is Wozniacki right now?! On the verge of a bagel. I haven't watched her play yet this year, but she looks incredibly sharp and is hitting the forehand hard for once.
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    Americans quietly all fizzle out before 4th round of a hard court slam

    John Isner was the last American left, losing in the 3rd round. Roddick retired against Hewitt. How's that the for state of men's tennis in USA? -.-
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    Hilariously irrelevant Federer article

    Federer Amazed By Length Of US Presidential Race Even though it's one of the "headlines" right now, it feels general enough to be straight out of a high school yearbook.
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    Are there any interviews with Mirka?

    I've never heard her voice ever.
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    How many times will Nadal finish #1 in his career?

    Djokovic looks like the giant favorite to finish #1 in 2011. Nadal is defending a lot of points at the US Open and WTF. So even if he improves his Masters events, it seems impossible to catch Djoker if he doesn't win USO again. They are defending the same points in the Masters events, so there's...
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    Why did Djoker eat the grass?

    Was it to become GOAT?
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    How crazy would it be if Federer won Wimbledon 2011?

    Nadal would tie Borg's French Open record, and Federer would tie Sampras's Wimbledon record in a period of a month. That would be insane as far as great sports narratives go.
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    This just in....Ivan Lendl is a greater tennis player than Roger Federer

    Winning percentage said so, so that proves it.
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    How will Djoker react if he keeps on winning?

    He got especially excited in Rome against Murray and Nadal. Is he going to calm down with his celebrations if he keeps winning, or will he keep getting more and more intense? At some point he has to start accepting it like when Federer stopped falling down as much after winning slams...
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    Graphical Look at Fedal arguments

    That is all **edit** Red = Nadal's legacy, Black = Fed's legacy, and dotted lines are projected legacies.
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    Nadal Federer slam multiplier

    Here is what I have perceived based on people's opinions on this forum. When Nadal beats Federer in a grand slam final (5 times), it tarnishes Federer's achievements and therefore is effectively worth more than just a grand slam victory in the GOAT discussion. So let's quantify this result. On...
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    Weird trend: Grand Slam finals either suck or amaze.

    I don't know why I noticed this, but no four-setter has occurred in the past 10 slam finals. This is surprising, as one would expect the average match to be near or equal to 4 sets. RG2008: 3 sets W2008: 5 sets USO2008: 3 sets AO2009: 5 sets RG2009: 3 sets W2009: 5 sets USO2009: 5 sets...