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    question about the addidas barricade V warranty

    Hi, I had a quick question about the warranty. I bought a pair and sent them in and got back a pair of white/black B5's. Now the pair is worn down and I am looking for another pair, but I was wondering if I buy a different color B5 can I send in my old pair with the new receipt so I dont...
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    Need help with us open! 9/1 Grandstand matches? Quick please :)

    Hi, I was thinking of buying tickets for September 1st. Since it is the round of 16, will there be mens/womens singles play on grandstand? Just wondering because if I buy tickets I would stay at the grandstand and want to make sure it is not junior/senior/doubles. Thanks a lot!
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    Fastest way to wear down shoes?

    Hey, I have a pair of barricade IV's and the 6-month time limit on the guarantee ends in two weeks. I need a little more to go, but can't play that much tennis...(hurt my ankle). Any way to wear them down fast? Lol, only because I know that if I dont send them in now they will be useless in a...
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    3 PSC 6.1 for sale and TRADE!!! Want AG100, Pure storm tour, APD, kblade

    As the title says, I have 3 Prostaff Classic 6.1's for sale/trade. 2x white buttcap, has scuffing around racquet, may need new headguard (piece is missing on each, though works fine), some wear to graphite, though no cracks at all and will last for many more years. 5/8 grip size, comes with...
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    Tennis Camps in Boston?

    Hi, I am going to Boston over the summer because my brother goes to college at BU and I am going to take some classes there. Any good tennis camps up there that are close by and for probably a week or two (no car, so I am going to have to take a bus or subway). BTW, I am going to be 16 and...
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    Teaching little kids how to play tennis?

    I recently got a job coaching little kids (10 and under) how to play tennis. Most of them have never played tennis in their lives before and was wondering if anyone knows any good games to play with them? Thanks a lot!
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    FS/FT: 3 Pro Staff Classic 6.1's 2 white buttcap; 1 black buttcap

    I have 3 Prostaff Classic 6.1's (16x18) in 5/8 grip. Just trying to see what I can get for them, all of them are in 6-7/10 condition, some wear to graphite no cracks or anything of that sort. 1. 5/8, white buttcap, strung with pro supex poly and gosen crosses. Brand new grommet bumper set...
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    What is an alternative to Gamma Synthetic Gut 16?

    I recently strung up one of my racquets with gamma syn gut 16 guage at 55 and it was really an amazing string. Completely changed the feel of the racquet. Not sure how to describe it, but it was soft and had very good pocketing yet it was stiff when needed. It did not move at all either...TW...
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    Power Pads And Stringing Crosses first? And how to wrap a leather grip?

    Hi, I have some questions: 1. For power pads, where do you put them? Also, would it be of any use to put them on a PSC 6.1 (just want t try them)? And Finally, I just bought 3 of TW's Private Label Leather grips and was wondering if I cut some of the excess would that suffice for power pads...
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    Stringing the crosses first?

    Just as the title says, how can you string the crosses first? As I am stringing, it seems that doing the crosses first would save a lot of time. For example on a 16*19 pattern, by stringing the crosses first it would make weaving 16 strings through 19 easier as you have to tension less and pull...
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    Wanted:Pure Storm Tour,Aero Storm, Agassi LE OS Radical, Volkl c10 pro

    I am in search for these 4 rackets. 1. Pure Storm Tour - need either a 1/4 or 3/8, condition does not matter as much as price. 2. Aero Storm - same as above, need a 1/4 or 3/8 and condition does not really matter as long as it is cheaper than the retail. 3. Head Agassi Limited Edition...
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    F/S/T: Prostaff/Pro Staff Classic 6.1 95 ---16x18///Head LM Radical Austria

    I have 2 rackets for sale today. First up is my Pro staff Classic 6.1 95 Gripsize: 5/8 String Pattern: 16x18 Condition- 7.5/10 Strung with Gamma Gut 2 at 58. Price 70 Shipped Second is a Mid Plus Head Liquid Metal Radical made in Austria Gripsize: 5/8 Condition: Almost immaculate...
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    Places to go in Europe?

    I am going on a tour of Europe tomorrow with my family (London, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, etc.) and was wondering if there were any exceptionally nice courts/shops we should stop by. It would not be too long, but before our tour stops, we are staying in London for one day and playing tennis...
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    Difference between the Prostaff Classic 6.1 and the PSC 6.1 Si???

    Hi, I was think about getting a second PSC 6.1 on the auction site, except I dont know what the difference is between both versions. Mine does not have anything written on it. Though some that look exactly the same have a little Si at the end of the writing. Anyone know the difference? Thanks...
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    Why do I switch rackets so often? Help me choose one to stick with...

    I seem to be switching rackets a lot and even after I demo them I dont like them in a month or two... Some background: I have some wrist pain, so I am changing my technique and need a racket that is Flexy and HL. (<65 stiffness, >8 points or more HL). Would also like something with a 16x19...
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    Proper Tournament Warmup

    Hi, I have a tournament this weekend (first one) and was wondering what a proper tennis warmup would be. For example how many serves should one normally take. How long for rallying back and forth in the beginning? Do you get time to stretch, etc. beforehand? How many volleys? Overheads...
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    Help stringing first frame---HEAD LM Radical MP

    Hi, I just received my gamma x-2 stringer, watched xtremerunners video (thanks a lot for this). Except I still do not understand the pattern which you are supposed to string it with. 8,10T - 9B 8B 8T 6T - 6B So this (taken from klipperusa) means to skip the 8th string (counting...
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    Final decision, buying gamma X-2, but from where?

    deleted, thanks for the help anyway...
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    Made up a workout routine. Anything I should change around/modify?

    This is a workout routine I created to basically lose some fat, gain some muscle, and help out my tennis game. I am 15, 190 lbs., 6' 1" (still growing...till about 6' 4"). Though I am fat, so wanna convert about 10 pounds for now, once I reach that goal, I will increase it. Have access to a...
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    Prostaff classic 6.1 for sale. 5/8 grip.

    Selling a PSC 6.1 today. It is in 8/10 condition, has some scratches, no chips though. Grip size is a 5/8. Strung with babolat pro hurricane. Great frame, though looking to get something with a little more power and bigger head size maybe. Price: 75 shipped? email is
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    What cheap reels to buy for new stringer???

    I am about to purchase a stringing machine and would like to buy some strings too from TW. What string reels (generally cheap or best value)? I would probably restring my racquet once a week for the first couple of months just to learn stringing and have a fresh string job (will be doing it on a...
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    Forehand forearm rotation???? help please

    I have been noticing in slow motion vids of most of the pros that when they hit their forehands, it seems like the face of the racquet that contacts the ball faces the opponent by the end of their swing.... For example, in this section (learn from the pros)...
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    Entering first tournament. Any tips/advice?

    I know there are a couple threads on tips advice, and have read them, just wondering if there was an more advice to give. This is the tournament I am joining after a friend of mine recommended it (he plays a lot of tournies...)...
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    TW, Any way to change a demo order if it has not shipped?

    Hi, I put in an order for 4 demo racquets (order number 2260061) and I was wondering if I could switch out a racquet from there and put in the PK Redondo in 1/2 grip size. The order is backordered until 7/5 anyway, so is there any chance of me being able to do this? Thanks!
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    FST: Wilson n6.1 95 16x18/////Looking for PSC 6.1

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a wilson n6.1 16x18 for sale/trade. About 7-8/10 condition. 1/2 gripsize strung with a poly/multi hybrid. Will have pics soon. My email is Would like to get about 90 shipped. But I am much more interested in trading it...
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    FS/FT: Dunlop M-fil 300 (5/8) CHEAP

    I am selling my M-fill 300 in a 5/8 grip (little smaller, shaved off a little and replaced grip with two overgrips). Strung with Wilson stamina about a month ago at 62, not too much use on it, but wear is showing. Racquet is in about a 8/10 condition. No cracks, but there are scratches and...
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    Got my Reebok Upset DMX Today!

    Finally got a pair of decent tennis shoes. Taking them out today and will post a review for anyone looking for an economical shoe with good characteristics. Also, in TW's review it says that there is a nice lacing system? Seems like normal lacing to me...
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    A+++ EsteroTennis (AKA Rick Stanton)

    Very smooth deal. Nice n6.1, in good condition. Would definetely do business again with!
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    Wanted: DUNLOP MW 200g / WILSON n6.1 95. Have M fil 300 for trade + cash

    Looking for n6.1 95 (16x18) and/or a muscle weave 200. Needs to be in 3/8 grip. Have an 8/10 dunlop m-fil 300 which I can trade with cash (grip zsize 5/8, strung with wilson stamina at 62). Or I am willing to buy the racquet. Also willing to look at other 200 series or 12 + ounce...
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    MW 200g questions. (3 for 120?)

    Hi, I have a chance to purchase 3 MW 200's for 120 shipped. All of them are close to brand new (2 of them are) and have a 3/8 grip size. Is that a good deal? Also, can anyone tell me if these are fakes? Edit: Or all 3 plus a 10 racquet dunlop sport bag (seems like an old black one)...