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    Why did Head go with a sticker for LM?

    For my LM Radical the head emblem is a sticker on the buttcap while it seems the new Microgels are the normal trapdoor buttcaps. Why did they go cheap for the LM line then go back to the regular for Microgels? I was changing my balance for my racket and noticed it was just a little sticker.
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    How often does this happen? Have you ever lost your racquet like this?
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    How to warm up your serve?

    I just cant go through the warmup routine for a serve. I do everything "slower". I always end up tossing too low, get in the trophy position slower, and worst of all I dont swing hard since its warming up and have horrible timing. I'd say a underhand serve has much pace as my warmup serves...
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    How does a dead poly suppose to feel like?

    I strung my LM Radical about 18 months ago with Pro Hurricane Tour. Can someone explain the "dead" feeling of poly?
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    Critque my serve please (video)

    1st serve: 2nd serve: This is the first time seeing video of me doing anything tennis related. 1st serve (trying to do...
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    Serve vs Groundies with Racquet

    I recently tried to focus on my serves. I switched to a POG OS 6 months ago. Ground strokes are deeper and better overall. For my serve I have issues with timing and pronation. I tried out my old LM Radical MP and my serves are a lot better. I can pronate and have very good timing. I...
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    Does the 2bh ever fail?

    Not including Roddick, but does anyone in the top 20 ever have their 2bh just be off during a match? Federer gets a lot of flak sometimes with people saying his 1bh was off so thats why he lost.
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    Which is a bigger upset? Djokovic/Anderson or Fish/Federer

    Federer hasnt been playing up to par. Djokovic seemed invincible.
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    Wawrink/Blake whats up with their sunblock?

    Arent you suppose to rub the sunblock into the skin until it disappears? Why does Wawrinka and Blake seem to cake on the sunblock in white layers? Is this a special kind of sunblock that leaves such a thick and white residue?
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    Forehand drop/squash shot

    Are you suppose to switch a continental grip when you do a forehand drop? Also do the pros use a continental grip for those forehand slices they do when they are at full extension?
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    How high of a rating can someone get?

    Without any formal training/help from a professional? If all they do is play with other recreational players/former high school players, read about proper technique, and watch video about tennis, but never spend money on a professional.
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    Is stringing poly in crosses harder?

    I wanted to do a hybrid of syngut/poly at this local tennis shop. They charge $14 for poly/main and syngut/crosses and $18 for poly in the crosses. They said it was harder to string poly in the crosses so it takes more time thats why they charge more. Is there any truth to what they said...
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    Tennis bags and shoes

    I notice couple Fischer and Head tennis bags have "Separate satchel for shoes." Then Babolat describing their AeroPro bag "Detachable ventilated shoe bag" So does that mean theres no room in the bag to store my shoes? The tennis shoes just hang from a little bag on the outside of the tennis...
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    Serve: Racquet Drop

    When you swing up into your serve does the racquet drop occur naturally or is there a way to train for it? Is the only way you can tell if racquet drop occurs is by someone watching you serve?
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    What time will Shangahi Masters Final be aired?

    Will it be live or will ESPN air it another time?? It says they start 4pm in Shanghai so it'll be 3am Eastern time if it was aired live.
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    Is this a stringing error?

    Do you always go in-out for stringing? At the bottom cross they missed one of the "ins" causing 3 mains to be on one side of the cross. Its right where I would normally put my rubber band dampener. Is it an error or is it normal to have it like that for that location? Sorry for the bad...
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    Marat Safin and judges

    Does Safin normally shake the hands of judges after a match? I just watched his match against Federer in AO 2005. He shaked Federer's hand then went into the middle of the court and accepted the crowds applause then sat back down in his chair. I assume he probably just got lost in the...
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    Why do pros "clap" their racquets?

    Usually when a pro takes a new racquet out of their bag they "clap" the racquet to the palm of their hands. Whats the purpose of that? Is it just a routine that they do like their serving routines?
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    My skin rubs off...

    Does anyone else's skin come off when playing tennis? For me it happens almost 1/3 sessions when I play. I applied medicine tape around my index finger where it makes contact with racket to keep that skin from coming off, but how would I apply the tape for this area? Do i wrap it around the...
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    POG OS specs

    I just got a POG OS. It has written on it copyright 1987 with no specs on the string tension for the frame. Do I just follow the string specs on the newer POG frames found on the tw site?
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    Does flat balls affect strings?

    I play with some friends who use balls that are pretty much dead. The balls felt are worn out and you can really crush the balls in your hand. Does this do anything different with strings? Does flat balls cause the strings to lose tension faster?
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    Hybrid for two racquets

    If I but 1 pack of poly and 1 pack of syn gut for a POG OS and LM Radical MP is that enough to string both? I was planning on buying strings off TW and bringing it to a local stringer and I wanted to make sure those two packs will be enough.
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    ESPN: So instead of showing Peer vs Garbin...

    They show Canas vs Federer for the 3rd straight time? Or is it 4th?
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    I need a lot of help (pics)

    My specs: Head LM Midplus w/ Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 59lbs 5'7 130lbs I'm a 3.0 player and played some 4.5 players today and it really showed how weak my ground strokes are. They were hitting pretty hard shots and every time I swung I would have a mishit. Im either hitting it to early...
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    What ink for the brands symbols?

    Is it just spray paint? I remember I use to see tennis warehouse sell the plastic cutouts of the different brand symbols, but I cant find it on the site anymore.
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    Liquidmetal Radical good for beginners?

    I started playing tennis couple months ago. I didnt really know what was good so I just listened to what my friend suggested. I ended up with a Liquidmetal Radical Midplus with Prince Synthetic Gut at 57lbs. I would rate myself at 2.5-3 lvl. I started reading these forums and learned about...