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    Should I improve my racquet drop ?

    All of the balls seem to go in, so I don’t want to mess anything up. You asked about racquet drop, so I will throw my .02 in. One of the things that causes racquet head drop is having your hand higher than the incoming ball. You should drop the hand a bit below the ball before coming forward...
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    Weight Shift During Serve

    Yes it is popular with pin point servers, as you fall over if you don’t do it. If you bring your rear foot up to your front, lift your toss arm and drop your hitting shoulder, you have to do it to keep your balance. It is a cart before the horse thing in my opinion. It happens because of things...
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    Should I improve my racquet drop ?

    Yeah, need better video. Directly from behind and if you could get it 18” to 2’ off of the ground it would help. Let us know what forehand grip you are using also.
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    Weight Shift During Serve

    I would say no.
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    What's the difference in the serve from 4.5 up different levels?

    Maybe it is the great serve that got them to where they are instead of “I’m a professional tennis player, now I’m going to develop a serve to freak EddieBrock out.”
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    Rafa's off hand during return

    He also picks his butt. Don’t see too many do that either. Oh, and don’t forget the water bottle Chess game. Nervous habits. Dude has OCD.
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    Coaches - What would you suggest to improve my girl's serve?

    Looks like a minor timing issue. She has a pause at racquet drop. That is why she looks to be pushing the ball. Leg action launching her into court is wasted if she is slowing racquet there. Since she isn’t rocking back before going forward, the arm action before initiating the toss Is a waste...
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    The McEnroe forehand - anyone uses it?

    He did look like he expected the ball to explode and shoot dye all over him like a bag of bank robbery money when he hit a TS backhand.
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    Video Editing tool

    I thought this was going to be a mean-spirited thread about Chas.
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    Weight Shift During Serve

    You didn’t exist in MY early days.
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    Pushers - what do they get out of the game?

    I wanted to say give them the Shapavolov/referee treatment also. Started typing it yesterday, but lost my nerve. Glad you had the cojones. It’s perfectly within the rules too. Eyepatches are cool. The guy would thank him later.
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    Who picks the side if you resume a match on a different court?

    Tony Romo. He knows everything.
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    Struggling with serve, goes to the net. Video included.

    Stumbled right out of the gate. You can fix the waiter tray and your serve will still stink. You can drop the racquet down further and your serve will still stink. You can open up later and your serve will still stink. You can change your grip and your serve will still stink. You can extend...
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    Weight Shift During Serve

    golden chicken, are you a platform or pin point person? If pp, it is toss before weight, right?
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    Weight Shift During Serve

    Is he a platform or pinpoint type server. You could wait to start forward with your weight if platform. Most platform guys bend the knees when they toss and then explode forward when launching up to strike ball. You might be able to wait if you pinpoint and start with weight back ala Isner. (Not...
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    Struggling with serve, goes to the net. Video included.

    Kind of surprised that no one has mentioned what I believe is glaring. What are you waiting for as far as tossing the ball is concerned? You rock back then shift your weight forward, get to the point you should actually be hitting the ball and then you toss. There is only one option for tossing...
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    Tennis forehand lag causing pain

    Was watching Fernando Gonzales in slow mo today and I thought “where have I seen that forehand before?” Watching yours again, I see that your start is different than his but overall very similar. Not saying you should change your backswing at all, but you mentioned you are always evolving your...
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    First serve problems

    Nothing terrible going on, save for one thing. You have received some good advice, but a lot of it requires major change. If you want to keep your current motion, and it is mostly fine (high toss, delayed arm are ok), you can and also have good results. What looks to be a problem is how...
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    My toss warm up is problem

    This may sound silly, but there are people that separate the two events, tossing the ball and hitting it, to the extent they do one without thinking of the other. Always be aiming! You know your target. You know the path the racquet will take to hit to that target. Throw the ball in front of...
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    Best thing I did for my game-

    My strings are green.
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    Returning player looking for feedback on my 2hbh (video)

    “The envelope, please!” You haven’t received too many replies. Hard to get a consensus with so few. I am no two-hander guru, but I was in the same boat as travlerajm. Hard to tell everything from behind. I saw the finish over the shoulder which is great, but it looked like you just put it...
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    What muscles are key to hitting big forehands?

    It is all technique and timing. Unless you are trying to make your living at tennis, correct strokes and the repetition of those strokes will provide all of the strength you need.
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    Forehand improvement suggestion

    I only watched the first one but that has to be among the worst advice ever. Do pros hit the ball in a manner that gives them a certain finish point? Or, do they drive the ball in a way that makes them have to finish a certain way? Nadal doesn’t just lariat the racquet over his head and...
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    Poll:Most wanted TT match-ups

    Write in: Curious vs Oserver
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    Forehand improvement suggestion

    How can he possibly get any leverage over the ball if he has his hand below ball height his entire prep time?
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    MaxTennis Serve Practice Videos

    All right, settle down! This is a family forum.
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    You wanna serve fast?

    Hey Curious, watching Opelka on tennis channel. What do you make of his serve?
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    Returning player looking for feedback on my 2hbh (video)

    I have one idea for improvement, but since I don’t hit a two-hander, I am keeping it in a sealed envelope. I will open it after a consensus is reached and then I will reveal whether I am right. I’ve hired an independent auditing firm, so I won’t be cheating.
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    MaxTennis Serve Practice Videos

    Yes, there is. You are behind me and the twenty people I have recruited to hold spots for me.