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    Federer is so arrogant! WTH is it with all the Murray compliments and praising? Geez.
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    Summary of Federer's year * GREAT VIDEO *

    Hello fellow TT posters :) Found a really well done Federer video on the tube. It touches on the AO and the FO, but mostly Wimbledon. I find it is really well done with a great score, in addition the video gets better as it goes on! If this is repost then sorry guys :)...
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    Mark Petchey hit the nail on the head...

    When he said " So many hours between points with Nadal and Djokovic, there are so many better things to be doing with our lives then to be waiting for these slow coaches serve" Whilst I am a Fan of Djoko ( not so much Nadal ) I have to agree with Petchey here. Thoughts?
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    Tokyopunk's video

    Hello everyone Just wanted to say TP, that video of yours on youtube celebrating your 1000th post is hilarious!!! Sorry if this has been mentioned before, I just LOL'd at it so I thought i'd say thank-you for making me laugh on an otherwise bad day. :)
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    Live streaming MADRID

    If you want it guys i have a really good link for madrid, I think it must be the main court as Nadal and Federer played on it! Credit goes to another poster who put it on here originally, I'm just posting as I didnt want it to get missed.
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    Any body been ice skating?

    Im going on sunday, and I've never been before. Have any of you been before? what tips do you have for newbies like myself? Thanks in advance!:):) P.S if I have any amusing pics of the trip i'll post them!
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    Federer interview WITH family

    Sorry if this is a re-post, I just wanted to share, the interview gives nice in-sight into Federer's child-hood, etc.:) Edited,sorry, forgot the interview!!
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    Dubai streaming?

    Does anybody know if this is being streamed, free of charge at all? Thanks for any help!:)
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    I cant tell if your reviving old threads for fun ( i.e to annoy peopl), or if your generally interested in the topics, either way it would appreciated if you simply made new threads on the topics you'd like to discuss. Please stop giving life to old threads!!!
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    Mister G

    Props to 'Mister G', played through popped blisters and STILL kicked my butt! Kudos man. P.S Thread as I promised! ;)
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    Moving to Australia...I think

    Hey guys, i was just after some help, Me and my gf were thinking about moving to Australia in about 6 months.. the only problem is we're not sure which city to go to. Also we were just wondering, is there a popular website with properties and such? sorry to ask but, well, the help is...
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    U.S open stream

    Hey guys, does anyone know if there is a stream to the upcoming matches for people outside the U.S? if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys
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    What a great match!

    Is anyone watching the Hewitt-Djoko match? If not then you should! I won't spoil it but what I will say is that it's a cracking match!:D :D
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    Wondering why people get blocked?

    Wondering why I am blocked from the 'do you qualify as hot' thread
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    Personally I Think that everyone should follow Lorenza's( :D ) lead and change thier avatars to THEM! makes things more fun and personal i think.:D
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    double standards in relationships

    Hello all.I've been thinking(it didn't hurt) I personally know of girls that think it is fine to kiss other girls on the lips like they do thier bf's,say when they have been out and had a few drinks. Then I know a lot of guys that think this is ok and that if thier gf did this it would be...
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    my birthday! diet...

    woah.just got my laptop back so im posting!however im getting ready to go out for my im doing the predrinking at home before i go getting tipsy...slightly.but i havent**.im gunna regret not eating!haha.why am i typing this?im going to
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    practicing against a wall

    hello,i hope everone is ok:-D my question is what are the benefits of practicing against a 2.5 metre high wall?(its very long across so i didnt measure that!!):D thanks in advance
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    tennis club!!!

    hey hope everone is ok!:) im joining my first tennis club...wahoo!!im so excited! ive never even been to a club before,im sooooo excited...but nervous aswell as im joing on my own so i hope all the people are nice!:mrgreen:
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    how do u know when u need a new racket?

    hello everyone.hope your all ok.:mrgreen: i was wondering how you all knew when it was the right time for a new/different racket.i mean was it something in your game like you could see yourself improving and decided a 'better' would help you or something else? the situation i face is that...
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    well i was wondering who here has a myspace? mine is
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    what is ur age

    so what is ur age?:) i ask this as i would like to know the average age of tw members!:mrgreen: im 18 lol
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    wilson ncode...

    basicly i want an ncode racket.however im having some trouble deciding which one in paticular!:) im not sure what to look out for...i know that i have an big swing,one handed backhand,i think i want a compromise between power and like it to be 9-12 ounces.i cant really think of...
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    universities in september..

    oooh the results are did you all do?.what uni's (if u are going that is) are ppl going to this september?:) im going to brighton...wahoo!!!:mrgreen:
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    wilson hammer comp..

    i have had this racquet for about 6months now.basically i dont think its is right for me not getting enough power of it basically,my technique is fine but i feel i could get more power with a diff a 4.0verging on 4,5!lol)6 ft and 150 pounds,and suggestions would be greatly...
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    what ntrp are most university teams?

    i was just wondering what ntrp would a university tennis team be?im gunna try out for mine but am not sure whether its worth it or not as i have very limited experience at the moment.:) i understand most teams are very different but if anyone knows around the level i should try and aim for...
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    my ntrp rating..

    heya.i was wondering what my ntrp rating was.ive been playing for just under a year now.i went and checked on the web but the definitions to me werent that in depth so to rate myself seemed a bit hard!basically what im asking is all the people that rate do u do it?i think i may...
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    when do i change my racket?!

    hey people!ive been tennis for about a year now and ive always had a wilson hammer comp.if im honest i dont know if i need a new racket or not,what are the tell tale signs?i tend to play a power baseline game,is this racket appropriate for this? soooo confused.any feedback would be greatly...
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    pushers can help...a lot!

    i was thinking about this when i played my tennis partner the other day.i hear ppl day in and day out say that pushers are annoying etc!all the usual stuff!it got me thinking,doesnt it actually help the opponent in the long run?when im practicing i like playing a pusher because it helps my...